Empowerment 101

What do you do when presented with a crisis?  Do you immediately look for someone to blame?  Or do you centre yourself, go within and make peace with the experience?

Sadly, most of us never learn internal centring processes, so when chaos descends the only place we know to look for a solution, is external to us.  And while finding someone to blame for our current crisis may provide some temporary relief, it does nothing to truly make peace and empower us to create different, more supportive experiences in the future.

Once we begin to understand that we are truly the creator of our own experience [Law of Attraction] we can begin to create our experiences consciously.  Does this mean nothing bad ever happens in the lives of empowered people?  No, we all still have a wide range of experiences, some we classify as good and some as bad. These experiences include loss, and as a physical being, we will miss those we love when they are absent, and we will grieve.  Our ability to find our center and enter into a state of self-awareness can ease our response to loss and facilitate our ability to make peace with difficult situations.

So how do we center and empower ourselves?  There are several ways to create self-awareness and different approaches work for different people.  A few of my favourite tools include:

  • Energy healing – this can assist in relaxing as well as help to release associated emotion
  • Meditation – when you have a regular meditation practice this can immediately assist in moving from a stressed state into a calm and centred state. It is best that your first attempt at mediation is not when you are extremely upset, as meditation does take practice to perfect.
  • Forgiveness – my chosen process is to work with the technology of Ho’oponopono, which is actually far more than forgiveness, but that is a great place to start. In its most simple form you repeat “I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you” while holding the person or situation in your heart, continuing to say the words until you feel your attitude shifting.
  • Conscious breathing – move into a state of awareness of the breath and the body. While there are many different breath techniques there is no one ‘right’ technique. Try slowing, deepening and extending your breath to start with. Then explore other breath practices and see what works best for you.
  • Sound healing – sound impacts our state of being, and different music will work for different people and at different times. In general, it is best to look to soft, gentle and relaxing sounds to help shift you into a more settled and centred state.
  • Gentle and conscious movement of the body such as stretching, Tai Chi, yoga or Qigong, which may be combined with music and breath work for maximum benefit.
  • Create awareness through journaling, verbal exploration, oracle cards and intuitive inquiry. Again, try our a few things and see what works best for you.
  • Reframing and refocusing to provide the opportunity to look at situations but through a new lens. The situation itself may not change, but your view and attitude to it can. And a funny thing happens, when we shift our focus and attitude about experiences, we begin to notice that the experiences change.

I’ve come to realize that all my teaching, coaching and channelling all have the common focus of providing guidance, energy healing and information to empower my clients and students. This process assists you to change your perception, which then changes your experience, and opens the door to greater acceptance of yourself and those around you.  These are also processes you can learn for yourself, and as you do so, you become even more able to create your own future. As you learn to trust your intuition and examine situations from a variety of angles, surrendering judgments of yourself and others, you open the path to freedom from emotional turmoil and chaos.

This is not something that happens overnight, it is a process of learning about the techniques or tools and consistently applying them until this becomes your natural response to a crisis when it appears. And the particularly fun thing is that the more you center and empower yourself, and consciously practice the Law of Attraction, the less you will need to respond to crisis! To me, that is truly a win-win situation.

A couple of the ways I can assist you to develop these tools is through the Find Your JOY class happening online in August 2019 or through the Soul Alignment Online Program starting up again in the fall.