Self-Love Initiative

You are enough!
You are enough!

One of my long-held beliefs is that we each need to take responsibility for self and do our own healing work in order t learn to love others and to heal the world. In keeping with that philosophy, I am feeling the drive to create community where we can come together and support each other, to be ourselves with no judgment and learn to love self. 

I am not yet sure exactly what this will look like, and how it will unfold, but I have a starting point and I will allow Spirit to take the lead from there. 

 I am very excited to have teamed up with Patty Kennedy (Sparks of Healing) Stars2to help women feel better about themselves! We have created a new Facebook GroupA Woman’s Worthwhich is open for all to join.

This is just the beginning, check back often to see what else we are cooking up! And please offer your ideas, support, and good energy. While I will be offering some programs and events to support this initiative, I believe there is more to this that what I offer, A community is not built or run by one person, I am simply the catalyst to get something started. Want to come play?