Eclipsing the Shadow

Eclipse Potential

I have been receiving the message for a long time now that it is time to stop the focus on clearing of the dark and instead bring in the light and simply illuminate what has been hiding in the shadows. Just as you turn a light on in a dark room, so too can we light up our lives. Last night I did my first Healing with the Angels LIGHT meditation with the Inner Circle Membership Group and it filled me with remembering that this is the true process to freedom – it is not about focus on all that is wrong, but instead welcoming in all that is right (remember, we get what we focus on). 

Fast forward to this mornings meditation, and it was very clear that today’s eclipse is perfectly providing that very portal, to take that final walk through the shadows and lay them to rest once and for all. To welcome our light, to know it is safe to shine it and that we are worthy to do so.

Here are the words that came to me:
“I now surrender ALL my past thoughts, feelings, beliefs and emotions that have been teaching me about BEing small, limited and stuck in the past. I am grateful for all these learning as I set them aside. I choose to illuminate all aspects of my being, knowing the light I truly am.  I joyfully welcome my future self, the one who is free to create with unlimited potential. 

I choose to illuminate all aspects of my being, knowing the light I truly am.  I joyfully welcome my future self, the one who is free to create with unlimited potential. This is my true reality.

The Divine I AM living and radiating Love & Light.

Navigating the Contrast Pt. 2

Speak Your TruthNavigating Change #2

I am finally back to this series, and excited to share the next installment with you. Since I last wrote on the challenge of the contrasts being presented at this time,  I have spend some time traveling and facilitating a retreat in Ireland. It was a powerful and life-changing trip for us, as we explored a wise and ancient part of the world. A place where all of the rocks had a story to tell, and were only to eager to do so. I know it will be some time before I decipher all that has unfolded and all I have learned. In some ways it feels like it has been months and months, since I last wrote here.

If there is one thing that I noticed as I traveled it is the constant reminder of the many, many versions of the truth, each one of them true for that particular person or group of people, during that particular era, but none necessarily true for all.

It is very important for each one of us to know and understand our own truth, which is also a process of becoming authentic. Take a moment and notice if your beliefs truly reflect how  you feel, or are they a product of “doing what you think others want”? Are you believing what you have been told to believe, or whatever is popular opinion at the time, rather  than original and authentic thoughts?

As we navigate the current awakening, we are in a time when more and more people are embracing their own authentic truth, which may not fall in line with popular thought, or what science currently offers as truth. Some who awaken to their truth are quick and excited to share, others find it difficult or uncomfortable to express.

The ease or difficulty that is experienced in sharing your truth may have to do with past lives or experiences earlier in this current life. Many have been punished for original or disruptive thought, therefore are hesitant to share too much that does not conform to popular opinion.

What is it that you so wish to express, but are afraid of being contradicted or  ridiculed? It maybe something as simple as your preference for vanilla when everyone around you prefers chocolate. Or something more expansive such as the popular belief that time is linear and constant. Maybe it is your understanding of just how much around you is unspoken and unseen, while living amongst others who believe that only the tangible is real.

My point is that it does not matter how large or small the discrepancy between your truth and the truth of others around you. Your truth is just that – YOUR truth, and it matters. Just the same as the other persons truth also matters.

Many believe they must convince others of their truth, in order to validate that truth. So what ends up happening goes something like this: 1) Someone has a radical new truth (idea) that they are excited to share. 2) They begin to tell people about it, either to validate their idea or rescue others from their ‘false’ belief. 3) When others are not immediately receptive they either become more zealous to convince them, or back off and shut up, maybe even loosing sight of their belief.

What if we could each have our own original beliefs and truths, with no worry about convincing others, rather knowing we could share our thoughts freely with those who agreed as well as those who did not. And if someone was moved by this new idea then they were welcome to embrace it, and it they were not, there was no need to.

Similarly, those who did not agree, would have no need to argue against this new truth with their current understanding, facts, and research, in order to prove this new idea held no merit and was therefore incorrect.

We have never created new experiences on this planet by staying safely within what we already understand and know. Breakthrough ideas come from taking a chance, trying something new, thinking in a different way, embracing a new truth and speaking up about it. Not to convince anyone, rather to simply express a new possibility and open dialogues of infinite potential.

Ah such a fun, and open exchange that could become! If each one of us could simply express our truth, while at the same time honouring and respecting others truth. With no fear of ridicule or condemnation, with no need to convince  or coerce. To simply express, listen and accept.

If we were in that state of open acceptance, there would be no excuse for persecution of those with a different view or lifestyle from our own. There would never be a justification of religious persecution or holy war. All belief systems could be honoured and appreciated. And in turn, it would always be safe for each one of us to express our truth!

My dream for humanity is that we someday reach this state of balance, where every truth matters and is honoured. Where each one of us has the capacity and willingness to speak our truth, and also listen to others as they do so. And my observation is that this is indeed beginning to happen. Each one of us can play a part by honestly and opening expressing our truth, while at the same time honouring those truths which are different from out own.

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If you missed the first installment, you can find it here
Navigating the Contrast Pt. 1
 (Managing Change).

Navigating the Contrast

Navigating ChangePart 1

This year, more than any previous, I have found people in challenging dichotomy of joyful awakening and painful realization.  This can also be referred to as ‘the best of times and the worst of times’.

As I started to write a blog post about this, I quickly realized this topic would span several posts.  Here is Part 1.  How many? I am not sure, I will keep writing about it until I am done.

Humanity is starting to realize there is something more than meets the eye, more than a job and a mortgage, more than the consumer-driven model would have us believe.

How exciting!  Something more.  But what?  And how?

This initial awareness is a time of excitement and optimism, often followed by overwhelm or depression.  What’s going on with that?  You have finally realized there is something more and know you feel sad about it.  That doesn’t make much sense.

Oh wait, maybe it does!

With awakening comes greater awareness and greater sensitivity.  This means you become more aware of everything, the high vibrations and the low, the areas you wish to place focus and the areas you do not.  As your sensitivity and awareness open it can be easy to want to shut it back down.  A little like opening Pandora’s box – even if you put the lid back on, you cannot stuff everything back in.  You cannot unknow what you know, which means you can not completely shut that awareness back down.  You can clog it, or dull it, and but not completely eliminate it.

I see many people with this new awareness fighting against it. Wanting the change but it the same time wanting everything to stay the same. There are also many people awakening who have actually made fun of spirituality, whether that is through their love of science or their love of the church. This creates profound conflict for them until they can understand that it is okay to change their minds and all beliefs can coexist.

Below are a few of the symptoms of greater awareness/sensitivity:

  • Less tolerance of aggressive or abusive behavior, situations or people
  • Greater urgency to stand in your power or speak your truth
  • Difficulty being around a lot of people or harsh circumstances
  • General unsettled feeling or awareness of things in your life being off balance
  • Feeling conflicted between long-held beliefs and new possibilities
  • Sense of pressure to do something with new awareness (eg. feel the need to enter into a career as a healer)

We are going to address each of these topics and more over the next few posts and I hope what we have to say will be helpful. For now, a message from the Galactic Council on the dichotomy:

“All things must still be viewed through the lens of contrast and duality in a 3D experience.  For now, there simply is no other way; up/down, left/right, black/white, light/dark, these are the current frames of reference.

What is important to understand is that awakening is not about eliminating the extremes, rather about embracing the middle ground. There are many, many shades between the two contrasting experiences, and in truth, these contrasts actually wrap around in both directions to meet in the middle.  (Our partner would like for us to expand on that last statement as we shared it with her as a visual – however, we will not expand at this time, you will each understand it in the way that fits for you.)

Using black and white as an example. Outside of the purely linear experience, there are many layers to black and white that actually encompass every color you could ever conceive, not just a variety of grays.  Your duality and contrasting experiences are perfect for what is currently unfolding on the planet.

Know that those who are awakening at this time are the ones who will first understand the contrast from other perspectives, and that will open the door for this understanding to expand.  This is not intended to provide a solution, these will come soon enough. Rather it is to provide a possibility that the discomfort of the transition is worth it.

Are you being pushed to awaken?  Absolutely, that is not your imagination.  Is the energy shifting on the planet?  Yes, rapidly.  These are exciting times to be in a three-dimensional experience, it has never happened before on planet Earth. And you are here taking part because you chose to be.  Simply know the shift can not happen without some discomfort.  How much you embrace the change vs. how much you embrace the discomfort is up to you.”

If you wish to learn more about managing the contrast, I will be offering a Soul Alignment 4-day intensive June 22-25 in Regina. It just may change your life! For more information check it out here.

Success! By whose standards?

NormalMany people believe if they are successful, then they will also be happy. They may strive to follow society’s definition of success and achieve it, but still end up feeling empty. 

What is success? How is it defined? And who defined it for you? Most people have never really stopped to think about their own personal definition of success, and how society’s definition becomes their default position. It seems that society has a whole set of standards that we are supposed to achieve in order to be determined successful. 

The list goes something like this: graduate from high school, graduate from university, get a good job, get married, buy a house, have a family, take a trip or two, retire. Where in that list does the pursuit of happiness fit? Learning to love and be kind to yourself? Being good to others? Working at something that you love? Having dreams and fulfilling them? Vibrant health and wellbeing? Waking up each morning with excitement and joy? Walking to the beat of your own drum?

There are so many things that may constitute success that have nothing to do with education, high paying jobs or big houses. Yet how often are people judged successful if they obtain these things, regardless of their being happy or healthy?

I have been seeing a different trend the past number of years, and it excites me. More and more people are feeling there is ‘something more’ and are feeling the need to find it. To explore alternatives to societies traditional expectations, and walk the path that brings them joy. This is a step towards empowerment and freedom. Finding your own way in the world, regardless of expectations is success!

Of course, finding success in your own way is not alway easy. I should know, I left a high-stress, high-paying IT job to strike out after an entrepreneurial dream, one that would allow me to make a difference and have a direct and positive impact. And it took me many years of dreaming before I had the nerve to do so. Although it has not always been easy, it has certainly been rewarding. I have the opportunity to make a big difference to people, to impact them directly. I am also breaking ground, doing things that are certainly not mainstream, therefore not understood and often considered a little wacky. I do not have a fat savings account or a big house, but I have satisfaction and peace of mind. Does that make me any less successful that those with more worldly goods? I do not believe so. I am happy and healthy, I make a difference and enjoy my work. According to my definition of success, I am indeed successful.

It is very important for each of us to be conscious of defining what success is to us, rather than simply following society’s definition. Trust me, you will be much more satisfied with your life if you are following your path, rather than a generic one set out by default.    

If you have been feeling there is ‘something more’ and do not know where to turn to explore it, your first step is to learn to follow your heart, and listen to that little voice inside, you know, the one that has been systematically shut down ever since you were a youngster and told what to like, how to think and even how to feel. There is no one to blame for this, it is a product of our current society. 

However, there is something that can be done about it. Shift your focus to what really matters, follow your heart and your intuition. If these seems beyond your capabilities right now, just take it one step at a time, and at least be aware of what you desire. Once you are ready to step forward, our Soul Alignment classes might be just the thing. They can assist you in following your own dreams, learning to listen to that little voice inside and pursuing joy and authentic success.  

To learn more about the Soul Alignment program, you can pop over to  Soul Alignment Classes and see what is there. The next Soul Alignment I will be offered in April, 2017.


Any one of you could take a look back through your minds and see so many twists and turns that have led you to where you are right now. If you really stop and look at them and think about them, I am sure that you will realize quite quickly how each one of them has supported you in coming to where you are now. Even though they may have seemed very disassociative from what it was that you thought you were moving towards or of where you are now.  Some of the things that have brought you there, seem completely unrelated until you really stop and think about the value they provided. 

I will use myself as an example of how the twists and turns can support us in unexpected ways.  I used to be in a role that was very analytical, I managed people, projects, and timelines and spent a lot of time in the Information Technology world.  It would be easy to look at that and wonder how that fits with what it is that I am here to do now.  To me, there are two very obvious aspects to that.  One is that I can speak comfortably to people who are analytical and affirm that it is possible to weave together the analytical and the intuitive because I have done it. 

The other is my level of knowledge of computers and managing projects has most certainly been beneficial in my role of entrepreneur and business owner.    So even though those skills do not seem directly associated with what I do now, they are very intimately connected in creating the ability to fulfill my current purpose. 

And a third rather fun association is that I am still in the Information Technology world – just very different information, and disseminated in a different way!

That is the kind of thing that I am talking about when I say there is often that weaving of our paths. We may not understand why it is that it is unfolding as it is, and that can easily create resistance.  But just following the energy of what is, and allowing it to happen, that is surrender. 

 Even though my prior skills do not initially seem associated with what I do now, they are in reality, intimately connected. That is what I am referring to about the weaving of our paths. And while we often do not understand why it is that certain things are unfolding, if we can surrender and trust spirit that it is all working out just the way it is supposed to, life can become much more comfortable. Surrender allows us to swim with the current, rather than always fighting to swim upstream. It allows everything to unfold as it is.  We may not understand why, but still follow the energy and allow things to happen. 

This does not mean we stop taking positive action and just resign to whatever comes along, rather it is an acceptance of what IS and allowance for what MIGHT BE. It is staying in the energy of what we desire, but understanding that it may not come about exactly how we had anticipated. 

A good way to assist yourself in surrender is to take a look back and come to a better understanding of how the winding path has perfectly led you to where you now are. And then notice that is may have been a bit easier if you had done a little more surrendering along the way!

If you would like to learn more about surrender, and the many other topics Bonnie shares, you may wish to join her for the upcoming webinar Letting Go of the Status Quo.