Being Enough

There is so much information, everywhere we look, about how to improve, to be better, to change, to beat the competition. And the list goes on, and one. I was looking through a list of Women’s Empowerment books on a website today and the theme of having to ‘do more’ really stood out.

But what if you were actually perfect, just the way you are? What if there is nothing to add, just a few self-judgments to take away? When we were young children, we never doubted we were enough – that was a learned behaviour; one we learned from society. We learned it from all the other people who also believe they are not enough, which they learned from the generations before them, and so it has gone, for far too long.

Here is a brief excerpt from the message transmitted to the group during the February Transmission of Light which reminds us of just how grand we already are.

“We wish for you to go back to the heart, back into that place of knowing self or maybe questioning self. You may call it either one. Go into that heart space and give yourself permission to be the wise, to be the grounded, to be the centred being that you are. In truth, you are these vast, wise, intelligent beings who have been crammed into these 3rd-dimensional bodies to have this physical experience. That is not who you are. That is a very small element of who you are. You are so much more than that, so much more wisdom, so much more light. It is time for that wisdom to take its next step of opening and awakening. That is not to say your forsake your precious body, rather honour all that you are, not just part of it.” 

We are not able to settle honestly and authentically into that wisdom if we are busy judging self and feeling the need to be fixed or improve. Maybe it is time to just ‘be enough exactly as you are’ and finally surrender to your vastness, beauty and wisdom.

You have probably noticed a theme in my musing for 2018, a theme of surrender. This is an 11 year (2+0+1+8) which is Mastery. It is not about being or doing more, rather it is about recognizing our innate worth, as humans an as divine cosmic beings. That spark (soul) housed in our human container is pure magic, yet we are so focused on the perceived flaws in the container, we completely miss the magic of the spark that gives us life.

A brief affirmation that you may find beneficial is “I surrender all that I think I am, I surrender all that I think I know, I surrender to my beauty, my wisdom and my worth. I am perfect, whole and complete exactly as I am”. Of course you are welcome to add other things to surrender, however, I recommend you keep it simple and manageable. The more often you repeat these words, the more you will give yourself permission to ‘be enough’.

I challenge you to practice repeating this affirmation multiple times each day and notice if you are able to be more loving and gentle with yourself and others.

If you are feeling ready to surrender all the baggage you have taken on from the world around you, then come on over and join me in my upcoming Find Your JOY Class or maybe book a Personal Breakthrough session. It is time to ‘be enough’.