Galactic Council

cropped-Wisdom-of-the-Galactic-Council-FB.pngFeeling Called to Connect with Galactic Council on an ongoing basis?
We are committed to bringing the Galactic Council Energy to the places it needs to be. The ways in which you can connect with the Galactic Council include:

  1.  Wisdom of the Galactic Council private Facebook group.  This space will provide channeled messages, updates, and support for all things Council. There is no cost to join, and the benefits could be priceless!
  2.  Galactic Council Inner Circle if you are ready to take your connection with us to the next level you may wish to join the Inner Circle, where you will receive new activation’s and events each month, as well as access to past events.
  3. Benevolent Messages from Beyond afternoon or evening channeling events held in person in a variety of locations.
  4. Soul Name is a powerful one-day class designed to help you discover your own personal sound/vibration.
  5. Emergence of Spirit 1-2 day Galactic Council Intensive held in person in a variety of locations.
  6. Galactic Council DNA Activation  Be immersed in Sacred Geometric energies to bring more light into your DNA and awaken your divine potential.
  7. Hosting  The Galactic Council and I are committed to taking their message where it is desired. If you wish to have us come to your community, please take a look at the hosting requirements. If this is a good fit for you, contact me about hosting an event.

If you have an interest in hosting one of these events, please see below for more details. We can also design a custom GC Conversation for your event.

Message from the Galactic Council at July 22/13 DNA activation in Regina, SK
channeled by Ye’Yesh Ye’Yar (Bonnie Bogner)

Greetings dear ones, we are the Council. It is with great pleasure that we work with each one of you. Thank you for being the leaders in shifting the vibration on the planet. It is very important that this is done at this time. As new portals of potential continue to open, it can be difficult for humans to ground the new energy into their physical experience. We are here to assist with that.

We are here to work with each one of you, you need only request our assistance and we will be there with you. It is as simple as calling upon the council.

Many of you ask, who are the council?
Are we Archangels and angels? Yes and no.
Are we what in earth terms are referred to as ET’s? Yes and no.
Are we ascended masters? Yes and no.
We are that and so much more, we are all of those and none of those. Our energy, just as yours dear human cannot be defined in simple linear terms, as we are multidimensional.

We are being of other dimensions with great love for humanity. We have been with you for many years, and now more and more in the 3-dimensional world are aware of us, as the time has come for us to work with you. We are light beings who work with sacred geometric symbols and patterns to assist in the raising of awareness on planet earth.

Bonnie’s note: the geometric patterns they mention come through as energy transmission,  but may also be  sound (light language),  colour, and movement (hand movements and symbols).

Sample Channel

This is an excerpt from a message at a very sacred spot on the Big Island of Hawaii. One of two locations that they have indicted are Lemurian Vortexes on that island.