Soul Alignment III – Implicit Trust

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Rescheduled to 2017 – TBA

All and None – the I AM Presence

Time to move forward with more in depth transformational work? Then this is the class for you! The Soul Alignment III class is a four day intensive which pulls together Sacred Geometry, the 12-Chakra System, Channeling, Galactic Council, DNA Activation. This class is primarily guided by the Galactic Council and Bonnie’s work with them over the past many years.

Expected Outcome:

  1. Ability to channel the Galactic Council
  2. Comfort with SA II Clear & Release, ability to adapt to any situation
  3. Theory and practice of offering DNA Activation with GC
  4. Innate trust in the Divine and your connection
  5. Willingness to get out of the way to allow transmissions, verbally and energetically
  6. Begin the journey into your relationship with the Galactic Council (prep for SA III)
  7. Potential invitation into Sacred Rebirth classes, and other advanced work

Why take this class?

  1. Elicit deep, fundamental and positive change for the attendees, though a combination of meditation, intellectual learning and energy work.
  2. A deep understanding of and connection to the Galactic Council
  3. Skill building in the areas of channeling, trust in self and ability to draw deep and lasting change forward for your clients. As all techniques are learned, they are then practiced, providing the opportunity for skill building but also assisting each attendee to clear whatever may be blocking them from being the best they can be.
  4. You will leave this intensive with the tools and skills necessary to take your channeling work to a much deeper level..

What is covered?

The following is a list of the main items covered in this week:

  • Theory of Time
  • Sacred Geometry
  • 12 Chakra System
  • Learn to Channel
  • Work with the Galactic Council
  • DNA Activation with GC
  • Concept Timeline™ – this is a proprietary technique that is only available in this class
  • Shadow work – why do some people push your buttons and others do not

Participation in this class is very hands on, with everyone practicing all they have learned. Classes are taught in a small intimate group, allowing a chance for everyone to be heard and to have a personal experience. Bonnie works closely with each student and is always willing to answer all of your questions.

Next Levels: Advanced Council work by invitation only

Some of the other benefits received for your investment

  • Detailed manual for each class
  • Future audit opportunities of classes
  • Website presence through
  • Personal growth and development through class
  • Wisdom gained through the exercises/training
  • Ongoing support by Bonnie & Soul Vibrations Consulting (you can still book appointments even when others cannot)
  • Solid platform on which to build a healing business

Prerequisite ~ Soul Alignment II (no exceptions)

Soul Alignment III Rescheduled to 2017 TBA