Solstice; Full Moon; Lunar Eclipse

Solstice; Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse celebration on Tuesday, December 21st 7:30 pm at Care From The Core, 2054 Broad St. Regina, SK Please join me!

This coming Tuesday, December 21st is the winter solstice, and it is also a full moon and lunar eclipse! Wow, lots of planetary alignments all at once, and on the heels of a 12-12 activation on Dec. 12th.

The winter solistice is the time of the shortest day and longest night, the transition from the days shortening into the days lengthening. It is traditionally a time of ceremony, giving thanks and lighting of candles.

The full moon also carries its own enery of shift and change, as does a lunar eclipse.

I invite any who would like to join me in celebrating this time of shifting, closure, letting go and looking forward. I will be hosting a solstice event in conjunction with Care From The Core, on Tuesday evening at 7:30 pm. 2054 Broad St. in Regina, SK.

The evening will include a full moon meditation, a candle lighting ceremony and an energy enhancement ceremony to assist in the activation of our light bodies as we shift into a higher vibration.

Many Blessing for the holiday season, Bonnie

Author: Bonnie Bogner

Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, Spokesperson of the Galactic Council, and Sacred Retreat Facilitator. The founder/instructor of the Soul Alignment Coaching Program.