Be Where You Are!

Brief Healing Invocation from the Galactic Council
transmitted by Bonnie Bogner
January 2018 Transmission “Are We There Yet?”
Take a deep breath and give yourself permission to release all expectations that you should be somewhere else. That you should be doing something, have gone somewhere, or have accomplished something. Allow all of those judgements to come forth to be released and acknowledge yourself for where you are. “I am here and here is awesome.” Maybe here is confusing, or feels incomplete, but it is also awesome.
With a deep breath drop into that place of beginning to believe that maybe where you are really is where you are supposed to be. As you do so, we invite in the Archangels of Creation to clean out and clear all of those expectations that you should be somewhere else or doing something else. You are not, so just let them all go.
Now as we bring white light and love down through the top of your head and through every cell, allow it to dissolve and transmute all of those expectations that you have of yourself into love. As that light continues all the way down through your body, give yourself permission to be the light. You don’t need to know what that means, just affirm to yourself “I am the light” or “I give myself permission to be the light” or “I choose to be the light”. And allow that to settle into your heart and to become a beacon or a spark of light right in your heart centre.
Turn your attention to your body and offer it the opportunity to go into balance and harmony. (Your body gets out of balance because it is assisting you to learn whatever it is you have chosen to learn.) As you give your body permission to enter into balance and harmony; command the cells to heal. Yes, it is okay to command them to do so. Remind your body that it knows what homeostasis is. Remind it that it knows what it is for each of your organs to be healthy, and command them to do so.
Next, send love to your body. Love your toes and your fingers, your feet and your hands, your arms and your legs, and your body and your head. Love all of those parts of your being.
Give permission for all karma to be rendered neutral and harmless. You have so much karma from other lives that you no longer need to be focused upon, and it no longer needs to hold you back. Just let all of that drain away; any of those karmic imprints.
As these thoughts, beliefs and expectations drain away that light in your heart can radiate through every cell in your body giving you permission to be exactly where you are, and for that to be exactly perfect for you.
Deep breath as you return to present awareness.
Please share this will all you feel would benefit, we just ask that you include the origin when you share it. Thank you!