Why Soul Alignment?

As you may, or may not know, I teach a 2-part online intensive program called Soul Alignment. And a couple of questions I frequently receive is ‘What is Soul Alignment?’ or ‘Why did you call it Soul Alignment?’ So here is my attempt to explain the name, and what the course actually is.

This online program was born from many years of teaching in-person 5-day classes, originally named Angelic Awakening and Soul Essence. Gradually I came to realize that it was about much more than angels and wanted to create a logical relationship between the two classes. So what to call them? Something all-encompassing that reflected the true nature and focus of the process. As I pondered this, I realized that one of my common platitudes was ‘If you are out of alignment with your soul, it will show up at a physical or mental level in some form.” There is it! Soul Alignment underlies all that I do, what a perfect name for my classes. And thus, Soul Alignment was born.

I also came to realize that the people who attended the classes for personal growth received more benefit than those who were there to simply become a practitioner in a modality. As you learn more about what is operating behind the visible 3D, what is presented in our lives becomes easier to navigate. And as Soul Alignment becomes a way of life, the capacity to hold space for others increases.

The Soul Alignment program is truly about getting into alignment with self/soul. We journey through intuition, oracle cards, angels, energetic self-care, eliciting the real problem, past lives, akashic records and finally deep energy clearing/healing.

It is one of my greatest joys to be able to share this body of knowledge with those who are called to it. Not only do I teach all materials real-time, we also spend time in deep conversation about the modules, and then everyone has the opportunity to practice what they have learned. I had really wondered how it would work moving into an online environment, but if anything it is better than a 4-5 day class, as there is time to really absorb what has been taught each week, with the added advantage of audios that can be downloaded and listened to over and over again.

I have also had a fondness for teaching small intimate classes so I have the chance to get to know the people I am working with, and this is no exception; I currently accept a maximum eight new applicants each time I teach the class. All students become members of the alumni-family and can audit any time they wish!

To wrap up your understanding of this powerful and life-changing class, here are a couple of quotes from previous Soul Alignment students:

“I had already studied many modalities and did not know how to fit them all together. The Soul Alignment program was like putting bookends on the rest and helped me make sense of it all.” PK

Regarding Soul Alignment II, after a particularly intense clearing session “This is one of the hardest things I have ever done, and I would not trade it for the world!” EE

If this program is for you, I am currently accepting applications for the Soul Alignment I fall program which will begin on Thursday, September 19th and run 14 weeks. Soul Alignment II will begin in the new year.

Soul Alignment I – Angels & Intuition
Soul Alignment II – Clear & Release