Navigating the Contrast

Navigating ChangePart 1

This year, more than any previous, I have found people in challenging dichotomy of joyful awakening and painful realization.  This can also be referred to as ‘the best of times and the worst of times’.

As I started to write a blog post about this, I quickly realized this topic would span several posts.  Here is Part 1.  How many? I am not sure, I will keep writing about it until I am done.

Humanity is starting to realize there is something more than meets the eye, more than a job and a mortgage, more than the consumer-driven model would have us believe.

How exciting!  Something more.  But what?  And how?

This initial awareness is a time of excitement and optimism, often followed by overwhelm or depression.  What’s going on with that?  You have finally realized there is something more and know you feel sad about it.  That doesn’t make much sense.

Oh wait, maybe it does!

With awakening comes greater awareness and greater sensitivity.  This means you become more aware of everything, the high vibrations and the low, the areas you wish to place focus and the areas you do not.  As your sensitivity and awareness open it can be easy to want to shut it back down.  A little like opening Pandora’s box – even if you put the lid back on, you cannot stuff everything back in.  You cannot unknow what you know, which means you can not completely shut that awareness back down.  You can clog it, or dull it, and but not completely eliminate it.

I see many people with this new awareness fighting against it. Wanting the change but it the same time wanting everything to stay the same. There are also many people awakening who have actually made fun of spirituality, whether that is through their love of science or their love of the church. This creates profound conflict for them until they can understand that it is okay to change their minds and all beliefs can coexist.

Below are a few of the symptoms of greater awareness/sensitivity:

  • Less tolerance of aggressive or abusive behavior, situations or people
  • Greater urgency to stand in your power or speak your truth
  • Difficulty being around a lot of people or harsh circumstances
  • General unsettled feeling or awareness of things in your life being off balance
  • Feeling conflicted between long-held beliefs and new possibilities
  • Sense of pressure to do something with new awareness (eg. feel the need to enter into a career as a healer)

We are going to address each of these topics and more over the next few posts and I hope what we have to say will be helpful. For now, a message from the Galactic Council on the dichotomy:

“All things must still be viewed through the lens of contrast and duality in a 3D experience.  For now, there simply is no other way; up/down, left/right, black/white, light/dark, these are the current frames of reference.

What is important to understand is that awakening is not about eliminating the extremes, rather about embracing the middle ground. There are many, many shades between the two contrasting experiences, and in truth, these contrasts actually wrap around in both directions to meet in the middle.  (Our partner would like for us to expand on that last statement as we shared it with her as a visual – however, we will not expand at this time, you will each understand it in the way that fits for you.)

Using black and white as an example. Outside of the purely linear experience, there are many layers to black and white that actually encompass every color you could ever conceive, not just a variety of grays.  Your duality and contrasting experiences are perfect for what is currently unfolding on the planet.

Know that those who are awakening at this time are the ones who will first understand the contrast from other perspectives, and that will open the door for this understanding to expand.  This is not intended to provide a solution, these will come soon enough. Rather it is to provide a possibility that the discomfort of the transition is worth it.

Are you being pushed to awaken?  Absolutely, that is not your imagination.  Is the energy shifting on the planet?  Yes, rapidly.  These are exciting times to be in a three-dimensional experience, it has never happened before on planet Earth. And you are here taking part because you chose to be.  Simply know the shift can not happen without some discomfort.  How much you embrace the change vs. how much you embrace the discomfort is up to you.”

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