What to Expect for 2016

Excerpt from December 29/15 DNA Activation and Karmic Imprint Release

Release Topic:  Moving from Survival to Free Choice

They provided a tremendous amount of information during this transmission, this is Part I. There are two more segments in our private Facebook group which you are welcome to join  https://www.facebook.com/groups/gcwisdom/


Greetings dear ones, we are the Council and it is with great joy we join with you once again.  Before we begin on any of the questions or comments, there are a couple of areas we would like to address.  A few weeks ago we provided a message to our partner about some new initiatives that it is time to embrace which she will be starting in the new year.  As part of that new initiative one of the things that we have asked her is to create a private group on Facebook to bring together all those who are in tune with the Council energy.  We understand the power of social media.  We understand both the positive and the negative power of it and as such we wish to create a space where it is always safe to be who you are.  There will be many messages from us in that space.  It will be an open place where all of you will go to connect with us and to feel our presence.  It is something beyond what you may understand is possible through your social media.  We invite each one of you to be part of it and to invite anyone else who you think would benefit and who would also be able to support the energy to become part of it as well.  This is something that is going to be tremendously supportive for everyone who chooses that support.  It is one of the ways we are going to assist each one of you in the raising of your vibration on an ongoing basis, rather than just having it on a monthly basis (as the do now with DNA Activations – BB).

 We will address your questions.

The first  questions are those of a personal nature, but we feel it is an appropriate place to answer those questions.  Yes Desiree you are definitely not from this planet.  You have spent very few lifetimes in the Earth realm.  Arcturus is your original home planet although you have been many other places as well.  You came here to do very important work and this work applies to everyone who is listening, not just to you.  Thank you for asking that question as it does apply to all.  The reason that you are here is to anchor the love on the planet.  It is not possible for Earth to go through her ascension without the human intervention of anchoring love on the planet.  You do that by living an aware, and a purposeful life.  It does not require any other particular or special behaviour or skills.  It does not mean that you must quit your job and sell all your possessions and go live on a mountain top.  It does not mean that you must study for years and years and years and perform a certain task.  What you do in your day-to-day life is irrelevant as long as it is joyful.  As long as it is peaceful and as long as it is supportive to you and those around you.  Past that, it can be anything that you choose it to be.  The important part is to constantly be bringing yourself back to that centred place of love, that state of love where you can anchor the love onto the planet.  We know that sometimes sounds too broad and too simplistic, but it really is that simple.  That is all that is required at this time, the anchoring of love on the planet.

Interestingly enough it actually answers your next question and that is how can humanity free themselves from their own wrongs forever?  There is always free choice, this is a planet of free choice, so will those wrongs be corrected or reversed forever?  Possibly or possibly not.  Part of it is perception of what is wrong.  So often when people have difficult or challenging lessons, they judge them as wrong when in fact they are simply lessons, that they had requested.  In the broader sense the wrongs of purposeful pain and disrespect of other beings, not just humans, but other beings on the planet and we are referring to your animal friends in this as well.  There is a tremendous amount of disrespect for the animals on this planet and that is one of the places that that respect needs to begin in order for those wrongs to be undone.  As long as you are continuing to eat foods that are filled with pain and fear which is mainly the meat products that are on the planet. Not all of them, the ones that are ethically and lovingly provided, that have ethically and lovingly provided themselves to us, for consumption, do not carry that. But as long as that vibration (of fear pain and suffering – BB) is being perpetrated on the planet, it will be difficult to completely eliminate the wrongs.  But again, it comes back to the single most important thing that each one of you can do, to right whatever is your perceived wrongs, is to anchor love on the planet.

We will leave that at that because there are other questions that have been asked….

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 Note from Bonnie – there are so many people who say to me that they feel like they do not belong here, and they choose to struggle because of it. My understanding via GC is that there are many, many souls who have chosen to come to Earth for the momentous events that are happening at this time, and many of them have not been here before. So yes, it does feel strange to be in a strange environment. But humans are masters of adaptation if they choose to be. Become that master, adapt to these surroundings, and then do everything you can to make it a Living Laboratory of LOVE.