Benevolent Messages from Beyond

Benevolent Messages HeaderBe inspired and empowered with the love, grace and wisdom of the Galactic Council. 

Complete list of Galactic Council Events

Please join us for an afternoon or evening of channeled messages, multi-dimensional enlightenment and wisdom.  The event will begin with a group message, and then we will turn it over to Q&A. There will be an opportunity for many in the group to have their questions answered within the time allotted.  Attendance at an open event does not guarantee the opportunity to address the Council. Interaction will be chosen based upon GC’s guidance.

Revelation from GC regarding questions “We will only provide the answer when you are ready and able to articulate the question. For until you are ready to ask the question, you are not ready to hear the answer.” Both questions of a personal or more global nature are welcomed. All the while, be bathed in the loving sacred geometric energy of the Council.

The Councils two main areas of focus are understanding of the multi-dimensional world beyond 3D and  to assist humanity with ascension. See sample channel at bottom of page.

Two event options:

Benevolent Messages Open Event: 2-2.5 hour evening channel, all are welcome. 10-15 people will receive an individual message. Cost of Open Event is $20 (advance) $25 (at the door).

Benevolent Messages VIP Event: 2-2.5 hour evening channel, strictly limited to 10 people. All in attendance will have an opportunity to address the Council personally.  Event is recorded and each participant will receive a copy.Advance tickets ONLY $50/person.

For Upcoming Events: Please see Galactic Council page