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DSC_7029-lowres We all have an incredibly high and divine potential within us.  Are you ready to reach yours?
I work with the  Galactic Council, Angels, and other non-physical sponsors to assist people to recognize that potential.

My primary vehicle in private sessions is Intuitive Coaching with the aid of spiritual guidance mainly from the Galactic Council. Their love for humanity is big; their desire to help us is strong; and their messages often blunt. It is my joy, to share their wisdom with those who are ready for it.

At this time I offer a limited number of sessions each month, mainly by phone or FB Messenger, but in-person sessions in Regina, SK are also an option.

Soul Alignment Coaching:

A Soul Alignment Coaching session is one of interaction and exchange. Be prepared to come to the session with questions or areas of focus, ready to participate fully in the process and do your work.

The more involved you are in your session, the more you will get out of it. I am here to act as your witness, guide, and oracle, providing a safe space for you to explore any and all topics that may be of concern. My intuitive source of guidance will be Source, the Angels, and the Galactic Council. A session may include a channel as well as intuitive guidance. The session length is 1 or 2 hours.

Personal Breakthrough:

Personal Breakthrough sessions are a time for you to delve into what’s going on in your life. We can focus on one topic or all that has accumulated for you. We will begin with exploration, as I coach you to deeper levels of understanding, all along drawing upon the wisdom of the Angels and Galactic Council as is needed and beneficial. You talk, I talk, we talk, the Angels and Galactic Council talk – about current life, past lives, genealogy, future lives, everything that is currently relevant. As we work through this process, I will be noting what areas a clearing is required. The session will conclude with whatever clearing you require, and you will leave with a better understanding of yourself and a lighter sense of being. Each session is completely customized to your specific situation and needs. An appointment is approximately 2-2.5 hours in length.

Why book a session with me?

– I have the capacity to be your observer without judgment, allowing you to safely explore whatever topics you may wish to
– my ability to observe what is happening and provide a unique perspective on how it could be shifted
– an innate understanding of the quantum world, assisting you, as my client, to explore possibilities other than those available in the standard, liner experience
– quick and immediate access to past and future lives, providing insight into what may  be the root cause of issues
– I have the ability to question your subconscious mind and delve into areas that may otherwise elude you
– the Galactic Council and I assist people to understand the non-physical multi-dimensional world as well as the pathway to ascension
– a wide range of energy healing techniques, to assist you to release what is no longer serving you

What Sessions Are: Coaching and Personal Break Through sessions will begin with an in-depth discussion of your current state and desired outcome. Interaction is expected, and the more involved you are in your process, the more you will benefit from the session. To get the most out of your time with me, I recommend you prepare for your session by giving some thought to your current state and desired outcome. Of course, this may shift in the process of our time together.

Channel Sessions will include a brief overview of your focus and desired outcome before I proceed into channel.

We will then continue in a coaching mode, or I will enter into channel to provide the guidance required. These sessions may include some or all of the items below:

– subconscious mind interview (questioning your own subconscious with techniques  designed to get to the heart of the matter, including root cause),
– intuitive guidance including information about past and future lives that may be affecting you at this time
– energy healing such as dissolving cords, aura cleanse, karmic balancing, and cellular memory release
– no topic is too weird or too ordinary; I will (and have) spoken with people about all manner of things

Multiple sessions may be beneficial with a focus upon a specific desired outcome, determined by you at the onset of the initial session. If engaging in a series of sessions, expect homework to be assigned between sessions. If this is the desired process, we can design a custom coaching package for you (see below for options).

ALL healing comes from within the client, I am merely the conduit for that energy to come through.  You truly are in control of your own life.

What Sessions Are NOT: Soul Alignment sessions are not psychic predictions of the future or mind reading. My belief is that predicting the future is dis-empowering to the client, so while some possible dates and/or occurrences may show up in a session, this is not the focus.

The sessions are not what would be considered an Angel Reading or an Angel Card Reading;  there are many talented readers who can fulfill this need, including those on my practitioner list.

While I used to offer both Angel Readings and Mediumship, my connection to the other side has shifted over the years and I have been guided to focus on my unique areas of strength. You may also refer to the Practitioner List to find someone who has studied with me, particularly if you are looking for an Oracle Card Reading or Mediumship.

Energy Exchange

Sessions by Phone, Skype or Instant Messenger (audio); limited availability of in-person sessions at my residence.

Personal Breakthrough
Full 2.5 – 3 hour session including channel, clearing and recording $250+gst.

Soul Alignment Coaching
Includes conversation, coaching intuitive guidance and possibly channel (at Council’s request). Energy Clearing may also be included depending upon your requirements.

60-minute session     $130+gst
90-minute session      $160 + gst
120-minute session     $190+gst

Most sessions last an hour, however, you may find you have more you wish to discuss. If the session extends past 90 minutes the rate will increase accordingly. You can specify 1 or 2 hours upon booking or flow with the energy.  

Galactic Council Channel:

Join me for a ‘special request’ adventure into the wisdom and empowerment of the Galactic Council. They are a loving and benevolent group of beings, whose mission is to assist humanity with their awakening. We can help you to understand how you have arrived at this place and time in your life, by speaking about finding joy, life lessons, purpose, and so much more. We will often share information about past lives that may be impacting your current experience, as well as clarification about the ‘bigger picture’.

While the Council will provide some unsolicited advice, this is primarily a process of Question and Answer. Their feeling is “You are not ready to hear the answer until you are ready to ask the question”.  You ask your questions, and we will provide whatever clarity is appropriate at that time, plus assist clearing the emotional baggage you are currently holding.

Answers to specific questions generally range from 5-10 minutes each, however, we will often spend an entire session on one topic if that is what is most supportive of you at the time. We also allow some time for debriefing with me at the end of the session.

30-minute session     $100+gst
60-minute session     $180+gst

Coaching Package Options & Special Pricing

An in-depth process of shifting to your next level of awakening. We will jointly decide upon the outcome, then spend our time working towards that.

5-pack prepaid coaching 20% discount
10 pack prepaid coaching 40% discount

Soul Alignment Student 20% discount on individual session
Galactic Council Inner Circle member 10% discount on individual session
Some discounts can be stacked, but will not exceed 40%

Seems some of my contact form messages are going to SPAM these days. Please use to contact me with Appointment Request in the title.

Also, include the area of focus and some indication of your availability. I will respond with some potential times.

Once we have agreed upon a mutual time, payment arrangements will be made by e-transfer, on an invoice for PayPal or credit card. The appointment must be paid to guarantee your spot. Thank you.

Recording of sessions can be provided by request.  A downloadable file will be sent to your email address, or you are welcome to record for yourself. Please indicate at the time of booking. Recording of the session is audio download and NOT provided on CD.

Refund for cancellation up to 48 hours in advance will receive a full refund less $20 processing charge which can be applied if an appointment is re-booked. Cancellation less than 48 hours will be eligible for a re-book or credit towards a future class.  No shows without notification forfeit their session fee.

What some clients have had to say:

 Some of the things I thought I had previously released were swimming around in my head again. I must admit I was a little concerned that the session may have opened up that “can of whoop ass” again. However, after the fog lifted I realized that “the can” was still closed but my perception of the contents of the can had changed. The issues weren’t gone, but they were less important than they were before. Insignificant. Redundant. They have a smaller role in “my story”.   Linda, Regina, SK

I recently had the opportunity to have a Soul Alignment Session with Bonnie. As a result, I have felt increased clarity in terms of my life choices and direction. I also found the experience to be very grounding and peaceful. I look forward with anticipation to my next session and highly recommend the experience to everyone!” Enid O. Winnipeg, MB

 Based in Regina, SK Canada

Disclaimer: A Soul Alignment  Coaching or Channeling session is a powerful, energizing
and life-changing tool for growth, but is not intended to be a substitute for medical care.