2020 and beyond

Where have I been, and what have I been up to?  You may have noticed my lack of newsletters this past few months! Or maybe not, as most people have an email box that is full to overflowing and precious little time to review it all.

But back to what I have been doing, and why I have been so quiet… this fall has found me completely immersed in writing, compiling and publishing a book with a crew of five other talented channels. Whew, what a job; and what a gift! It has been an honour to head up the project and watch this work of art come to life. We are now on the home stretch, with the book available for purchase in early 2020 and shipment on January 9th!

I have also kept out of mischief by completing the requirements for the  Soul Alignment Practitioner program to become a recognized modality through the International Institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT.ca). Anyone completing Soul Alignment I & II are now able to apply for recognition and insurance through IICT. If you completed this body of material when it was still Angelic Awakening and Soul Essence, I will be providing an opportunity in 2020 to submit case studies so you can join the Soul Alignment and IICT family.

My private sessions over the past year have moved more into a focus on channelling, and the healing experience is becoming more seamlessly integrated into the messages. Each session continues to be individual depending upon what you need, and I am still happy to offer intuitive coaching as well as the channel. I love how both distance and in-person sessions have evolved to support what people currently require.

The other area that has been demanding my attention is the online school with Soul Alignment, Galactic Conversations and the Circle of Light membership all running simultaneously. I know some have expressed the desire to have in-person classes, and I am still open to that option if you wish to host the classes in your area.

So, in 3 minutes or less, that is what I have been up to. It has been a busy fall, but I could not pick any one of these things I would have said no to.


Now, what’s in store for 2020?

I have begun to get nudges about what 2020 will have in store, and it will be another full and satisfying year. the year 2020 is a’22’ and also a ‘4’ in numerology which is all about earth, grounding and centeredness. I have also received the guidance that it will be a year of learning non-attachment.  While this may sound wonderful, I expect it will unfold with some growing pains for those who are very attached to their things, or to specific outcomes.

I will be kicking 2020 off with a free webinar What’s Up for 2020 on January 6th, then a Book-Birthing Launch in Regina on January 9th. Next is the Hawaii Healers Retreat where a beautiful group of healers will come together to shift, support and lift each other up. And after all of those are complete, I plan to disappear into the wilderness on a small island off the coast of Vancouver Island for some family time and R&R (and maybe the beginning of my solo book).

Galactic Council Circle of Light: The other big change coming for 2020 is a shift in the name and energetics of the Galactic Council Inner Circle. We will continue to host two events per month with a specific theme; one being a Transmission of Light DNA Activation, and the second being a coach and channel session. However, the focus of that second call is going to begin to shift from the group simply receiving, to them also transmitting the energy into their respective communities and around the world. I was given this format and name a year ago and needed to wait for the right time to bring it to life. Well, the right time has now arrived!

School of Light: Scheduling for winter and spring classes is in progress. Both Soul Alignment II and Galactic Conversations will be offered, and of course, the monthly Circle of Light is still going strong. All online classes are offered live, but also include full replay so you never miss out even if you are not available for the live classes.

And expect some new offerings to come out of the Hawaii Healers Retreat!