Transmission of Light – DNA Activation

Transmission of Light NEW

The Transmission of Light DNA activation is a gift to humanity from our ascension support team, the Galactic Council.

Be immersed in the potent loving vibrations of the Galactic Council as they transmit light language healing codes through their long-time partner Bonnie Bogner. These codes include a variety of sacred geometry and crystalline energies that are unique to each topic of focus. to balance and activate the 12 chakra system, as well as resequence the 12 strand DNA to hold more light, assisting with the process of awakening. Each transmission contains a theme with messages and energetics to support that it.

Tuesday, July 16th – Forgiveness
Tuesday, August 13th – Connection
Thursday, September 12th – Gratitude
Monday, October 7th – Peace
Thursday, November 7th – Love
Tuesday, December 9th – Compassion
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November 2016 DNA was POWERFUL!
Love of Humanity
So much so, that we have now made it available for you to KEEP!
This includes the transmission available for download, message summary,
and transcript – a value of over $60! Each time you listen to it, you will access a deeper aspect of Love of Self and Humanity.

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“Thank you it was, it is and always be, beautiful.
While the session was going I felt an incredible warmth surrounding my whole body, very beautiful! Wow! the removing of the karmic veil off my body was so clear, I felt a cool feeling coming up my whole body. Lot’s of energies working together. I’m very thankful to you and the G.C. for this opportunity. Thank you very much!” Desiree, Calgary, AB
“Thank you, Bonnie…for holding that space for such deep transformation and more.. that totally blew my mind and was positively the most beautiful and powerful experience I’ve ever had. Giving birth to Sophie was one thing, but this was literally giving birth to myself. I don’t know what else to say but thank you, blessings be…” Love & Lightning Bolts, hollY ~* (BC)


Q & A with the Galactic Council

Thank you for the great feedback and acknowledgment of this new venture. I found it easier in some ways to transmit in this method rather than in-person. This is definitely part of the quantum shift humanity is experiencing.

Q. I do have a question after the session I have a bit of a headache still and for the 1st hour after the session was cold, then I warmed up.

A. Feeling hot or cold is very normal with an energy transmission. I generally get hot but know if many that get cold. Regarding a headache – drink plenty of water, and breath deep. The other piece is to give yourself permission to receive the energy with grace and ease. It does not need to be difficult.

Q. I know there is more to me than what I am doing right now. When will the obstacles be removed and allow me to follow my life’s purpose and be open to abundance?

A.      The light of source to assist with the removal of the obstacles is very strong right now, but it is important that you not ‘try too hard’, allow it to flow.

Q. Can the GC explain why many people including myself, are feeling the need to rest more than before and how to gain back some energy?

A. We are being rewired at this time, and it takes a lot of energy. The more rest in all forms the better, sleep, sitting and relaxing, meditation – all very helpful. As is adequate hydration and high-quality food. Also, the less negative influences we expose ourselves too, the better.

Q. Ok my scientific teaching, teaches me(if I mix it into my spiritual teaching) that opening even one extra strand of DNA will open a human to another dimension; with 12 being all of them. So working in a 3d world when a dimension is added to our perception…as funny as this sounds…surely that means theoretically we can see around corners for instance!?

A. Great question, and in some ways the answer is yes. What I need you to do is get outside of our limited 3D reality and understand that each strand is not simply ON or OFF. There are many, many levels or shades of light within the DNA. Yes, if all of our DNA was fully activated, we would indeed be able to see around corners, and accomplish many other miraculous things. When we bring more light into the DNA we bring a small amount into each strand. Current physiology could not stand all 12 strands being fully lit at once, it would literally ‘blow the circuits’.

Q. It has been said that DNA activation will activate you to the “level” you are currently open to. Is it possible to work out how many active strands of DNA a person has? In essence how many are “open”?

A. All of humanity has 12 strands, all open to potential, but it varies from person to person how much light (love) is held in each strand. This is an ongoing process for each of us, to continually upgrade the amount of light we can carry. It happened across all strands at once, but in small increments, which are different for each person.

Q. Will this process “enhance” my current, abilities, journeys and discoveries?

A. Yes, and for each person it will enhance in a different way.

A. from Bonnie “My personal experience was a deeper level of knowing about esoteric things. And a great sense of oneness and compassion.”

Q. Where Did DNA activation originate? I originally found out about it through the Nibiruan council. How was it discovered, and once this process is done what do I do to keep “active”?

A. There are many different activations, each one of them valid and beneficial. And each one a little different from the others, all perfect in their own process.  There has been knowledge of this potential held since the beginning of earth time, just waiting for this grand experiment to reach the point of readiness to receive. We, the Galactic Council are one of the holders of this wisdom, there are other non-3D groups as well. It was not possible for this wisdom to be held at 3D as you cannot hold the solution at the same level as the question. As the question is asked, the potential to move to the level of the solution comes. As humanity has asked over the centuries if there was ‘something more’ the potential for this energy has been birthed upon the planet. For us personally, some of the old souls on the planet had it in their Akash to awaken to this potential and begin to teach the channel the energy. So we have been by their side since the beginning of their time there, awaiting the correct time to make ourselves known. We love and honour our partners who have agreed to come forward at the risk of ridicule.

 A. from Bonnie  “ I personally have worked with the council for about five years, not really knowing what this process was in the beginning. Not understanding who or what was transmitting, just that it was important to continue to do this work. To a very large extent, it has been a process of profound trust for me.  I have, in my work with them had memories of our origins together, so I now feel very comfortable and supported by my Council counterparts. I know that they and I share a common heritage.”

Q. What did the song you sang mean, and where does it come from? Pleiadian song?

A.      The song does not ‘mean’ anything in the way you would usually think of it. The Council guides the sounds to be transmitted.  Yes, you could classify it as a Pleiadian song, as it originates from off-world dimensions and is transmitted through the voice. This may be referred to as Verbal Light Language, it is a transmission of love on the verbal level.

Earth is entering into a new healing paradigm, and sound will be instrumental in this process – this is a quantum process that cannot be expressed in words that the conscious mind can make sense of at this time.

Message from the Galactic Council at July 22/13 DNA activation in Regina, SK
channelled by Ye’Yesh Ye’Yar (Bonnie Bogner)

Greetings dear ones, we are the Council. It is with great pleasure that we work with each one of you. Thank you for being the leaders in shifting the vibration on the planet. It is very important that this is done at this time. As new portals of potential continue to open, it can be difficult for humans to ground the new energy into their physical experience. We are here to assist with that.

We are here to work with each one of you, you need only request our assistance and we will be there with you. It is as simple as calling upon the council.

Many of you ask, who are the council?
Are we Archangels and angels? Yes and no.
Are we what in earth terms are referred to as ET’s? Yes and no.
Are we ascended-masters? Yes and no.
We are that and so much more, we are all of those and none of those. Our energy, just as yours dear human cannot be defined in simple linear terms, as we are multidimensional.

We are being of other dimensions with a great love for humanity. We have been with you for many years, and now more and more in the 3-dimensional world are aware of us, as the time has come for us to work with you. We are light beings who work with sacred geometric symbols and patterns to assist in the raising of awareness on planet earth.

Bonnie’s note: the geometric patterns they mention come through as energy transmission,  but may also be sound (light language),  colour, and movement (hand movements and symbols).