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QUESTION:  Dear Kryon: Can you talk about the energy of Canada?

ANSWER There are truly two answers here: (1) The energy of the land, and (2) the energy of the citizens of that great land.

Canada has some of the most pristine land on Earth. It also has the attribute of having very few battles upon it, and therefore very little “land karma.” This is an expression we use to describe the layers of energy one might have to go through to communicate with the energy of Gaia effectively. Therefore, we’ll tell you again that this is a place where Humans would find it easier to meditate, heal, or learn to vibrate higher. If you doubt that, just go there and “feel” it. It also supports channeling better than most other parts of Earth.

There’s a karmic group of Canadians who will protect this land to the end. The main karmic attribute of this group is one who lost their lands before and this time will not! They’re more environmentally aware than almost any other country on Earth, and indeed, most of their electric power is produced by water! (Other countries should take note.)

They’re also working through another issue of separatism. We’ve said it before: When Canadians truly unite as Canadians, no matter what their language differences, their monetary system will suddenly “heal itself” and develop the strength it once had, as compared to all of Earth’s currencies. It’s all related.


QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I keep struggling with that huge part in me that doesn’t believe that you exist. How do I cross that barrier? How can I start to really act in harmony with my whole self? I feel stuck and it only scares me to read about the urge to get off the fence.

ANSWER: Dear one, you never have to believe I exist. That is not my teaching. What the lesson is really about is to believe that you exist! Are you really a part of God? Can you really change matter around you? Is what we tell you correct about the relationship you have with the Universe?

These are the profound questions of humanity, not the existence of Kryon. So, go within and begin to ask yourself about yourself. What does the “core” tell you? It’s about conquering the duality. . . you named it: that part of you which wishes you to doubt that you can harmonize with yourself.

Blessed is the Human who understands that when they begin the journey of self-discovery, that the very essence of the questions of God will be answered. It’s a profound study, and one that only may be begun with pure intent.

“God, please tell me what it is I need to know.” This is the most respected of all the questions of life

QUESTION:  The oil spill and the seemingly disruptive events that have happened recently – can you make some sense of it?  Do we need to send healing energy to it all?  Is it just part of the upheaval and changes?

ANSWER:  You love the earth, don’t you, dear?  It permeates you.  You cry in the night for what has happened, don’t you?  There is an unspoken rule: humans have free choice.  Humans learn by disaster, don’t you?  It’s too bad there isn’t a little more forethought.  What has taken place has no grand spiritual significance.  Nothing was done “to” you; you are not a victim of anything.  You just learned about the responsibility of what you’re doing.  It’s a two-part question, asked in one part.

And so I will put out a mandate to you, human beings.  This is your own choice; for what has happened, has happened for no reason other than for you to see the potentials – the responsibility.  It’s time for the oil companies to pool their resources and collectively build a specialized, deep underwater vessel with the kind of equipment that can go to any well with this problem and fix it within a day.  All of this exists; the technology is there, the design has even been made and rejected!  All of this so perhaps that will come to fruition; and when it does, then you’ll know the whys, perhaps.

Now, the second part.  You can collectively make this disaster less impactful on the planet, and you know what I’m going to say, don’t you?  Those of you who can stop earthquakes from happening and volcanoes from popping off, can also change the consistency of oil, and what it does to sand and wildlife and humans… and careers, and businesses.  Visualize the pristine beaches of the coast coming back far, far faster.  Visualize human beings doing something that is out of the box, that no one has seen yet.

They’re there, they’re ready to make a cleanup far faster than you ever saw before.  And when it’s over, they’ll look back on it and say, “It’s a miracle we were able to do this!  Who would have thought of that?”  Your concentrated visualization and thought for the Gulf will create – actually create! – inventions that don’t exist.  All from that which is on the other side of the veil, which is standing by to help those who ask.  And if you didn’t understand this, this is the simple part.  See it done!

There’s a group of human beings I want to introduce you to.  They were on the oil rig when it exploded.  And they’re here.  And they’re just fine, thank you.  They’ve made their transition and they’re just fine.  And they have a message for you: “Make this count, so it will never happen again.  Make this count, human being of free choice.  Look at it closely, and do the right thing.

QUESTION:  Dear Kryon: Can you explain the difference between the terms soul mate and twin flame?

ANSWER:  These represent different energies, but similar attributes. Both indicate a partnership. A soul mate is a partner for life. It does not have to be a romantic one. It can be mother and daughter, or two unrelated people who team up for whatever reason. And yes, it can also be romantic. Therefore, it is a partnership energy.

The energy of a twin flame is one that’s your mirror-image energy. A twin flame is one who finds the “other half” of what it is seeking in purpose. Twin-flame energy isn’t necessarily a partnership issue like a soul mate is. It’s more about coming together to fulfill a wholeness that’s missing in potential or purpose.

A soul mate might be a partnership that’s good for life, but it may not result in anything else. A twin flame has purpose behind it, driving toward a goal. Let me give you real-world examples. Your past leader Ronald Regan has a soul mate called Nancy. But the discovers of the DNA structure, Watson and Crick, were twin flames.

Sometimes twin flames are also together in love, but even if they are, that’s convenient for the bigger picture… something to be accomplished together. Soul mates exist together for joy and life extension. Twin flames exist together to accomplish something that neither could do alone. They also can be both! When that happens, it’s really obvious.

(From Lee: Please see Kryon Book Six, page 333, for a similar discussion. Also, Kryon gives references to St. Germain’s work regarding twin-flame energy.)

QUESTIONDear Kryon/Lee, Thank you so much for delivering such a message of hope for this planet.  My first question has to do with finances.  I believe in keeping my word and integrity, but have recently lost my job and have found it increasingly difficult to continue my payments and will need to consider filing Bankruptcy.  I am feeling very guilty by not paying everyone back. 

ANSWER: Dear one, do not ‘beat yourself up’ on this issue. Sometimes it is needed to completely close the books on one part of your life to open to the other.  If there are some feelings regarding certain of those who you owe, then as time goes on, offer to pay back outside the legal parameters.  This is an integrity issue of your own choice.

2004 QUESTION:  Dear Kryon: I’ve read and heard information for and against immunizing against various diseases, particularly those that affect children.  Can you help me understand immunization?  There are many options for immunization now.  Are all necessary for children?

ANSWER: This is good science and was brought to you early so that you and your children could extend your lives.  The original “mixture” for immunization that was created for the few basic diseases is still good for you and your children.  However, there is now a tendency to increase the immunization to include over 17 different targets (or more).  There’s a problem with this, and it has already shown itself, but is not yet understood.  Ask for the original mixture if you can get it.  It’s the safest and most viable.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I have just started reading Book 9. So much of what I read re-emphasizes many things I have felt or thought. However, although I was raised Jewish, I am not practicing and have always questioned whether or not God really exists. I am very uncomfortable when people start talking about “their” God. I don’t believe in going to church or temple. My husband and I are more agnostics – or even atheists at times. So, I am torn when you start talking about God. I am not sure how to feel about that even though there are so many things you talk about that I do believe are true. Please help me to understand what you mean by “God.”

ANSWER:  First, know this: You are honored for whatever you choose to believe. There is no judgment about your wishing to distance yourself from God. However, why does the Kryon information resound with you? Are you ready to admit that perhaps there is more than is seen?

The answer is “yes” (as you know). So what is it that is unseen? Could it be that you have been here before? If so, was there a plan? If there was, who designed it?

What you are reacting to (this is personally for you) is that you have spent so many lives on this planet knowing “the truth,” that the organizations you see around you, all disgust you. You are not ready to “join” anything. This, dear one, is what happens to those who are old souls and come back to this planet with full spiritual recall. You run from anything religious! You throw up your hands and are frustrated that nobody seems to understand. The reason? You know who God really is.

Time to take stock of what “GOD” might mean. What if it meant, YOU? What if there were a grand collective family, of which you were a part? What if the word GOD meant “The collective of angelic beings, some of whom are on earth, who comprise the whole of sacred energy of the universe?” What is GOD meant “Angels disguised as Humans for awhile?”

Humans often “see” GOD as the benefactor in the sky… filled with judgment. Heaven and Hell are words used to control behavior, and in order to gain early control, many religions have you “born dirty” with no chance for redemption. To an old soul, this is reprehensible. God is so much bigger than any of this.

The truth? You are GOD. Want to know more? Read our communication to you which became “The Journey Home.” It gives you an entire parable about the discovery of this very thing. [Kryon Book 5]

Know this: You are sacred. The love of GOD is the love you have for all natural things, including nature, animals, and other Humans. It is the energy of the universe and YOU are in control. While on earth, it all hides from you.

Blessed is the Human who knows they are part of the grandness, all of which is God.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, in book 9, you mention that the collective conscious train slowed down on the track (even though we weren’t noticing the time differences). Why did we slow it down if we are speeding up? Are we attempting something else on the track?

ANSWER: We are again dealing with metaphors, are we not? They are often difficult to explain, since we are describing interdimensional attributes to you.

Since time is relative to what you perceive, and what is around you, let me set a stage that you may or may not understand: Let’s say you are speeding away from earth (an old reality) at a tremendous speed, close to your 4D speed limit… one that changes the time frame of YOU. Now, if you had a video camera back on earth, and you could look at what it shows (which you could not… but pretend).. the screen you have with you would show earth slowing down. In your space ship, you would perceive your time as unchanged, however, since it’s relative to your own speed. Everything in the old-reality (the old track) on earth would seen to be slowing down, as you retreated from it at almost light-speed.

When we told you that you slowed down, it was the old realty perception, looking back, as you sped up! This is difficult to explain and to understand, so instead of pondering the details, instead ask yourselves: Have you felt any speedup in time in the last three or four years? If so, then celebrate it and use these feelings for validation that indeed you have changed tracks of reality. The earth is a different one now… one that you have shifted!

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I’ve read about the importance of the word intent, but I’m still confused as to its meaning. You say that true intent is all that is needed, but my grandmother used to say, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” and my daughter always “intended” to clean her room but never did. Surely the intent must be carried through by positive action or it’s meaningless.

ANSWER: Dear One, you left out the other part we’ve taught for years. It’s called “pure intent,” and that’s a description we’ve defined again and again. It’s an interdimensional purity that’s spiritual. There’s no such thing as pure intent to clean your room. It’s a spiritual attribute that was defined as the intent that Abraham had when he held the knife that was about to go into his son’s chest. It was driven with a purity that cannot be shaken, and which is driven by the core level of the Human soul.

It can’t be altered or denied. It is “pure” when it is absolutely correct for your path, and this is known only at this core level. Consider it the angelic intent if you wish, for it’s involved with you, your life lesson, and why you came here. It’s powerful, and drives everything in front of it when it’s finalized and put into play.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: What’s really happening during the experience known as “déjà vu”?

 ANSWER: You’re tapping in to the “now” in a very interesting way. This forum is not the place to give you extensive esoteric answers to the puzzles outside of your perception. Even the answers I give are often seen as too long.

A metaphor: See your reality as a life that has many tracks or potentials that you call “the future.” Everything you’ve done and all those potentials together make up the “whole” of the now experience. In your mind, place this “now experience” in a very large balloon-shaped space, where they’re pasted to the inside of the balloon’s interior. Now, place yourself in the middle of this balloon and look around.

You’re now standing in a place where everything you did is there, along with the potentials of everything you might do. There’s no predestination, but plenty of avenues of potential. But since you’re looking at everything (esoterically), you’re “feeling” it, too, and you actually have some kind of interdimensional foreknowledge of what might happen depending on the road you take.

Now, return to 4D. Even though you’re sitting there reading these words in normal reality, there’s still part of you that’s always in that balloon, but you’re not aware of it. So when some of these potentials finally happen, there’s part of you that says, “I’ve been there and done that! Wow! Déjà vu!” All that has really happened is that you’re just recognizing the potentials you built for yourself, and felt early, which are now manifested into your linear reality.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: How long does an entity with this kind of mission have to go through these in-and-out lesson “cycles”? Is it possible to break this cycle somehow, and not have to return to lesson?

ANSWER: Do you see how completely this hides from you? Why would you wish to break a cycle of success? Why would you ask to be released from something as grand as what you came here for? All you see is the suffering and the cycle of apparent despair. You feel that you’re a victim, never understanding that this is the role you’re playing in the grand play of Earth… and that you’re in your sweet spot. You don’t see the whole picture. Some of you even see it as punishment!

Blessed is the Human who knows he is loved and that what he’s doing is making a difference for the planet, no matter what is before him. This is the one who says, “Bring it on,” for all is well with my soul. I am the engineer of my own existence.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I have a question concerning the nature of the term “old soul.” You stated in one of the conferences that all time is now. That past, present, and future are all occurring at this moment. I happen to agree with that idea, but if that is the case, how could there be such a thing as an old soul, given that all of our lives, including this one, are occurring at the same moment?

Wouldn’t that make us all old and new souls regardless of this lifetime, and therefore strip us of any need to place ourselves in a soul category? If one person is an “old” soul, and another a “new” soul, doesn’t that just imply separation and a soul caste system, instead of equality and unity? If you have any insight into this question, I’d appreciate it.

ANSWER: You already know the answer, and it’s semantics. On the other side of the veil, where all is seen as interdimensional, there’s no linear time. Therefore, you’re simply an eternal soul. On your side of the veil, you’re an old soul, since linearity is the way your life works.

As you read this, do you understand that you absolutely must see each work next to each other in a row to get the message? How limiting! Why not just take this paper and eat it so you have the whole message at the same time? The answer is obvious. You’re restricted in your perception, and it must come in a slow, limited, linear fashion and be done with your eyes and brain. This is why we must use linear terms to help you understand how this works in your reality. Further, are you aware that there’s no word in your language to indicate an object that has no beginning or end? If there were, we would have used it. So we say ancient or old to indicate wisdom and experience.

Those of you who wish to debate these kinds of things would be better to suppress the intellectual urge to discuss “chicken and egg” scenarios and instead go right for the gold: Become interdimensional so that the true answers make sense to you without ever asking about them on a piece of 2D paper.

 QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I’ve read and heard information for and against immunizing against various diseases, particularly those that affect children. Can you help me understand immunization? There are many options for immunization now. Are all necessary for children?

ANSWER: This is good science and was brought to you early so that you and your children could extend your lives. The original “mixture” for immunization that was created for the few basic diseases is still good for you and your children. However, there is now a tendency to increase the immunization to include over 17 different targets (or more). There’s a problem with this, and it has already shown itself, but is not yet understood. Ask for the original mixture if you can get it. It’s the safest and most viable.

QUESTION: My question is what is a Lightworker? Am I one?

ANSWER: We define Lightworker as any Human Being who has examined his own consciousness and has decided that there’s a divine part, and that it can be used to help both themselves and the earth. There’s no doctrine connected to this attribute or any organization around it.

Are you one? Let me ask you: Why would you ever write a question to a disembodied entity called Kryon, who very few believe exists, and who also claims to be an interdimensional worker from the Great Central Sun? That’s the kind of thing Lightworkers would do. [Smile].

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: Would you please explain crop circles? What is their origin? What is their importance to humanity? How can we interpret the symbology? Is it connected with interdimensionality? We know that some of the crop circles are hoaxes, but many are not, especially the ones that are so mathematically complex that they defy common explanation. The question is, how are these crop circles created, and by whom?

 ANSWER: I give you only this for now: (1) Definitely interdimensional. (2) From Humans, but from a different time. (3) The symbology is 12-based math. The messages are to help with peace on Earth. (4) Yes, many are hoaxes.

QUESTION:  Are you an Ascended Master, dear Kryon?

 ANSWER: No. I am a servant for humanity in its quest to create peace on Earth and increase the vibration of the planet. I honor the ascended masters, for theirs is also a specialty to help you as well. I work with all of them, especially that of St. Germain. My interdimensional counterpart is Metatron. We often work together regarding the physics of your planet. All of the others are back on Earth in some form of energy work at this time in your history. They have all returned and are working with you daily.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I’ve noticed how many children are developing severe allergies to foods (my daughter included). When I’ve researched this, it seems that most of the allergies are essentially to seeds, grains, legumes, eggs, and dairy. I’ve noticed that these foods all hold the potential for life, or in the case of dairy, are essentially used to sustain the first stages of life in an animal’s baby. My feeling is that because we’re not releasing the life force within these foods (that is, sprouting, etc.), they’re becoming harmful to us. I would like your impressions of this.

 ANSWER: For thousands of years, these foods have worked for humanity. In these cases you speak about, the main culprit continues to be the way in which these foods are collected and processed. You won’t find these allergies in third-world countries, and you won’t find them within the children who work on farms, where they eat the foods directly.

There will eventually have to come a day when you relax some of your efficiency attributes and go back to the way food was meant to be collected and eaten. And yes… there are effects from how the dairy animals are treated, too. Going back to some basics will help, and so will eliminating some of the procedures that supposedly create a “safer food.” These procedures have instead made them begin to look like foreign food to the Human body.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: What is happening with so many people developing fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue? Is there something going in the bodies of these people that no one understands?

 ANSWER: Usually I don’t pull the “spiritual card” on questions like these, but in your case it is the true and accurate answer. Humanity is changing the energy of the planet, and this is affecting what many are calling “normal.” Your DNA is a product of an older energy. If you wish to see something unusual, take a look at the children. They’re not having this problem to the degree the adults are. Think of it as a sign that you need to readjust your vibration to that of the new energy around you.

This is accomplished by what we’ve been telling you for 15 years. Become more attuned to your body and your internal spiritual-selves. Your DNA will activate and help bring you to a new balance with everything around you. There are so many who continue to fight the new Earth energy. These are the ones who are finding it harder and harder to make it through a day without a nap.

Relax, and celebrate everything around you. Be more patient with the things that formerly have brought you drama or disappointment. Work on your self-worth, and take time to love those around you in a more profound way. Become a Lighthouse for humanity with your new understanding of what makes a peaceful person. Drop the drama of the family and of situations that surround you, and instead move the rudder of your life’s ship to let it point toward a goal that can create peace on Earth.

Begin to examine yourself in a spiritual way and you’ll indeed match the energy of the earth, and that will bring you good energy, less stress, and a longer life.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I had been on a spiritual quest my entire life until I discovered the Kryon material. It has changed my life, and I’ve been a devoted “Kryonite” ever since. Five years ago my life turned upside down – I lost both of my dear parents, my mother to heart disease, and my father to dementia. I also learned that my closest sister was suffering from chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).

 Recently, I too was diagnosed with CLL. This past year my world has changed dramatically, and I no longer feel that I “belong” anywhere. I feel disconnected from family and friends. I meditate and talk to my cells, but it has been a long time since I’ve felt any joy in my life. What’s wrong? I understand that being a Human “being” is not easy; however, I used to have an active professional and social life but now take little pleasure in my former pursuits. Help!

 ANSWER: Dear One, nothing is wrong with you, or the thousands of others who experience these kinds of things. Remember: Lighthouses are never built in safe places. You discovered the answer to your questions early on. Now implement them.

Change your DNA and this disease will retreat from you. Not only that, but a little-known effect that we haven’t yet discussed can also occur… what you do with your DNA will be “seen” by the consciousness of the DNA within your children and can actually break the linkage within your lineage. All humanity is connected at a level that is consistent with what your physicists are noticing in their new quantum studies. So what you do affects more than just you. This is also the basis of almost everything we teach about what you can do for others through your own self-examination.

So now is the time to create an island of peace within the storm of life. This is something that has been given to you because you’re strong and have the ability to do it. Break the mold that others would normally be pulled into. Instead of “Why me?” shout “Why not!” You’re not exempt from the Human experience just because you’re spiritual. Instead, you’re one who can change this situation… part of the planet of free choice we’ve spoken of so often.

You’re not alone, and we line up behind you and celebrate your victories, and hold you when you cry. It’s a group effort… one that you have sensed from the beginning. Now strike this light of yours and show what you can do. The storm rages, but you are calm. Let the love of God be your sword, and the wisdom of your knowledge be the shield. Your light can change not only you, but all those around you.

Blessings to you and those like you, who are distressed at this time.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I am reading book 7, chapter 3. I just finished the story of “The Golden Tray.” I have been confused about this subject for many years and am still confused. It seems there is an imaginary line between what we do and what we let be done. Another way of putting it is, “What do we have faith in and let Spirit take care of the details, and What do we take responsibility for and go forward with our pure intent?” When do we use our power and when do we let Spirit help us?

ANSWER: Is this beginning to sound like a theme? The answer is both! Why don’t you allow yourself to become the force you are praying to? Why not have faith that YOU are a piece of divinity so that you may participate in the solutions?

As long as you separate yourself from God, you will sit on the floor and ask for help over and over. When you stand and turn on your “God light,” the power you have will be the power of God.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, please provide a bit more information regarding the ever-popular topic of abundance. You have mentioned living in the “now.” I assume those 401ks and retirement plans are unnecessary? Society often requires advance planning for a number events such as schooling and travel. Do we go ahead and book that cruise or sign up for classes months in the future even though the money isn’t in the bank “now”? I’m a little curious about the compatibility of society’s need for organization, reservations and advance planning when we should only consider the “now.”

ANSWER: Go ahead and plan. You have to, since you are living in a society and a culture that demands it. Then sit in the “now.” What will happen is that the plans become only a direction to begin, letting you change your plans at any time you wish. The problem with being so linear minded is that you would ask this at all! You assume that you must do one or the other. Plan or not plan. How about planning to walk in a certain direction until the “now” offers you another plan?

Walk the path. Make your advance plans which are appropriate in your culture. When you see a fork ahead, go ahead and decide in advance which way you will turn if it makes you feel better. But in this process, always let the 4D plan take a back seat to the real one which is guided by your co-creative energies. Don’t be so glued to what you planned that you can’t change it. Don’t be so fond of what you planned that somehow to change it seems like a violation of your own choice and wisdom. It’s just the opposite.

Planning is now like “pointing yourself” in the direction of a target. . . no more than that. Let your power then redefine the target, and re-point you in the correct direction. Think of it like this: An arrow is never going to hit the target unless it’s in flight. If you sit around and wait for God to shoot the arrow, nothing is going to happen. Instead, do your best to shoot the arrow in the direction you think is correct, then ride with it, gliding the distance and making steering corrections as you go. Feel the wind in your hair as you decide to change direction, and never worry that you will miss! This is the advanced Human who does this, knowing that to be interdimensional is to include the first 4D’s in the process, not eliminate them.

QUESTION:  Dear Kryon: I am a healer/alternative therapist.  What is the best way to help people with addictions and compulsive behaviors?

ANSWER:  Addictions and compulsive behavior are a result of more than just psychological disorders and/or chemical imbalance.  They are a way for the biological-self to distract a Human from completing what it came here for, spiritually.  It is also given as a test or challenge.

If you work with addicted Humans, then I don’t have to tell you the frustration they feel. They absolutely know what they are doing, yet then can’t communicate with their cellular structure enough to stop it.  The main part of this struggle is the one where the biology builds a “wall of addition or compulsive behavior” so that the Human does NOT have to make the decision they came here for.  Worse, sometimes this activity is actually designed to kill them quicker!

Many of these precious souls are very spiritual…did you notice?  They are “on the edge” of complete knowledge, but just can’t seem to “go there.”

What to do?  Your work as a healer is to help them over this hump of fear.  They can’t stop smoking… or eating… or sexual desire… or drugs?  These are all classic Human biological ploys that are part of the “seed fear” of enlightenment.

Clearing fear is the answer… fear that perhaps this time they won’t suffer and go through torture because they accept the information of the Higher-self.  Many are unconsciously fearful of moving into a spiritual experience.  Even those who are healers… channellers… and ministers will also experience this!  They don’t want to “go all the way,” since the last time they did this… they died, horribly.

So, healer, help them to begin talking to their cellular structure in ways that will relax the fear of spiritual information and action.  The more they can love themselves, the less they will rely on outside stimulus for their peace.  The more they can drop this very real fear of theirs, the less they will need their additions.  Behavior will modify and the addiction will eventually drop away.

Meditation is also part of the key to this… real meditation, with intent and motivation.  Finally, self-worth is the real issue (same as loving themselves). When this is settled, then the addictions begin to diminish and go away.

QUESTION:  Dear Kryon, I am gay, and an enlightened man. I live in an American society that barely tolerates me, and actually has some laws against my way of life.  The church I used to belong to cast me out as being evil and anti-God.  I don’t feel that I am violating some Human ethic.  My love is as true as any heterosexual, and I am a light worker. Tell me what I should know.

ANSWER:  Dear one, less than two generations from now, there will be those who find this book and laugh at the quaintness of this very question.  Before I answer, let me ask you and those reading this to examine a phenomenon about Human society and “God.”

Thirty years ago, interracial marriage was considered to be wrong by the laws of God.  Now your society finds it common.  The spiritual objections around it were either dropped or “rewritten” by those divinely inspired and authorized to do so.  Therefore, your actual interpretations of the instructions from God changed with your society’s tolerance level–an interesting thing, indeed, how the interpretations of God seem to change regularly to match a changing culture!

The truth, of course, is that you find yourself in a situation that is known to create a test for you.  Right now, in this time, you have agreed to come into your culture with an attribute that may alienate you from friends and religious followers.  You have faced fear of rejection and have had to “swim upstream,” so to speak, just as an everyday life occurrence.  Your contract, therefore, has been set up well, and you are in the middle of it.  Additionally, like so many like you, you have a divine interest in yourselves!  You feel part of the spiritual family.  What a dichotomy indeed, to be judged as evil by those who are the high spiritual leaders–interpreting God for today’s culture.

Now I say this: What is your intent?  Is it to walk with love for all those around you and become an enlightened Human Being in this New Age?  Is it to forgive those who see you as a spiritual blight on society?  Can you have the kind of tolerance for them that they seem not to have for you?  Can you overlook the fact that they freely quote their scriptures in order to condemn you, yet they don’t seem to have the love tolerance that is the cornerstone of their own message?

If the answer is yes, then there is nothing else you must do.  Your INTENT is everything, and your life will be honored with peace over those who would cause unrest, and tolerance for the intolerable.  Your sexual attributes are simply chemistry and setups within your DNA.  They are given by agreement as gifts for you to experience in this life.  Look on them in this fashion, and be comfortable with that fact that you are a perfect spiritual creation under God–loved beyond measure–just like all humans.  But then you know that, don’t you?

QUESTION: Why is so much channeled information different?

ANSWER: I want you to examine the next question and the next answer as an addition to this answer. You ask, “How does it work exactly?” You have answered correctly. All possibilities exist with the Akash of the planet. [See the Akash question later for the definition of Akash.] The possibilities that have the most drama are the ones that “glow” the highest to the many “see-ers,” who are simply looking for the brightest objects in an interdimensional landscape. But other psychics and prophets are able to look beyond these things and see a more complete picture. They not only see the possibilities, but they see which ones are closer to the 3D reality of your lives. Others just see the events and not the fabric of potentials around them.

How many of you have gather in amazement around a street where the traffic flowed well and Humans were able to get home safely in your rush hour? The answer is none. Nobody gathers around a non-event, do they? Commuters and travelers don’t have thoughts about “where something didn’t happen.” You just drive home, happy to be safe.

Now, how many would stop and gawk at the 15-car pile-up, the drama of the death and injury, the smell of the fire and smoke? When both of these scenarios are given to a Human who claims to be one who can “see” the future, which one do you think is going to get attention first? The answer is “the one that most fits the perceptions of 3D drama.”

There is far more to see than the fire and smoke, and this is where the Human’s powers of discernment are used. Discernment is the other half of someone channelling or being prophetic. Your current history is filled with those who had obvious powers, and only got a few of the predictions correct. What then, does this tell you? It tells you that perhaps they didn’t interpret everything they saw correctly. There is also another perception that perhaps what they clearly saw changed the day after they saw it! You see, the future is variable depending on the interdimensional light generated by humanity.

As far as entities on this side of the veil giving you another story, I stop and remind you that no entity can give you the future – and Kryon hasn’t done that, either. What Kryon has done is to congratulate you for changing the planet, and remind you what is possible, and the potentials that you have. No entity on the other side of the veil is going to come in and give you doom and gloom predictions. That is a Human’s interpretation of information they saw through their own discernment filter.

When a Human channel or prophet comes back from a vision and gives you doom and gloom predictions, here is what they are really saying: “A beautiful angel came to me carrying the potentials of the planet in each hand… good and bad. I chose the bad one since it looked a lot more interesting!” Do you see? And who exactly gave this news? Was it the angel who carried the whole picture and was silent, or the Human who chose to channel only the parts that were dramatic? So you see, all information is given, but only the parts that the Humans wish to take back with them are shared. This places the power into the hands of Humans and the responsibility of the messages is theirs alone. It has always been this way and again we remind you that all your earth’s scriptures were given to you by Humans… all the scriptures in all the religions of the planet.

Remember, dear ones, that channelling is the mind of the Human Being interpreting interdimensional information from a place that can be confusing and definitely not 3D. Therefore, it takes practice, wisdom and a countenance that is studying mastery. Beware of the casual prophet, for they will use their gifts to create unintentional drama, and many Humans will follow them, giving seeming credibility. Look to the one who gives you the whole story, and then can give you the added information about which reality is the most probable, based on Earth’s energy at the moment. It’s easy to draw a crowd if you shout loud enough, for this is Human nature. It’s far more difficult to gather people to listen to a sweet message of hope and wisdom. But that audience will be the meek ones… the ones who will inherit this planet.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I’m willing to talk to my cells, but I don’t know what to tell them! Is it enough to say “detox and rejuvenate!” or do we have to be more specific (and maybe polite, like “Please, cartilage, grow,” or even talk about amino acids, vitamins, and so forth? Is intent enough or are words and style relevant?

How long would be considered enough talk for one purpose? I’ve had a horribly itchy allergic dermatitis for ten years. Should I talk to my skin, to my immune system, or something else?

ANSWER: First, do you not yet understand that the portions of DNA you’re addressing are interdimensional? We’ve been teaching this now for many years. This type of system isn’t linear, doesn’t understand your language, and won’t even begin to respond to your logical processes.

Speaking with your cells is an energetic process—energy is what is needed, not verbiage. Rewording your talk does nothing but make your voice tired. You need to visualize, not verbalize. Spend time addressing your cells with the visualization of what you wish. See yourself with no itching. See yourself with young DNA. Remember, the body went through that, and it has a cellular memory of your young DNA.

So start by setting a time to do this communication daily, for just a few minutes, and create strong visions of what the goal is for your body process. See young skin, young health, and a young attitude. Your body will get the idea and begin to conform to “the boss.”

This is what the masters do, and it works. However, you’ll have to learn to get out of your 3D paradigm of wishing to hold verbal conversations. “Talking to your cells” is done with visualization energies.

QUESTION:  My question is, does such a “machine” exist really?

ANSWER: Quite literally, you are experiencing this, but without a magic technical device. As confusing as it seems, let’s examine this process for a moment. When you are in 3D, it’s like a single ribbon or road is your past, present and future. Like a train track, it is narrow and there is no looking left or right. It goes in a linear straight line. So you are always looking at this road, questioning what is happening and what is going to happen. The truth is that there are dozens of roads, but you get to experience only one. However, what we have taught you is that when you step out of 3D and become interdimensional, you can then chose the specific road with the potential you want and place it on your single “ribbon” track.

When you are working with your past lives in any form, you are working with interdimensional energies. If you really understand this, then you might then understand the whole purpose of having past lives. They are you, gaining energy, knowledge and experience on the planet – each incarnation bringing you to a more advanced state. When you come in again, everything you learned is available, although free choice often keeps you from accessing it. There are shamans walking around who don’t want to open that box, afraid of the energy of what’s in it. They go their entire lives without enlightenment, which is their choice without any judgment at all.

When you begin to realize this, then you must also realize that as you become more interdimensional in your thinking and acting, you then have the ability to “mine” the past life experiences you have had. When you do that, you can dip into the incarnations you were and pull up the talents, the health, the strength, the knowledge. It’s all part of your DNA’s Akashic record and ready for you to claim.

So let’s say you do. There you are, thinking that you are a 3D Human. You have it all figured out, don’t you? The past is the past, you say, and nobody can change it. The future is not known, and you can’t do anything about that, either. Surprise! You are about to change both of them. When you reach down into the Akash and claim the knowledge you had when you were a spiritual leader, an orator, a healer, what exactly are you doing? From a 3D perspective, you are reaching into the past and claiming energy that is still active [since interdimensionally, it’s the “now”]. Then you are placing it upon your current life, changing your future! You have just used the past to change the future. In the process, you have altered the past, since you have gone there and used energy that was only available with… your personal time machine!

So the true answer to your question is that anything interdimensional becomes a time machine. The most interdimensional thing you have is your own DNA, and your spiritual ability to work this way.

Some day there will be a physical machine. But it will only allow viewing and no altering. You can’t relive things, either, for they are imprinted like a record to be viewed. However, in an esoteric sense, they ARE available to use, bringing forth the energy from one age into your age. This truly is the ultimate time machine as seen in 3D, and it’s right in front of you.


Q: Kryon, how can we know this “guide stuff”is real? We can’t see them…so where’s the proof?

A: As a famous astronomer wrote: “Does your father love you? The answer,Yes, very much. Then prove it.” Sometimes the proof of the intangible is in the actions and energy around you, and not visible in the 4-D that you walk around in. This is the case with awesome Love. When you fall in love with another Human, you feel you can “cut the energy” with a knife! It’s wonderful and thick with reality. But you can’t “see” it. Real, but not seen. Because of this, the energy which we call the “guide soup” is beginning to “knock on your door,” to announce that they are real, but unseen like love. Here is your 4-D proof: How many of you are seeing the 11:11, the 12:12, and the 4:44 on clocks and signs? How many of you are drawn to look at a digital display device at the exact moment of these numbers appearing? What a coincidence, don’t you think? How many times does it have to happen before you understand that it’s on purpose? !!

Dear Ones, the next time it happens to you, celebrate! This is a “guide hello.” It’s your own guide energy saying, “We’re here!” The next time it happens, I encourage you to actually say out loud, “I love you too.” Then, dear angel, you will begin a wonderful two-way interdimensional dialogue that you never expected. A 100% meditative communication with your eyes wide open, as you walk around every waking hour of your life. Would we have it any other way?

Question: Dear Kryon: Other channellers have said that we should pay attention to our dreams and that we shouldn’t use our dream books any longer, as the old symbols are no longer relevant. They’ve also stated that our dreams represent a release of old energies. So how do we analyze dreams now? Can you explain how we go about understanding the relevance of our dreams?

Question: Dear Kryon: For many years I’ve been remembering many of my (sleeping) dreams, and also have been trying to interpret what they mean and what they can tell me about myself. I had some thoughts today, and was wondering if you could comment on them, and also about lucid dreaming. Here are my thoughts:

Are my dreams my imagination, and also my reality? I guess, in a way, the continual shifting in dream scenery could be likened to the fact that our true realities are layered, and multidimensional and can change in an instant. Furthermore, who’s to say that our dreamscapes aren’t alternate realities, on different planes/dimensions, which are brought about by choices we’ve made, or didn’t make, in our “past”? Maybe they’re playing out in our subconscious, to poke and prod us to learn in this reality what we may have learned, or are trying to learn, in our other realities?

Answer: First, let’s give you, as best we can, the reasons for dreams, and the process involved. It’s not what you necessarily indicated. This Human dream function is extremely complex. Even after our explanation, you may not fully understand.

Biological: From a biological aspect, dreams are actually a memory release and rewrite. They are a form of mental clearing that the body must perform in order to actually reorganize the brain during the sleep state. It moves things around and prioritizes the places where memory is stored. In the process, you often get flashes of what it’s doing. So this is the clinical truth, not yet seen or accepted by science. Soon, however, as you’re able to map the energies of the brain in real time, this will be shown. Remember where you read it first!

Psychological: The memories that are moved from place to place are often done in a priority that’s driven by your fears, loves, passions, and even your addictions. This is a hierarchy that remains very telling in analysis, and hasn’t changed much through the centuries of Human existence. The nonlinear attributes… seeing people in places they never were, or couldn’t be within a real 4D time line, are common, since the brain is moving these things in a nonlinear way. Think of it this way: You’re carrying a box of photos of all your life experiences. Suddenly you drop the box, and the photos go everywhere. As you pick them up, they’re not in any order. The past and present are all mixed up. As you hold the photos in your hand, your Aunt Sally is next to a home that she never saw, visiting your children whom she’s never met. In addition, you pick up certain photos first that have more energy for you than the others, since they’re going to be filed in a specific place that needs to be more available to the brain for remembrance. So the brain actually prioritizes the memories in an order that’s telling. This is where psychological analysis has been so valuable in the past.

Spiritual: With the coming of the new energy, Lightworker and ascension status has changed all the potentials, and a brand new piece of the dream puzzle emerges. Your newfound awareness is suddenly part of this memory rearrangement. In addition, if you’re working at it (being a Lightworker), the dream process has changed its purpose. It’s now actually a rewrite of the past within your DNA (in addition to the biological sorting of neuron storage, as seen above)! This is very difficult to describe. Think of it this way: Return to the photos on the floor. Now, as you pick up each photo, you get to rewrite the emotions and energies around them with a new, enlightened mind. The father that abused you is now the “partner in karma,” and an entity who did a good job of stirring your life up. The brother who committed suicide and shamed the family is now the one who gave you a gift… a kick in the pants to find out more about spiritual things. The partner who loves you, who may be lying next to you, is becoming more precious with your new divine eyes. So you’re not just rearranging the memories. The brain is rewriting them. This is a powerful new attribute that shows a new enablement for Humans, and is primal to the teachings of Kryon and the other channellers of the New Age. Now, the photos you pick up first are the ones that you’re rewriting and are thereby changing your very time line in this place called Earth.

The biological and psychological aspects cooperate fully with your enlightened state. They’re subservient to the divine plan in your body, and have rearranged the priorities to help you fulfill a change in your DNA.

How to interpret the dreams? Well, those other channellers were correct – if you’re working on your enlightenment. For the old interpretations discount the new spiritual aspects of the process. Now you may look at the interpretations completely in a spiritual light. Did you dream of Aunt Sally? Why? Perhaps you’re rewriting how you felt about her and bringing her into a new light? Perhaps she’s visiting you in an interdimensional way to help you process and rewrite her history within the scope of your life? This is very, very common. Parents return; those you lost during your 4D time line show up. You see, it’s very complex, but it has indeed changed. Look for far more nonlinear things in the dream state.

Finally, a hint: If some of you have dreams that repeat and repeat a process or a song or an action seemingly all night (although dreams are actually happening in just a few seconds), it doesn’t mean anything. Don’t try to read into it. Instead, it’s a smokescreen to let the brain and the divinity unify. The brain creates a feedback loop that runs while it does things that are beautiful, out of sight, and filled with new abilities for your consciousness.


(13) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I would like to know about Hitler, the truth of the Holocaust, Agartha and Shamballah. Do they have any connection with Atlantis and Lemuria?

ANSWER: Dear one, Hitler existed to fulfill prophesy about the Jews, and to push them into a place where eventually they would have their own land. The Holocaust was every bit as horrible as history says it was, and is an example of the evil that is within every single Human Being on the planet. We have told you that “the devil and the angels in heaven all reside within each of you.” You got to see it clearly with the Holocaust.

Agartha (Hollow Earth): This is an interdimensional attribute of the planet and is NOT 4D. You will not find Humans inside the Earth. But multitudes of life are there and they are interdimensional. This even includes the Lemurians of Mt. Shasta, and many more. There is always a tendency for Humanity to “4D-ize” everything you feel intuitively. Much of what is here is real, but in a multidimensional state.

Shamballah: Your perspective might differ, but let us say that this is the name of the core healing energy of the Universe. Many are discovering it and calling it many things. All this is appropriate, for its name is not important. What is important is that you are now using it!