Soul Alignment II – Transformation

Clear & Release

Next class will be starting mid-March.
Registration will open soon!

The power of letting go…to ignite your Soul and remember your truth!”

The Soul Alignment II class is a fourteen week online intensive covering Basic & Advanced Clearing Techniques, Past Life Clearing, Subconscious Mind Interview and an introduction to working with the Galactic Council.

Expected Outcome:

  1. Ability to work with a variety of energy release and healing techniques
  2. Enter confidently into a session with a client, knowing you can intuitively respond and provide exactly what they need
  3. Begin the journey into your relationship with the Galactic Council (prep for SA III)
  4. Become clearer yourself in your ability to help self and others to shift energy
  5. Gain comfort in diving into a wide variety of energy clearing scenarios, including those that many view as difficult or scary
  6. Assist people to get to the root of their problems
  7. Obtain a set of tools, rather than a set of rules

Why take this class?

  • 1) Elicit deep, fundamental and positive change for yourself, through a combination of meditation, intellectual learning and energy work.
  • 2) A deeper understanding of who we are in this human form and our role within the universe.
  • 3) Skill building in the areas of moving the client into a state of being receptive to deep and lasting change, in particular, past life clearing, shadow work and Concept Timeline™. As all techniques are learned, they are then practiced, providing the opportunity for skill building but also assisting each attendee to clear whatever may be blocking them from being the best they can be.
  • 4) You will leave this class with the tools and skills necessary to take your Energy Work to a much deeper level.
  • 5) Develop skills to create your best life ever.
  • 6) Choose to be limitless rather than limited

What is covered?

  • Theory of Mind – understand better why some changes stick and others do not
  • Rapport – learn to move into a state that your client will listen and respond to you optimally
  • Past Lives – Advanced Reading and Karma Balancing
  • Basic Clear & Release – Energy Cords; Cellular Memory, Thought Forms; Aura Cleanse; and Chakra Balance
  • Advanced Clear & Release – Vows & Curses, Psychic Attack, Entity Removal
  • Subconscious Mind Interview & Root Cause
  • 10 pre-recorded Clear & Release Processes for you to keep
  • Introduction to the Galactic Council
  • Personal releasing work – this alone makes the class worthwhile!

Who will benefit from this class?

Anyone who has a desire to experience positive self-transformation and growth would benefit from attending. This class is all about you and helping you to become the best that you can be. The week culminates with an intense release ceremony with the Galactic Council, so this is a great event for intuitive and energy healing practitioners as well as for your own development.

Participation in this class is very hands-on, with everyone practicing all they have learned. Classes are taught in a small intimate group, allowing a chance for everyone to be heard and to have a personal experience. Bonnie works closely with each student and is always willing to answer all of your questions.

Prerequisite ~ Soul Alignment I or by prior experience and training (determined via admission interview).

Is it time to move forward with more in-depth transformational work? Then this is the class for you!

Admission Interview – take a look at the requirements below to see if you feel you meet them. If so, arrange your personal interview with me.

Provide a brief outline of your current coaching model or spiritual coach training
Why are these important and how would you handle them?
– Silence? Statements? Questions?
Provide information about experience or training in these areas.
Card reading with one or two decks
Past Life Reading – no cards
Experience accessing Akashic Records and understanding of them

 Next Levels:

  • Soul Alignment III – Implicit Trust “All and None – the I AM Presence”

Some of the other benefits received for your investment

  • Detailed reference manual
  • Future audit opportunities of classes
  • Website presence through Soul Vibrations Practitioner List
  • Personal growth and development through class
  • Wisdom gained through the exercises/training
  • Ongoing support by Bonnie & Soul Vibrations Consulting
  • A solid platform on which to build a healing business