Hawaii Mastermind

Healers Mastermind Group
February 5-15, 2018
Tradewinds Estate, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 

Come together on the Big Island of Hawaii with a small and intimate group of like-minded souls. A time to rest, renew, and share. This is an invitational event for healers and lightworkers, where we can support each other, and be supported; join in the circle of community and share our talents with each other.  

The Details

  • Hawaii Mastermind will take place February 5-15, 2018, at the magical Tradewinds Estate about 2 miles south of Kailua-Kona on the Island of Hawaii. Just a short stroll to Magic Sands (White Sands) and a mile to Kahaluu (snorkel) Beach Park, close to the ocean and all of the magic it offers. See Tradewinds Estate Here.
  • Retreat duration will be ten nights, eleven days including arrival and departure days.
  • The exact cost will be determined by the number of people taking part. Minimum group is SIX and maximum is TEN. See Terms & Conditions below for exact prices and payment options. 
  • Registration cost will include shared accommodations in the luxury retreat facility (twin or shared king/queen room), daily mastermind and/or healing activities, wisdom circles breakthrough facilitation, guided meditations, Galactic Council Channels,  plus 2-3 meals per day.
  • Flights and ground transportation (car rental), optional activities and any restaurant meals out are not included. I will connect the group beforehand so you can car pool if you choose, and the location will accommodate taxi and shuttle transportation. 
  • All on-site food will be purchased, and preparation will be supervised by my assistant. Actual preparation and cleanup will be handled as part of the group activities (participation required).   
  • Each participant will be required to provide their unique healing support to the group through a group healing or information session in their area of specialty. Some examples: group or individual Reiki session(s), 2-3 hour group teaching, mini-readings for other attendees, channeled message (individual or group), facilitation of yoga/tai-chi/qigong classes.
  • My assistant is a professional facilitator, and she will facilitate ‘challenge and solution’ breakthrough sessions to help support us in our unique profession.  We may love what we do, but it also comes with own set of frustrations – let’s help each other through that. 
  • Each morning or afternoon will be group healing and/or facilitation sessions. The remainder of the day will be free time for additional healing work, or to hang out at the beach or pool. We may also include a healing or meditation some evenings.  
  • My vision is that we come together as a community to provide support to each other. It is time for the healing community to lift each other up, rather than compete with each other.
  • I will also provide Wisdom of the Galactic Council channels as the group is guided.
  • There maybe an opportunity for non-participating spouses to attend, depending upon the number of healer spots booked. This will only be an option if there are open spots closer to the event. 

Action Required

 If you wish to be considered for this group, I need for YOU to TAKE ACTION NOW. Please only apply if you are seriously interested in this opportunity.

Your response does not require you to attend, but it will secure you at the top of the list of potential attendees. Once accepted, a deposit will be required to hold your space. Based upon interest from people I have already spoken with, I expect this to sell out quickly. We will be keeping the numbers small and intimate, so everyone has the opportunity to give and receive. I am also keeping the price as low as possible, to allow the greatest access possible.

Healers Mastermind Application

Please Note: Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, you will receive the Terms and Conditions form, finalized pricing and location as well as options for paying your deposit. Applying for a spot does not oblige you to attend, but places you at the top of the attendee list. Your spot is not guaranteed until your registration/deposit has been received.


Still Not Sure If This Retreat Is For You?

Response to some of your questions:
1. My partner is not into all that ‘spiritual stuff’, can they still come? Probably not a great fit then, as the entire trip will be focused upon mindfulness, connection to spirit, connection to the island and energy work. There will be opportunities to do yoga, take part in meditations and have meta-physical discussions, and listen to channels. If there are members of the group not interested in these activities, it may be uncomfortable for everyone. 
2. I have not taken any classes with you, can I still attend? The answer is yes. There is no pre-req for you to have attended any of my classes. There is an expectation that you are already working in the field of metaphysics/intuition/healing or have the training and an intention to do so.
3. I am not able to walk very well, is this a good trip for me? The structured time will be mainly at our retreat venue which will not pose any problems with limited mobility. There will be a variety of options for off-hours activities which may require greater mobility, and you may wish to consider renting a car rather than relying upon the shuttle. 
4. Can I drink while with the group? No alcohol is included in the price, however, you will have easy access to liquor outlets and anyone wishing to pick up supplies is welcome to do so. Most past attendees have enjoyed a relaxing drink or two in the evenings.
5. I can’t swim, can I still take part? Certainly. Walking on the beach, dipping your toes, sunbathing or sitting in the shade are all certainly ways to enjoy all the ocean has to offer. If there is interest, I will also organize a Boat Trip for a Wild Dolphin Swim. 6. What activities can we do during our off-hours? I am looking at locations away from downtown Kona, but close to the ocean and Magic Sands beach. There are also other beaches and shopping options 30-60 minutes away (walking) as well as the Honu Express shuttle and taxi service to get you around town. More extensive excursions would require the rental of a car. 7. What about additional costs? Average flight from Vancouver is $700 Cdn and car rental in Kona for 10 days is $6-700 US. Allow $20-30 US per lunch or dinner out, plus any drinks.
Please contact me by email to submit your application or request additional information. I am happy to chat with you about my vision for the trip.     

Terms & Conditions

  1. It is necessary for you to complete and return the application to be considered for attendance. Once that has been completed, I will provide you with a release form, and we can make payment arrangements.
  2. There must be a minimum of SIX committed attendees by November 1st for the retreat to proceed. All monies paid will be refunded if the event is canceled. 
  3. Each person is there to learn, but also to teach. This event will be what YOU make it. 
  4. Flights and ground transportation are NOT included in the quoted prices. I can provide suggestions of good companies, and match you up for ride-share if you wish.  
  5. We will prepare 2-3 meals per day on-site, with plans to eat lunch or dinner out a few days. Don’t worry about dietary restrictions, both Laurie and I are well versed in dealing with them. 
  6. We will have good local coffee and local flavors of tea on hand as well.
  7. Any alcohol you wish to consume can be purchased individually and brought to the facility. While drinking will be kept to a minimum, this is a Mastermind, not a party, it is just fine if you wish to have a couple of cocktails in the evening.  
  8. If you have any favorite recipes you wish to prepare, please let me know. We want to keep the food wholesome, local and simple. 
  9. The preferred method of payment is e-transfer. You may also pay with Credit Card but price will be adjusted to include the 3% surcharge.  
  10. ALL prices quoted are in CANADIAN funds, and include conversion and all state/federal taxes, but not tips and gratuities. All prices listed are guaranteed until November 1, 2017, at which time I will review the exchange rate.  
    • Total for 6-7 participants: $3400 CDN ($100 CC surcharge)
       Payment Option – deposit $600 plus 4x$700
    • Total for 8-9 participants $2800 CDN ($85 CC surcharge)
      Payment Option – deposit $600 plus 3x$700
    • Total for 10 participants $2400 CDN ($70 CC surcharge)
      Payment Option – deposit $600 plus 3x$600
    • Minimum non-refundable Deposit $600 CDN
    • Other payment structure can be arranged 
    • If you have completed payment prior to additional registrations which reduce the price, I will refund you the difference. 

Take the first step and fill out your application today!

Healers Mastermind Application

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