Navigating the Contrast – Pt. 3

Here it is!Navigating Change 3

The next edition of the Navigating Change series.

If you remember we had spoken earlier this year about 2017 being a year of New Beginnings. This means it was filled with the energy of new potential opening up for people. And when we open to something new, we must also be prepared to say goodbye to something old. At times this may have been harsh, like all that was precious was being ripped away. At other times a more gentle farewell. And of course, there is plenty we are still doggedly hanging onto, determined to not let it go at all costs. 

As part of the New Beginnings, there have been waves and waves of potential sweep over us this past year, which may have been rather intense.  Like you were being pushed – hard.  Symptoms of these new beginnings could include an intensified sense of restlessness or seeking, new and unexpected opportunities, sudden changes in health, career or accommodations. The key to navigating all of this has certainly been flexibility and surrender, adapting to new circumstances at a moment’s notice, and remaining open to possibilities beyond imagination. 

And of late, there have been some new symptoms appearing, the past 1 to 2 months have brought with it a lull in the barrage of newness and actually left people feeling at loose ends or disoriented, possibly a little tired or depressed. It does not mean that the potential of new beginnings has gone away – rather we are now floating in a calmer sea of the newness, rather than being buffeted about by crashing waves of potential. I could liken it to having an intense experience such as meeting a tight deadline, being outside all day in a strong wind or attending a concert with very loud music. Once the intensity has subsided it will feel very still, and likely a sense of relief. But it may also feel empty. This simultaneous relief and void can cause confusion and contribute to the conflicting emotions I mentioned above. 

And so as we rest in this void, in this opening, it is an opportunity for us to prepare for what is to come in 2018. For even as 2017 the year of #1 and New Beginnings is drawing to a close, we are approaching the energy of 2018 and the next potential that will carry. 

Numerology of 2018
2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11
1 + 1 = 2

TWO is all about duality, two of something so choosing one or the other, a time of making decisions. This translates into a time of free choice and the opportunity for different outcomes. 

ELEVEN is a master number and the number of illumination.

These two energies working together create an environment of making informed (or illuminated) decisions and moving forward with new choices.  

Sounds to me that 2017, the year of New Beginnings Amplified has set the stage perfectly for some “Illuminated Decisions” in 2018.  Be prepared for opportunities to appear in your life requiring big decisions. Become more aware of your actions and be your own observer. Even as you may have felt mired down this year with too many expectations and choices, half-information that prevented you from making choices, or even feeling unable to figure things out, this coming year of 11 (Illumination) and 2 (Duality) has the potential to open things up beautifully for you. Stay tuned to your life and be prepared to make bold (and drastic) decisions to catapult into your next evolution in this life.

You may ask “More contrast, more change, and more choice?” 
Yes, that is exactly what it is.
My, what fun 2018 will be.   

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Author: Bonnie Bogner

Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, Spokesperson of the Galactic Council, and Sacred Retreat Facilitator. The founder/instructor of the Soul Alignment Coaching Program.