Soul Name

Awaken Your Soul Name

The entire universe is made up of vibration, and sound is vibration. How empowering would it be for you to have access to your very own sound? Your own personal vibration?

Sound healing is one of the most powerful modalities on the planet, one whose time has come. And what better way to access than with your own voice?” Galactic Council

This is a process of reconnecting to an authentic vibration. We each have a unique sound or name that helps us to balance and awaken. For most, it is a tone, not a word. This is how we are known in the interdimensional cosmos when we are experiencing oneness rather than our usual 3D experience of separation. 

Included in the Soul Name event:

  • Spend the day guided by the masters of vibration The Galactic Council to awaken your sacred sounds
  • Delve into meditation, breath, and opening to possibility
  • Open your throat chakra; the center for speaking and hearing truth
  • Learn to use your voice to heal yourself
  • Be bathed in the sacred geometric energy that is the Galactic Council for a full day
  • Allow your blocks and barriers to being heard wash away
  • Minimum of two Galactic Council channels during this event
  • Finish the day with a guided meditation to deepen your practice with sound
  • Receive recordings of the material to review and practice

Upon completion, you will receive an invitation to join our online Soul Name portal which contains recordings from prior Soul Name classes. Your class material will also be added for future reference. The deepening meditations available for download to allow you to use them wherever and whenever you wish.This portal is cumulative, so as we develop and enhance this process, you will continue to have access to the new materials.

Note: You must be willing to sit quietly and breath; take a chance on opening your mouth and letting sound (not words) out; and NOT complain about how hard meditation is!

What people have to say about the class.

“It was such a pleasure and honour to be a part of this initial class. The toning and breathwork transported me to another place. There was expansion of understanding and a feeling of connectedness.
I highly recommend this work to anyone who is looking to find their voice, refine their connection or just get a bigger sense of who humanity is.
Thank you Bonnie & and GC!”
Patty K – Regina, SK

“It was an amazing experience. THANK YOU!!!”
Linda M – Regina, SK

Private Sessions
Private Sessions