Sacred Pilgrimage

infinite heart
Awaken your sacred self 
with a
Pilgrimage of the Heart

Join Bonnie Bogner and the Galactic Council,
for the trip of a lifetime! 

“There is an amazing synergy that occurs when two or more awakened souls unite. Each one of you becomes entangled in a potent field that upgrades each of you. And this upgrade continues past your time together. Never underestimate the power of intentional community.
Then add to that the shift that occurs effortlessly when you get outside of your known space (aka travel), and you have the ingredients for a ‘miracle’. Of course, it only appears to be a miracle because the divine laws have not yet been fully explained by science.”
Message from the Galactic Council on the value of travel

 Something magic happens when you travel, particularly when you do so consciously. I have been facilitating conscious transformation for the past fifteen years and guiding retreat groups for seven years. I am also a conduit for the Wisdom of the Galactic Council and they are actively involved in all the pilgrimages I organize. In that time, I have taken five groups to Hawaii and this past year I took a group to Ireland. 

Past trips have included a variety of locations on the Big  Island of Hawaii and most recently a life-changing trip to Ireland. The message was clear from that trip, I am here to facilitate conscious change through travel with the guidance of the Galactic Council to bring forth the messages from the land. 

Each Sacred Pilgrimage will be approximately ten days in duration with a small and intimate group. We include a variety of sacred sites, connection to the energy of the local, guided meditations, work with oracle cards, wisdom circles and channels by Bonnie and the Galactic Council. We also employ local guides at some sites to increase the depth of your experience. You will be lovingly cared for from the moment you arrive until your departure. 

Lemurian Wisdom Retreat

Hawi, Hawaii, Hawaii, Feb 21 – Mar 3, 2019
Eleven Days ~ Ten Nights
Awaken ancient Lemurian wisdom on sacred Kohola Mountain!

Egypt Ancient Mysteries
The Soul’s Journey

Visit the temples of:
~ Dendra (Hathor) ~ Edfu (Horus) ~ KomOmbo (Sorbek) ~
~ Philae (Isis)  ~ Karnak (Sekhmet) ~ Abydos (Osiris) and more! ~

Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel & Nile Cruise
Nov 8-20, 2018

Join us for a magical trip through the land of the Pharaohs, the oldest civilization on earth. From the enigmatic aura of the Sphinx to the imposing glory of the Pyramids. discover the exotic charm of evocative Egypt.  Feel secure in your travels with the service of a Licensed Egyptologist and local expert assistance. All the details coming soon.

Organized by Bonnie in cooperation with Elia (Egyptologist Tour Guide) from A La Carte Travel & Tours

What next?

Aran & Orkney Island?  
Turkey & the Whirling Dervishes?
Magical Greece?


Ancient wisdom, new awareness. So much magic in every trip!