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Below are people/products that I feel have had a lasting impact on where I am on my journey to awakening.  

 Dr. Joe Dispenza

Check out this book and all of the other great products available from Dr. Joe for meditation, as well as understanding the human condition.

Blue Sun Energtics – Dave Cowan & Erina Carey-Cowan

Erina & Dave are friends, spiritual teachers & luminaries who offer a wide range of classes and private session. Dowsing, Spiritual Coaching Licensing, webinars, audio downloads and books. Highly recommended!

They also have an amazing online program called “Mind Field Repatterning”, which is a great way to expand your repertoire, of holistic tools for your practice, yourself and your family. This method is simple to lear and effective at really getting to the core of issues quickly and releasing them completely. This is two full weekends of valuable information and practical skills for anyone who truly desires to improve their lives.

Mind Field Re-Patterning (MFR)
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These are just about the coolest crystal products that I know of. Crystal bracelets, pendants, meditation mats, divine in-souls, and the list goes on…..LOVE the water bottles, and the shower nozzel!
The creator of these products Kaitlyn Keyt and I have become friends and I am continually impressed with her ingenuity, integrity and generosity. (please use this link so Kaitlyn’s knows I sent you over)

Sunrider Whole Foods
All natural, wholesome, nutritious foods & beverages – give yourself this gift of health.
Sponsor ID #006002914

Quantum Wave Lasers
I wouldn’t be without mine!


Disclaimer: An Angelic Coaching session is a powerful, energizing and life-changing tool for growth, but is not intended to be a substitute