Navigating the Contrast Pt. 2

Speak Your TruthNavigating Change #2

I am finally back to this series, and excited to share the next installment with you. Since I last wrote on the challenge of the contrasts being presented at this time,  I have spend some time traveling and facilitating a retreat in Ireland. It was a powerful and life-changing trip for us, as we explored a wise and ancient part of the world. A place where all of the rocks had a story to tell, and were only to eager to do so. I know it will be some time before I decipher all that has unfolded and all I have learned. In some ways it feels like it has been months and months, since I last wrote here.

If there is one thing that I noticed as I traveled it is the constant reminder of the many, many versions of the truth, each one of them true for that particular person or group of people, during that particular era, but none necessarily true for all.

It is very important for each one of us to know and understand our own truth, which is also a process of becoming authentic. Take a moment and notice if your beliefs truly reflect how  you feel, or are they a product of “doing what you think others want”? Are you believing what you have been told to believe, or whatever is popular opinion at the time, rather  than original and authentic thoughts?

As we navigate the current awakening, we are in a time when more and more people are embracing their own authentic truth, which may not fall in line with popular thought, or what science currently offers as truth. Some who awaken to their truth are quick and excited to share, others find it difficult or uncomfortable to express.

The ease or difficulty that is experienced in sharing your truth may have to do with past lives or experiences earlier in this current life. Many have been punished for original or disruptive thought, therefore are hesitant to share too much that does not conform to popular opinion.

What is it that you so wish to express, but are afraid of being contradicted or  ridiculed? It maybe something as simple as your preference for vanilla when everyone around you prefers chocolate. Or something more expansive such as the popular belief that time is linear and constant. Maybe it is your understanding of just how much around you is unspoken and unseen, while living amongst others who believe that only the tangible is real.

My point is that it does not matter how large or small the discrepancy between your truth and the truth of others around you. Your truth is just that – YOUR truth, and it matters. Just the same as the other persons truth also matters.

Many believe they must convince others of their truth, in order to validate that truth. So what ends up happening goes something like this: 1) Someone has a radical new truth (idea) that they are excited to share. 2) They begin to tell people about it, either to validate their idea or rescue others from their ‘false’ belief. 3) When others are not immediately receptive they either become more zealous to convince them, or back off and shut up, maybe even loosing sight of their belief.

What if we could each have our own original beliefs and truths, with no worry about convincing others, rather knowing we could share our thoughts freely with those who agreed as well as those who did not. And if someone was moved by this new idea then they were welcome to embrace it, and it they were not, there was no need to.

Similarly, those who did not agree, would have no need to argue against this new truth with their current understanding, facts, and research, in order to prove this new idea held no merit and was therefore incorrect.

We have never created new experiences on this planet by staying safely within what we already understand and know. Breakthrough ideas come from taking a chance, trying something new, thinking in a different way, embracing a new truth and speaking up about it. Not to convince anyone, rather to simply express a new possibility and open dialogues of infinite potential.

Ah such a fun, and open exchange that could become! If each one of us could simply express our truth, while at the same time honouring and respecting others truth. With no fear of ridicule or condemnation, with no need to convince  or coerce. To simply express, listen and accept.

If we were in that state of open acceptance, there would be no excuse for persecution of those with a different view or lifestyle from our own. There would never be a justification of religious persecution or holy war. All belief systems could be honoured and appreciated. And in turn, it would always be safe for each one of us to express our truth!

My dream for humanity is that we someday reach this state of balance, where every truth matters and is honoured. Where each one of us has the capacity and willingness to speak our truth, and also listen to others as they do so. And my observation is that this is indeed beginning to happen. Each one of us can play a part by honestly and opening expressing our truth, while at the same time honouring those truths which are different from out own.

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