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 TIP – purchase a membership for immediate access to all previous months of Galactic Council materials, plus DNA unlimited replays, and tons of bonus materials! PLUS the membership is the ONLY place to access transcripts of events. You will have instant access to 1.5 years of material already in the school which you can access instantly when you join the membership!
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Inner Circle with Bonnie Bogner CROPPED
And now as we approach our third anniversary of the Galactic Council Inner Circle, I reflect upon how far we have come. There are three years of amazing content in the school, which becomes immediately available with your purchase of a membership.  This includes replays of Coaching Calls, Meditations, Transmission of Light DNA Activations and so much wisdom that the Galactic Council has shared over the years. Loads of content that is NOT available anywhere else. 
The Inner Circle is a month-to-month subscription, or you can purchase 6-12 month blocks and save.  
There will be new live online events added every month including a Transmission of Light and Coaching/Channels. Now rather than missing the individual online events when they occur, you can join me for any ones that you wish, and attend all of the other replays as your time allows. All for one low subscription price!
While you can attend the occasional Transmission of Light without a subscription, the membership provides ongoing support and guidance for navigating this rapidly changing world we live in. 
Just some of the benefits:
  • One low monthly subscription price for access to hours and hours of valuable online  materials from the Galactic Council and myself, most of it not available anywhere else
  • Events that have a 30-day replay for the public will remain in the member’s area for long-term access
  • Transmission of Light transcripts are only available to Inner Circle members
  • Most events will remain on the site permanently, which means you will have access for as long as you have a subscription (Call-in-coaching will not, for privacy reasons)
  • Special downloadable meditation recordings
  • Minimum of one new live event per month with two most months
  • Private Facebook Group for this community to connect and share
  • Numerous articles that we have written over the years and are still relevant
  • Never miss another DNA Activation
  • Access the loving and supportive energy of the Galactic Council any time and anywhere you wish, day or night, near or far


  • 20% off of One-to-One Coaching or Channel sessions with me ($25/session)
  • 10% off on each Soul Alignment I & II ($100/class)
  • COUPON for free registration in the Find You JOY class ($197 value)
  • BONUS discount on evening events in your community ($5/event)
  • BONUS VALUE of up to $700 (based upon all three 3 classes, 6 sessions and 4 local events)