Any one of you could take a look back through your minds and see so many twists and turns that have led you to where you are right now. If you really stop and look at them and think about them, I am sure that you will realize quite quickly how each one of them has supported you in coming to where you are now. Even though they may have seemed very disassociative from what it was that you thought you were moving towards or of where you are now.  Some of the things that have brought you there, seem completely unrelated until you really stop and think about the value they provided. 

I will use myself as an example of how the twists and turns can support us in unexpected ways.  I used to be in a role that was very analytical, I managed people, projects, and timelines and spent a lot of time in the Information Technology world.  It would be easy to look at that and wonder how that fits with what it is that I am here to do now.  To me, there are two very obvious aspects to that.  One is that I can speak comfortably to people who are analytical and affirm that it is possible to weave together the analytical and the intuitive because I have done it. 

The other is my level of knowledge of computers and managing projects has most certainly been beneficial in my role of entrepreneur and business owner.    So even though those skills do not seem directly associated with what I do now, they are very intimately connected in creating the ability to fulfill my current purpose. 

And a third rather fun association is that I am still in the Information Technology world – just very different information, and disseminated in a different way!

That is the kind of thing that I am talking about when I say there is often that weaving of our paths. We may not understand why it is that it is unfolding as it is, and that can easily create resistance.  But just following the energy of what is, and allowing it to happen, that is surrender. 

 Even though my prior skills do not initially seem associated with what I do now, they are in reality, intimately connected. That is what I am referring to about the weaving of our paths. And while we often do not understand why it is that certain things are unfolding, if we can surrender and trust spirit that it is all working out just the way it is supposed to, life can become much more comfortable. Surrender allows us to swim with the current, rather than always fighting to swim upstream. It allows everything to unfold as it is.  We may not understand why, but still follow the energy and allow things to happen. 

This does not mean we stop taking positive action and just resign to whatever comes along, rather it is an acceptance of what IS and allowance for what MIGHT BE. It is staying in the energy of what we desire, but understanding that it may not come about exactly how we had anticipated. 

A good way to assist yourself in surrender is to take a look back and come to a better understanding of how the winding path has perfectly led you to where you now are. And then notice that is may have been a bit easier if you had done a little more surrendering along the way!

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