Hawaii Healers Retreat

We are doing it again…
Healers Mastermind Group
Hawi, Hawaii
January 18-28, 2020


Come together on the Big Island of Hawaii with a small and intimate group of like-minded souls. A time to rest, renew, and share. This is a special event for healers and lightworkers, where we can support each other, and be supported; join in the circle of community and share our talents with each other.  

the Details

  • Hawaii Mastermind will take place in January of 2020, at the Hawi Plantation House in North Kohola on the Island of Hawaii.  
  • Retreat duration will be ten nights, eleven days including arrival and departure days.
  • Minimum group is EIGHT and maximum is TEN.
  • Registration cost will include ground transportation, shared accommodations in the luxury retreat facility (most will have there own room, and at minimum their own bed), daily mastermind and/or healing activities, wisdom circles breakthrough facilitation, guided meditations, Galactic Council Channels,  plus 2-3 meals per day.
  • Flights, optional activities and any restaurant meals out are not included.
  • All on-site food will be purchased, and preparation will be supervised by my assistant (Laurie). Actual preparation and cleanup will be handled as part of the group activities – a great community building process.   
  • Each participant will be required to provide their unique healing support to the group through a group healing or information session in their area of specialty. Some examples: group or individual Reiki session(s), 2-3 hour group teaching, mini-readings for other attendees, a channeled message (individual or group), facilitation of yoga/tai-chi/qigong classes.
  • Each morning or afternoon will be group healing and/or facilitation sessions. I will also provide Wisdom of the Galactic Council and/or Honu Muku channels as the group is guided. The remainder of the day will be free time for additional healing work, or to hang out at the beach or pool. We may also include a healing or meditation some evenings.  
  • We will come together as a community to provide support to each other. It is time for the healing community to lift each other up, rather than compete with each other.


Bonnie Bogner, Intuitive & Spiritual Coach/Healer; Channel of Galactic Wisdom; and experienced retreat facilitator. Bonnie is also trained in Ho’oponopono, as a Kumu of Aloha and Gathering of Light-bearers (KaLaHui). Bonnie has an intimate and personal connection to this island that used to be her home.

Laurie Bogner, Professional Facilitator, Kitchen Boss, Builder of Ohana (family) and Coordinator of Fun Times! Laurie will be there to support all of us every step of the way. She has been my assistant on three Hawaii retreats and knows her way around supporting a group.

Honu Muku, a non-physical guide and kahuna who has been assisting Bonnie with her work in Hawaii for many years.

Galactic Council, a group ascended beings who are assisting humanity in their awakening. Bonnie channels the Pleiadian/Lemurian aspect of the group.

Bonnie is a former resident of Hawaii and has facilitated many retreats on the Big Island, and around the world. Laurie has visited Hawaii many times with her sister and is very comfortable guiding people around the island.

Just some of the fun sites and activities that can be included:

– morning mindfulness and movement includes daily meditation, Five Rhythms or  yoga
– group acupuncture treatment to enhance awakening
– visit an ancient Hawaiian fishing village
– explore Pololu valley, the most westerly of seven-sister valleys on the north shore
– visit the Kameahameha heaiu (sacred temple)
– spend time at some of the lesser known local beaches
– experience north shore waves from the safety of a sheltered kiki (children’s) beach
– stroll into town for the best locally made ice cream, kava-kava or komboucha
– crystal shopping, fabulous food and farmers market right in Hawi
– sunset drive over Kohola Mountain…spectacular!
– explore beaches, mountains, rain-forest and lava desert and so much more!

For those of you who have traveled to Hawaii with me before, this will be completely different; new location, new teachings and new sites/activities.


Action Required

 If you wish to be considered for this group, please contact me. This will be a custom-built event for those that have applied early. Your response does not require you to attend, but it will secure you at the top of the list of potential attendees.

more info

  1. Each person is there to learn, but also to teach. This event will be what YOU make it. 
  2. Flights are NOT included in the quoted prices. All ground transportation will be provided. We will pick you up at the airport and look after you until you leave.  
  3. We will prepare 2-3 meals per day on-site, with plans to eat lunch or dinner out a few days. Don’t worry about dietary restrictions, both Laurie and I are well versed in dealing with them. 
  4. We will have good local coffee and local flavours of tea on hand as well.
  5. Any alcohol you wish to consume can be purchased individually and brought to the facility. While drinking will be kept to a minimum, this is a Mastermind, not a party, it is just fine if you wish to have a couple of cocktails in the evening.  
  6. If you have any favourite recipes you wish to prepare, please let me know. We want to keep the food wholesome, local and simple.  


Total cost of the land package is $2800 US or $3750 CAD, which includes all items listed above and excludes flights, alcohol, meals out and optional activities.
The non-refundable deposit to hold your spot is $600 US or $800 CAD. Payment options are e-transfer (CAD), cheque (either) or credit card (either). Sorry, but there is a 3% processing fee on CC. Anyone wishing to pay by credit card can contact me and I will send an invoice.
Payment plans are also an option. Deposit is required to secure your spot, then payments can be made monthly or semi-monthly depending upon the plan. Single payment of Balance Due by Nov. 15th or choose a payment plan listed below with final payment due by Dec 15th.
Sample Payment Plans:
                    US FUNDS      CAD FUNDS
Total:             $2800            $3750
Deposit:         $600             $800
Balance Due:  $2200        $2950
                            US FUNDS      CAD FUNDS
8 payments    $295 each     $390 each
6 payments    $385 each     $510 each
3 payments    $750 each     $1000 each
Travel Insurance is highly recommended!
Download Application and Registration Forms Here
Response to some common questions:

1. My partner is not into all that ‘spiritual stuff’, can they still come? Probably not a great fit then, as the entire trip will be focused upon mindfulness, connection to spirit, connection to the island and energy work. There will be opportunities to do yoga, take part in meditations and have metaphysical discussions, and listen to channels. If there are members of the group not interested in these activities, it may become uncomfortable for everyone.
2. I have not taken any classes with you, can I still attend? The answer is yes. There is no prerequisite for you to have attended my classes. There is an expectation that you are already offering some type of healing technique (for yourself or others) and that you comfortable with the field of metaphysics and channel.
3. I am not able to walk very well, is this a good trip for me? The structured time will be mainly at our retreat venue which will not pose any problems with limited mobility. There will be a variety of options for off-hours activities which may require greater mobility, you will have the options to stay at the house and relax if an activity is not something you can handle.
4. Can I drink while with the group? No alcohol is included in the price, however, you will have easy access to liquor outlets and anyone wishing to pick up supplies is welcome to do so. Most past attendees have enjoyed a relaxing drink or two in the evenings.
5. I can’t swim, can I still take part? Certainly. Walking on the beach, dipping your toes, sunbathing or sitting in the shade are all ways to enjoy all the ocean has to offer.
6. What activities can we do during our off-hours? Most activities will be organized for the group, however, you are welcome to walk into town and explore the shops; there are large grounds and a pool on site for your enjoyment; the house has a ping pong table and writing in a journal and refection are also encouraged. Attendees may also wish to schedule 1:1 work with other members of the group.
7. What about additional costs? Average flight from Vancouver is $600 CAD and from Regina about $1000 CAD. Allow $20-30 US per lunch or dinner out, plus any drinks. Optional spending money (there is a crystal store, antique store, gift shop, ice cream shop and kava-kava bar all within walking distance).

 Still Not Sure If This Retreat Is For You?
Please contact me by email to request additional information. I am happy to chat with you about my vision for the trip.

See the blog post Embracing the Aloha Spirit to read about my very first Hawaii Retreat adventure.