Why Soul Alignment?

As you may, or may not know, I teach a 2-part online intensive program called Soul Alignment. And a couple of questions I frequently receive is ‘What is Soul Alignment?’ or ‘Why did you call it Soul Alignment?’ So here is my attempt to explain the name, and what the course actually is.

This online program was born from many years of teaching in-person 5-day classes, originally named Angelic Awakening and Soul Essence. Gradually I came to realize that it was about much more than angels and wanted to create a logical relationship between the two classes. So what to call them? Something all-encompassing that reflected the true nature and focus of the process. As I pondered this, I realized that one of my common platitudes was ‘If you are out of alignment with your soul, it will show up at a physical or mental level in some form.” There is it! Soul Alignment underlies all that I do, what a perfect name for my classes. And thus, Soul Alignment was born.

I also came to realize that the people who attended the classes for personal growth received more benefit than those who were there to simply become a practitioner in a modality. As you learn more about what is operating behind the visible 3D, what is presented in our lives becomes easier to navigate. And as Soul Alignment becomes a way of life, the capacity to hold space for others increases.

The Soul Alignment program is truly about getting into alignment with self/soul. We journey through intuition, oracle cards, angels, energetic self-care, eliciting the real problem, past lives, akashic records and finally deep energy clearing/healing.

It is one of my greatest joys to be able to share this body of knowledge with those who are called to it. Not only do I teach all materials real-time, we also spend time in deep conversation about the modules, and then everyone has the opportunity to practice what they have learned. I had really wondered how it would work moving into an online environment, but if anything it is better than a 4-5 day class, as there is time to really absorb what has been taught each week, with the added advantage of audios that can be downloaded and listened to over and over again.

I have also had a fondness for teaching small intimate classes so I have the chance to get to know the people I am working with, and this is no exception; I currently accept a maximum eight new applicants each time I teach the class. All students become members of the alumni-family and can audit any time they wish!

To wrap up your understanding of this powerful and life-changing class, here are a couple of quotes from previous Soul Alignment students:

“I had already studied many modalities and did not know how to fit them all together. The Soul Alignment program was like putting bookends on the rest and helped me make sense of it all.” PK

Regarding Soul Alignment II, after a particularly intense clearing session “This is one of the hardest things I have ever done, and I would not trade it for the world!” EE

If this program is for you, I am currently accepting applications for the Soul Alignment I fall program which will begin on Thursday, September 19th and run 14 weeks. Soul Alignment II will begin in the new year.

Soul Alignment I – Angels & Intuition
Soul Alignment II – Clear & Release



Be Where You Are!

Brief Healing Invocation from the Galactic Council
transmitted by Bonnie Bogner
January 2018 Transmission “Are We There Yet?”
Take a deep breath and give yourself permission to release all expectations that you should be somewhere else. That you should be doing something, have gone somewhere, or have accomplished something. Allow all of those judgements to come forth to be released and acknowledge yourself for where you are. “I am here and here is awesome.” Maybe here is confusing, or feels incomplete, but it is also awesome.
With a deep breath drop into that place of beginning to believe that maybe where you are really is where you are supposed to be. As you do so, we invite in the Archangels of Creation to clean out and clear all of those expectations that you should be somewhere else or doing something else. You are not, so just let them all go.
Now as we bring white light and love down through the top of your head and through every cell, allow it to dissolve and transmute all of those expectations that you have of yourself into love. As that light continues all the way down through your body, give yourself permission to be the light. You don’t need to know what that means, just affirm to yourself “I am the light” or “I give myself permission to be the light” or “I choose to be the light”. And allow that to settle into your heart and to become a beacon or a spark of light right in your heart centre.
Turn your attention to your body and offer it the opportunity to go into balance and harmony. (Your body gets out of balance because it is assisting you to learn whatever it is you have chosen to learn.) As you give your body permission to enter into balance and harmony; command the cells to heal. Yes, it is okay to command them to do so. Remind your body that it knows what homeostasis is. Remind it that it knows what it is for each of your organs to be healthy, and command them to do so.
Next, send love to your body. Love your toes and your fingers, your feet and your hands, your arms and your legs, and your body and your head. Love all of those parts of your being.
Give permission for all karma to be rendered neutral and harmless. You have so much karma from other lives that you no longer need to be focused upon, and it no longer needs to hold you back. Just let all of that drain away; any of those karmic imprints.
As these thoughts, beliefs and expectations drain away that light in your heart can radiate through every cell in your body giving you permission to be exactly where you are, and for that to be exactly perfect for you.
Deep breath as you return to present awareness.
Please share this will all you feel would benefit, we just ask that you include the origin when you share it. Thank you!

Empowerment 101

What do you do when presented with a crisis?  Do you immediately look for someone to blame?  Or do you centre yourself, go within and make peace with the experience?

Sadly, most of us never learn internal centring processes, so when chaos descends the only place we know to look for a solution, is external to us.  And while finding someone to blame for our current crisis may provide some temporary relief, it does nothing to truly make peace and empower us to create different, more supportive experiences in the future.

Once we begin to understand that we are truly the creator of our own experience [Law of Attraction] we can begin to create our experiences consciously.  Does this mean nothing bad ever happens in the lives of empowered people?  No, we all still have a wide range of experiences, some we classify as good and some as bad. These experiences include loss, and as a physical being, we will miss those we love when they are absent, and we will grieve.  Our ability to find our center and enter into a state of self-awareness can ease our response to loss and facilitate our ability to make peace with difficult situations.

So how do we center and empower ourselves?  There are several ways to create self-awareness and different approaches work for different people.  A few of my favourite tools include:

  • Energy healing – this can assist in relaxing as well as help to release associated emotion
  • Meditation – when you have a regular meditation practice this can immediately assist in moving from a stressed state into a calm and centred state. It is best that your first attempt at mediation is not when you are extremely upset, as meditation does take practice to perfect.
  • Forgiveness – my chosen process is to work with the technology of Ho’oponopono, which is actually far more than forgiveness, but that is a great place to start. In its most simple form you repeat “I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you” while holding the person or situation in your heart, continuing to say the words until you feel your attitude shifting.
  • Conscious breathing – move into a state of awareness of the breath and the body. While there are many different breath techniques there is no one ‘right’ technique. Try slowing, deepening and extending your breath to start with. Then explore other breath practices and see what works best for you.
  • Sound healing – sound impacts our state of being, and different music will work for different people and at different times. In general, it is best to look to soft, gentle and relaxing sounds to help shift you into a more settled and centred state.
  • Gentle and conscious movement of the body such as stretching, Tai Chi, yoga or Qigong, which may be combined with music and breath work for maximum benefit.
  • Create awareness through journaling, verbal exploration, oracle cards and intuitive inquiry. Again, try our a few things and see what works best for you.
  • Reframing and refocusing to provide the opportunity to look at situations but through a new lens. The situation itself may not change, but your view and attitude to it can. And a funny thing happens, when we shift our focus and attitude about experiences, we begin to notice that the experiences change.

I’ve come to realize that all my teaching, coaching and channelling all have the common focus of providing guidance, energy healing and information to empower my clients and students. This process assists you to change your perception, which then changes your experience, and opens the door to greater acceptance of yourself and those around you.  These are also processes you can learn for yourself, and as you do so, you become even more able to create your own future. As you learn to trust your intuition and examine situations from a variety of angles, surrendering judgments of yourself and others, you open the path to freedom from emotional turmoil and chaos.

This is not something that happens overnight, it is a process of learning about the techniques or tools and consistently applying them until this becomes your natural response to a crisis when it appears. And the particularly fun thing is that the more you center and empower yourself, and consciously practice the Law of Attraction, the less you will need to respond to crisis! To me, that is truly a win-win situation.

A couple of the ways I can assist you to develop these tools is through the Find Your JOY class happening online in August 2019 or through the Soul Alignment Online Program starting up again in the fall.

New Age, Angels & Energy Healing?

There has been enough controversy stirred around Doreen Virtue and her complete reversal on all things metaphysical that I felt it was time that I provided my take on the changes occurring.

As you may, or may not know, Doreen Virtue was one (of many) of my teachers a number of years back. Her teachings were a fit with all I had learned in my prior years of studying, and I went on, with her blessings, to incorporate some of those teachings about Angels into my own Soul Alignment classes.  Over the years, I found that I outgrew the glitzy, theatrical presentation of her work and gravitated to a more solid and grounded approach to my own energy healing and intuitive guidance.

Compassion or Judgement?
In spite of moving away from her work, I still found value in a variety of aspects if her teachings such as connection to the angels; open acceptance of others beliefs; trust in our own innate guidance; and compassion for all.  So it was with interest that I observed her announcement in 2017 that she had found Jesus and incorporated Bible quotes into her work. And then with dismay in 2018 that she began to preach that all non-fundamental Christian practices were ‘spiritually dangerous’. And if you dared disagree with her, you were possessed by demons yourself.

These implications are narrow-minded and filled with fear. This particular setup of guilt-inducing statements is called a double bind; where an attempt is made to control another person’s opinion by suggesting that anything but agreeing is somehow less than, and therefore wrong.   I do not believe for a moment that God is a harsh judge that provided a narrow set of teachings to one select group of people while deeming everyone else as sinners, yet that is exactly what her statements imply.

I cannot imagine what might have happened to Doreen, for her to have made such a drastic change in her views, and I will not try to guess. All I can do is wish her well, and pray that she may find the peace that she seems to be so desperately seeking.

Spiritual Foundation
I have had some people question their own foundational beliefs as well as my teaching in light of this drastic change. I wish to assure you that I still stand fully behind all of the materials that I teach. I know the teachings that I share is a gift from Source and filled with love, compassion, and wisdom.

New Age or Ancient Wisdom?
While Doreen has lumped all belief systems that are not Christianity together as part of New Age and dismissed them as evil, she includes yoga, meditation, shamanism, pagan practices, drumming, Flower of Life and sweat lodges! These beautiful and light-filled practices all predate the bible by hundreds or even thousands of years.

She claims she only wishes to help people, but then goes on to insult so many spiritual, ethnic and cultural groups around the globe it is almost beyond belief.

What About Cards?
People have also been asking me what to do with her products. While I would encourage you to no longer purchase or sell her products, I would also encourage you to continue to use the ones you have.

Her books and cards were all written in integrity and still carry a tremendous amount of light and wisdom. Just take the time to check in with each of your products and see if they are still genuinely in alignment with you and your truth. If the cards are feeling a little heavy or off, take the time to clear them, and then check in again.

If, after you have cleared your cards, they still do not feel right for you, take a moment to notice if you are standing in judgment of Doreen or her cards. If so, is this a judgment you wish to release? Once you have checked in to the root of your discord, you will know if the deck of cards is still for you. If so, bless them and keep using them; if not, bless them and give them away.

First Be Kind
While I honour Doreen’s choice to follow the path of Christianity if that is what brings her peace. I cannot honour the disrespect she has shown to so many with her offensive statements about all belief systems that are not her own. There is no kindness in this belittling viewpoint.

I wish each of you a beautiful day filled with love, light, compassion, and understanding.