Soul Alignment Classes

Learn to carry Spirit in your heart.Come be inspired, empowered, find meaning, clarity, and purpose…

The soul alignment program is so much more than learning to read oracle cards or connect with angels. It is a sacred space where you can discover yourself and your truth. A place where you can experience all forms of connection to Source and learn to carry Spirit in your heart.


Soul Alignment I – Connection
Soul Alignment II – Transformation
Soul Alignment III – Implicate Trust

Soul Alignment I – Connection
Angels & Intuition

“Awaken the Angel within…and claim your Divinity!”
4 days

Bonnie will spend four days immersing you in the sacred geometric light and the quantum crystalline energies of the Galactic Council; all the while teaching practical and repeatable skills so that you can follow your own intuitive guidance, and create your life with intuition and intention.

  • Who’s who in the Angelic and other non-physical realms
  • Game of Life (in depth LoA)
  • Learn to hold space and be present
  • Deepen you intuition
  • Practice with Oracle Cards and receive a deck
  • Develop your Intuitive senses
  • Explore Past Lives
  • Learn to trust your own guidance
  • Take care of your energy and chakras
  • So much more…

June 22-25, 2017 Regina, SK

>>>Soul Alignment I Registration OPEN<<<


Soul Alignment II – Transformation
Clear & Release

The Power of Letting Go…ignite your Soul and remember your truth!”
4 days

  • Delve Deeply into Angel WorkGo Within
  • Refining Intuition
  • In Depth Past Life Work
  • Basic Clear & Release Techniques: Energy Cords; Celluar Memory; Thought Forms; Aura Cleanse; Chakras
  • Advanced Clear & Release Techniques: Vows; Karma Balance; Psychic Attack; Root Cause
  • 10 pre-recorded Clear & Release Processes for your reference
  • Theory of Mind
  • Subconscious Mind Interview
  • Introduction to the Galactic Council

 **pre-requisite SAI or suitable equivalent (determined by interview)

Soul Alignment III – Implicit Trust
Channeling & More

“All and None – the I AM Presence”
4 days 

  • Sacred GeometryResponsible
  • 12 Chakra System
  • Learn to Channel
  • Working with the Galactic Council
  • DNA Activation with GC
  • Theory of Time
  • Concept Timeline

Rescheduled to 2017 – dates announced soon

 **pre-requisite SAII – no exceptions


Become the best that you can be, embark on this journey of self-discovery, awakening, and healing.

Ideal Client for this series

  1. Deep longing for something more
  2. Intuitively connected, even if you do not yet trust that connection
  3. Desire to make positive changes for yourself and/or for clients
  4. Desire to work and play as part of a team, we are all in this together
  5. Wish to be accepted for who you really are
  6. Wish to use your intuitive gifts to make a difference in the world
  7. Become part of the transformation of this planet
  8. Need to connect with like minded people

Interested in hosting a workshop in your area?
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Feedback from Students
“Thank-you for this fantastic opportunity to grow, change, metamorphose, alter and become more what and who I really am, but didn’t know yet.  I feel a bond to you that I can’t quite figure out, but am very glad for.” Arianna, ON

“Thank you so much for being the one true constant light in my life.” Stacy, Regina, SK

“So many people, and myself included look to you and your wisdom for support which you supply in an amazing abundance. You have guided me to a place of healing and strength and I am forever grateful. You are truly an amazing person in my world. Thank you.” Shelley, Regina, SK

“Love love love the update Bonnie… thank you for being in my life!” Scott, Calgary, AB