Emergence of Spirit


Emergence of Spirit'purpleCome play in the multidimensional field with us. Be inspired, empowered and awakened. With open hearts and minds, we invite in miracles.

Benevolent Messages from Beyond
Wed, Sept. 27th 7-9 pm
open event, we will address as many questions as possible

Emergence of Spirit
Fri. Oct. 6th, 7-9 pm

conversation with the Council about a variety of topics
First United Spiritualist Church, Burnaby, BC


Explore the quantum, the multi-dimensional, the illusion, and so much more. Ask your questions of these benevolent our non-physical beings, the Galactic Council. Be bathed in their love and healing energy, as they transmit wisdom and hope.

Your time with the Galactic Council will assist you to understand spirit and spirituality at a deeper level, learn more about your role in this human experience, and dip into the infinite potential that exists for each one of us. The Council is happy to speak on any topic that will be of support and benefit to the assembled souls. Presence with the Council will assist you to achieve understanding, stillness and peace.

Each event will include time for Q&A as well as a channel with the Galactic Council. Day (weekend) will conclude with a transmission of Sacred Geometric healing energy by the Galactic Council.

Just some of the possible topics include:

  1. Illusions of Time
  2. Past/Future Lives & Karma
  3. The Akashic System
  4. Ascension and What it Really is
  5. Connection to Your Souls Purpose
  6. Deepening Intuition
  7. Stillness in the Midst of Chaos
  8. Spiritual Direction
  9. The Only Rule is that there Are NO RULES!
  10. Making Peace (Ho’oponopono)
  11. Multi-dimensionality
  12. Love of Humanity
  13. Light Creator
  14. Letting go of Outcome
  15. And so much more…

Emergence of Spirit – one day event $133/person;
approximately 6 hours bathed in the love of spirit

Emergence of Spirit – two day event $222/person;
approximately 12 hours bathed in the love of spirit

Below is a little more detail on some of the things that have transpired in events to date.

Deepening Intuition – discussion of basic intuitive types, developing and trusting you intuition. We then spend some time playing with Oracle cards for people to have a chance to try it out.

Past Lives and Karma – we begin with an overview of past lives, akashic records, the impact of karma and how all this fits into our current experience. Event would proceed into mini past life readings and conclude with a clearing of karmic imprints.

The Only Rule is That There Are NO RULES – so many people have the misconception that there is a certain way that you must live, behave or be in order to converse with the other side. I am here to tell you that with the right mindset and attitude it all works! Now how refreshing is that?

Living a Spiritually Directed Life – Simple words, with simple meanings can have a profound impact on how the world is viewed. Is it time to let go of judgement and simply be? Join me in an adventure to greater understanding of yourself and the world.

The Illusion of TIME – Think time is linear? Ever commented on time flying? Or dragging? What if time really is so much more than what we think we experience here in 3D. Prepare to have your mind expanded!

One of the most popular events to date has been Past Lives and Karma where we will explore time, karma, cellular memory and the Human Akash. The Council is happy to speak on any variety of topics – just ask us.

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