Hosting Details

Would you like to have me come and speak in your area? Offer an afternoon, evening or weekend event with the Galactic Council? Or maybe bring my full Soul Alignment I Class to your area? I am willing to entertain all offers.

Wisdom of the Galactic Council:

purpleThe Galactic Council wants me to spread the word, and I am asking for your help to do so. If there is an opportunity and interest, I am happy to work with you to make it happen. I will bring their message to your area in either Benevolent Messages from Beyond evenings or full 1-2 day Emergence of Spirit events (or both).

As host you will be responsible for:

–  finding and securing a venue
–  coordination of organizing details prior to
–  running the event on the day of
–  local advertising (access and means to advertise required)

Marketing: There is an expectation that you have suitable means of advertising, such as Facebook and Meetup groups, an email distribution list, and other means in your area that has proven successful for advertising events such as this.  That you know how to advertise in your local area, and you have the capacity to look after that.

I will create an online registration form, and provide marketing materials, such as a banner and virtual poster. You will create FB and MeetUp events, add to your website, and send through your newsletter. 

Minimum Attendee Requirement:
Benevolent Messages Open 20+ attendees; VIP  8+ attendees when combined with a 1 or 2 day weekend event. These will increase if travel costs are high (flights).
Emergence of Spirit one day 15+ attendees; two day 10+ attendees. Preferably combined with at least one evening event.  

Expenses: I will pay any advertising costs that are incurred, with prior approval, and pay for the venue if it is a rented space.

In exchange for hosting you will receive your event for free, receive a commission (see guidelines below), and other great perks such as one-to-one time with GC and I, awareness in your community, and mention in my newsletter.

Please consult with me regarding relative expenses so we may settle on an agreement that is beneficial to both of us. 

Accommodations: Either billeting or hotel are suitable, depending upon location and circumstances. If hotel accommodations are required, this will affect my ability to travel for small events, and may increase the minimum numbers required. 

Commission Guidelines: You will receive a 10% commission, dependent upon numbers of people attending, and the relative cost of my trip to your location. Commissions will only be paid if the minimum attendance requirements are reached. eg. I do not require as many people in attendance if I am driving to a location 1-2 hours away, than if I am flying to a more distant location and staying over. 

Please contact me if hosting interests you and you can fulfill the above criteria. We can work together to create a great event.

Soul Alignment:

I will also consider bringing the Soul Alignment Classes to your area. Please understand the the duration and cost of these classes creates a very different marketing experience than an evening or 1-2 day class. It is generally preferable that I have offered GC classes in the area before attempting the Soul Alignment events. This way people are already familiar with me and the work.
To offer these classes I require a minimum of eight people for Soul Alignment I and six people for Soul Alignment II. At this time, I am only offering Soul Alignment III in Regina. 

As much as I would love to simply show up every place I am invited, the truth of the matter is that I am only one person, and must plan accordingly. This is one of the reasons I have begun to create online opportunities.