This was originally posted to the Wisdom of the Galactic Council Facebook group, but I thought it was worth repeating here.

purpleCompassion is the ability to look past your limited perspective, your own beliefs, values and desires, and to observe the true nature of the person or situation. It is about letting go of the need to be right and simply embrace the desire to BE. It is about understanding that you don’t understand, and probably never will, but accepting anyway. It is about looking at all aspects of any given situation and holding love in your heart for everyone concerned.

We have seen over these past weeks tremendous judgment of those you would label as white supremacists. We are not suggesting you should endorse or love their behaviour, we are suggesting that they are part of something much larger, just as the victims of these situations are part of this larger lesson. The students cannot have the lessons without their teachers, even if the lesson seems harsh. And when you hold hatred in your heart for those that would hate, you are adding to the situation. Yet, when you hold love in your heart even for those that you may wish to hate, you are helping to remove the judgment that contributed to the origins of the situation. This, in turn, creates space for everyone involved to learn what they need to and move on to new less-heavy experiences.

The same is true of all of the judgment of the current administration of the United States. There is a need for a tremendous shift, and big shift does not usually come easily. We are not asking you to “approve” of what is happening, rather, to hold the experience in your heart with love and compassion, understanding that there is much more to this unfolding than meets your eyes and limited understanding.

And finally, we ask that you hold yourself in your heart with compassion, knowing it is okay that not everything is fully understood. It is not possible for a soul living in a 3D body and working with 3D thinking to completely understand the multidimensional. You may have an awareness of something more, but for the time being, you simply cannot think fully in multi-D. It would actually eliminate your reason for being in 3D bodies if you had that full understanding.

We invite you to lighten up on your views of yourself and your views of the world. Many complex things are unfolding as they must at this time, and each one of you can aid this process simply by choosing compassion for yourself and for the world around you.

One of our main roles in this ascension experience is to provide you with information, the other is to hold you in our hearts in compassion regardless of what you choose to do or learn in human form.

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transmitted by Bonnie Bogner
August 30, 2017