Love of Humanity

crystal heartThe following is an excerpt from the Transmission of Light DNA Activation offered online in November. Their message was so powerful for me that I was in tears as I transmitted it. It is a messages that I am honoured to share with you as well. May it help, just a little, to remind you of the beauty that is you!

We are the divine presence, just as you are the divine presence, and when we love you so much, how is it that you cannot love yourself?  How is it that you have forgotten how glorious and beautiful you are?  How is it that you have forgotten to cherish you?  We understand that some of it is that crossing into forgetfulness which is necessary for the human experience, for it would bring you infinite frustration if you came into human body all knowing, all aware, and all capable in a tiny, helpless body.  That would be more frustrating for you than the forgetting you experience when you cross into a human body.  There was never an intention for humanity to forget to this degree the beauty of who they were.  It has become an experience of control, of power, and of struggle.  When one being reminds another to be less than, the somehow take power over that being who agrees to be less than.  We invite each of you to be your glorious beings, your glorious self.  Less than no one.  Equal to everyone.  Try it on just for a moment dear ones and notice how that might feel to you.  For some it will feel very strange and uncomfortable.  For others there will be slight familiarity, a remembrance, that that is the truth.  For others who have tried it on a few times, there may even begin to be a glimmer of recognition, or agreement, that this is the truth.  We invite you to try on this gloriousness as often as is necessary until you can begin to see your value.

The planet could not do what it has chosen to do without humanity upon it.  You are an integral part of what is going on, on the planet at this time, and we are not simply referring to the destruction that is absolutely present and around you.  But that is not all there is.  That is all that gets the attention, but it is not all that is.  There is love.  There is appropriateness.  There is growth.  There is beauty.  There is Divinity upon earth in this very moment and more than you may realize or recognize.  We will not go into it in detail at this time, but there is a completion and a new beginning that is cycling on the planet.  Do your numerology around the years 2016 and 2017 and we believe you will begin to understand.  We will go into additional detail in this at a later date.

As we sit here in this love for humanity, flooding you with that love that we have chosen to share, know that the love comes back to us as much or even more as we share with you.  We are not some beings on high that are superior to you, we are your partners and even as we share our love with you, we feel that love come back.  There is nothing more rewarding than giving unconditionally and receiving back unconditionally at the same time.  It is a beautiful exchange.  Even as we exchange like this, we invite you to lift your face to source, allow yourself to be touched by the hand of God, to be completely immersed in the love we hold for humanity, to be completely immersed in the love that we hope that you can find for yourself; and until you do, borrow ours.  Even as we speak here with you we feel your love.  We are truly blessed to receive even as we give.  It is this love for humanity, this love that you can share amongst one another and share with yourself that will bring the healing to the planet, that will bring violence to its knees, that will bring about peace and understanding.  It is coming your way, and it is coming via you.  We do truly love humanity.

If you should wish to access the full activation, you are able to do so at love-of-humanity-activation. I have made the full audio and transcript available for purchase in a format that you may keep and work with again and again.