Soul Alignment I – Connection

Angel with backgroundAngels & Intuition

Now taught online!

 Next class series begins the fall of 2019.
Please let me know if you wish to be added to the priority list when registrations open.

Awaken the Angel within…and claim your Divinity!

This class will be a deep dive into the world of intuition, esoteric and spiritual.  You will be immersed in the sacred geometric light and the quantum crystalline energies of the Galactic Council; all the while learning practical and repeatable skills so that you can follow your own intuitive guidance, and create your life with intuition and intention. You will develop a deeper connection with the Angels, Source and your Intuition. Are you ready to step into your power?

Expected Outcome:

  1. Ability to work confidently with Oracle cards
  2. Trust in your innate intuitive ability with and without cards
  3. Understand the value of mining the Akash for Past Lives
  4. Greater understanding of who you are and your role in the evolution of the planet
  5. A deeper connection with Source and the Angels
  6. A strong foundation for self-healing
  7. Understand the value of ‘being present on all levels’
  8. Let go of the guilt and shame around being different
  9. Clarify your own path forward

Why take this class?  

This intensive work is designed with multiple purposes:

  • Elicit deep, fundamental and positive change for the attendees, through a combination of meditation, intellectual learning, and energy work.
  • An understanding of who we are in this human form and our role within the universe. We will then build upon this to obtain a greater understanding of your non-physical partners.
  • Learn spiritual coaching skill of being present which will enhance all of your day-to-day communication with others.
  • Skill building in the areas of Angel and Oracle cards, trusting intuition, and being present.  Trust your intuition as you learn to receive practical and usable information.
  •  You will learn theory and techniques, practicing as you go. This provides an intellectual understanding combined with practical experience.
  • Daily group clearing will help to clear any blockages to BEing the best that you can be, as well as ground your new skills
  • Tie your skill sets together from the various modalities you may have already studied or will study in the future.

I am in the process of having the Soul Alignment Classes recognized as a certification. After many years and much searching, I have found the organization that is a good fit for what I offer.

 Class Outline
Module #1 (4 weeks)
  1. Law of Attraction and Soul Purpose; Oneness
  2. Four Levels of Learning; Spiritual Helpers
  3. Intuition; Oracle Cards (single card)
  4. Multiple card reading with a single deck

Assignments will include intuition assessment, a variety of card draws for self including a daily series and various spreads.

Module #2 (3 weeks)
  1. Spiritual Principals; Three levels of response; Spiritual Helpers
  2. Multiple Decks with multiple cards; Blending decks
  3. Taking Care of Your Energy; Meditation; Making things right (Ho’oponopono)
 Assignments in Module #2 will introduce working with cards and another student, all documented and reviewed with Bonnie.
Module #3 (3 weeks)
  1. Reading without cards; psychometry; automatic writing
  2. Chakras & aura; Cord cutting
  3. Accessing the Akash; Past Lives
 Assignments for Module #3 will provide the opportunity to expand your skills in reading for others, including aura assessment, automatic writing and group card reading.
Module #4 (4 weeks)
  1. Putting it all together
  2. Past Life Reading
  3. Akashic Reading
  4. Revisit the four levels of learning
 Assignments for Module #4 will introduce you to reading without cards, including past lives and more group practice.
Who will benefit from this class?
  • Anyone who has a desire to experience positive self-transformation and growth would benefit from attending.
  • If you wish to learn to trust your intuitive guidance and the process of interpreting oracle cards for yourself or others. 
  • This work is about becoming the best you can BE, and allows you to incorporate your intuition into any other healing modality.
  • Everyone can use the techniques for themselves, their friends or their clients, regardless of career and position.
  • Participation in this class is very hands-on, with everyone practicing all they have learned.
  • Become the best that you can be. We can only help others to the extent that we have healed ourselves.

Next Level:

  • Soul Alignment II –  Transformation “The Power of Letting Go” will begin in March 2019.

Some of the other benefits received for your investment:

  • 20+ hours of live teaching time, with a full replay
  • Videos to demonstrate techniques as needed
  • Contact list and private FB group to access practice partners and support each other
  • Weekly check-in with me to review your progress each week
  • Detailed manual/workbook
  • Lifetime access to the online materials and audit opportunity of Soul Alignment I class (as often as you wish)
  • Wisdom and trust in self-growth through the exercises/training
  • Opportunity to work on your skills within a supportive environment
  • Access to further programs including Soul Alignment II
  • A solid platform on which to create a better life
  • This process is all about YOU, your personal development and connection to Source.