New Age, Angels & Energy Healing?

There has been enough controversy stirred around Doreen Virtue and her complete reversal on all things metaphysical that I felt it was time that I provided my take on the changes occurring.

As you may, or may not know, Doreen Virtue was one (of many) of my teachers a number of years back. Her teachings were a fit with all I had learned in my prior years of studying, and I went on, with her blessings, to incorporate some of those teachings about Angels into my own Soul Alignment classes.  Over the years, I found that I outgrew the glitzy, theatrical presentation of her work and gravitated to a more solid and grounded approach to my own energy healing and intuitive guidance.

Compassion or Judgement?
In spite of moving away from her work, I still found value in a variety of aspects if her teachings such as connection to the angels; open acceptance of others beliefs; trust in our own innate guidance; and compassion for all.  So it was with interest that I observed her announcement in 2017 that she had found Jesus and incorporated Bible quotes into her work. And then with dismay in 2018 that she began to preach that all non-fundamental Christian practices were ‘spiritually dangerous’. And if you dared disagree with her, you were possessed by demons yourself.

These implications are narrow-minded and filled with fear. This particular setup of guilt-inducing statements is called a double bind; where an attempt is made to control another person’s opinion by suggesting that anything but agreeing is somehow less than, and therefore wrong.   I do not believe for a moment that God is a harsh judge that provided a narrow set of teachings to one select group of people while deeming everyone else as sinners, yet that is exactly what her statements imply.

I cannot imagine what might have happened to Doreen, for her to have made such a drastic change in her views, and I will not try to guess. All I can do is wish her well, and pray that she may find the peace that she seems to be so desperately seeking.

Spiritual Foundation
I have had some people question their own foundational beliefs as well as my teaching in light of this drastic change. I wish to assure you that I still stand fully behind all of the materials that I teach. I know the teachings that I share is a gift from Source and filled with love, compassion, and wisdom.

New Age or Ancient Wisdom?
While Doreen has lumped all belief systems that are not Christianity together as part of New Age and dismissed them as evil, she includes yoga, meditation, shamanism, pagan practices, drumming, Flower of Life and sweat lodges! These beautiful and light-filled practices all predate the bible by hundreds or even thousands of years.

She claims she only wishes to help people, but then goes on to insult so many spiritual, ethnic and cultural groups around the globe it is almost beyond belief.

What About Cards?
People have also been asking me what to do with her products. While I would encourage you to no longer purchase or sell her products, I would also encourage you to continue to use the ones you have.

Her books and cards were all written in integrity and still carry a tremendous amount of light and wisdom. Just take the time to check in with each of your products and see if they are still genuinely in alignment with you and your truth. If the cards are feeling a little heavy or off, take the time to clear them, and then check in again.

If, after you have cleared your cards, they still do not feel right for you, take a moment to notice if you are standing in judgment of Doreen or her cards. If so, is this a judgment you wish to release? Once you have checked in to the root of your discord, you will know if the deck of cards is still for you. If so, bless them and keep using them; if not, bless them and give them away.

First Be Kind
While I honour Doreen’s choice to follow the path of Christianity if that is what brings her peace. I cannot honour the disrespect she has shown to so many with her offensive statements about all belief systems that are not her own. There is no kindness in this belittling viewpoint.

I wish each of you a beautiful day filled with love, light, compassion, and understanding.