Love of Humanity

crystal heartThe following is an excerpt from the Transmission of Light DNA Activation offered online in November. Their message was so powerful for me that I was in tears as I transmitted it. It is a messages that I am honoured to share with you as well. May it help, just a little, to remind you of the beauty that is you!

We are the divine presence, just as you are the divine presence, and when we love you so much, how is it that you cannot love yourself?  How is it that you have forgotten how glorious and beautiful you are?  How is it that you have forgotten to cherish you?  We understand that some of it is that crossing into forgetfulness which is necessary for the human experience, for it would bring you infinite frustration if you came into human body all knowing, all aware, and all capable in a tiny, helpless body.  That would be more frustrating for you than the forgetting you experience when you cross into a human body.  There was never an intention for humanity to forget to this degree the beauty of who they were.  It has become an experience of control, of power, and of struggle.  When one being reminds another to be less than, the somehow take power over that being who agrees to be less than.  We invite each of you to be your glorious beings, your glorious self.  Less than no one.  Equal to everyone.  Try it on just for a moment dear ones and notice how that might feel to you.  For some it will feel very strange and uncomfortable.  For others there will be slight familiarity, a remembrance, that that is the truth.  For others who have tried it on a few times, there may even begin to be a glimmer of recognition, or agreement, that this is the truth.  We invite you to try on this gloriousness as often as is necessary until you can begin to see your value.

The planet could not do what it has chosen to do without humanity upon it.  You are an integral part of what is going on, on the planet at this time, and we are not simply referring to the destruction that is absolutely present and around you.  But that is not all there is.  That is all that gets the attention, but it is not all that is.  There is love.  There is appropriateness.  There is growth.  There is beauty.  There is Divinity upon earth in this very moment and more than you may realize or recognize.  We will not go into it in detail at this time, but there is a completion and a new beginning that is cycling on the planet.  Do your numerology around the years 2016 and 2017 and we believe you will begin to understand.  We will go into additional detail in this at a later date.

As we sit here in this love for humanity, flooding you with that love that we have chosen to share, know that the love comes back to us as much or even more as we share with you.  We are not some beings on high that are superior to you, we are your partners and even as we share our love with you, we feel that love come back.  There is nothing more rewarding than giving unconditionally and receiving back unconditionally at the same time.  It is a beautiful exchange.  Even as we exchange like this, we invite you to lift your face to source, allow yourself to be touched by the hand of God, to be completely immersed in the love we hold for humanity, to be completely immersed in the love that we hope that you can find for yourself; and until you do, borrow ours.  Even as we speak here with you we feel your love.  We are truly blessed to receive even as we give.  It is this love for humanity, this love that you can share amongst one another and share with yourself that will bring the healing to the planet, that will bring violence to its knees, that will bring about peace and understanding.  It is coming your way, and it is coming via you.  We do truly love humanity.

If you should wish to access the full activation, you are able to do so at love-of-humanity-activation. I have made the full audio and transcript available for purchase in a format that you may keep and work with again and again. 

The art of growing up?

Incompetent or just an infant?

“As soon as we believe we KNOW, we limit ourselves. When we can stay in a state of not knowing, we open up to infinite possibilities. ”
Harry Uhane Jim (Wise Secrets of Aloha)

I was visiting with a friend the other day, who had heard me channel the night before. It was the first time she had attended one of my events in about six months and was commenting on how much the the work had changed and deepened over that time. During the course of the conversation, I mentioned that I still felt like an infant in the channeling world. She immediately responded with concern that I still felt incompetent at something that I did so well. This response really surprised me, as I had never intended for a minute that I felt incompetent, simply that I knew I still had plenty to learn.

That little exchange got me thinking! Yes, I have been developing my channel ability for over several years now, but know there is so much more that I can do with continued practice. I wonder, how many time do we identify ‘not knowing’ with incompetence, rather then infancy? Let me explain…

We do not judge a baby just learning to sit up, as incompetent because they do not know how to feed themselves, or walk. We understand that they are at a certain stage of development, and learning to sit is perfect at that moment. We know these other skills will come later and are content to allow the baby to take the time to develop.

Then why is it that we judge ourselves as incompetent if we are just starting out? And continue place these harsh judgments as we travel along the path of learning? What are we waiting for? Some arbitrary moment or feeling to  announce that we are now competent? Society often bestows the ‘honour of competence’ upon us in the form of a certificate or diploma, which validates that someone else now thinks we are competent. However, no about of degrees, diplomas, and certificates can bestow competence unless we feel it ourselves.

What if we changed out thinking about where we are along the path to Infant rather than Incompetent? This reflects that we have not yet learned everything; that we understand we will still continue to shift and grow, but also acknowledges that the current understanding is appropriate for the amount of learning done.

I like this much better, if feels so much softer and more supportive. Less black and white about knowing or not, and open to the possibility of continuing to learn and grow.

So back to our conversation about being an infant at channeling, I realized in this conversation, that I do feel good about what I can do, very good in fact. I have a solid connection and provide valuable advice. I do not have the illusion that I have arrived and have nothing more to learn. I do not believe that I have perfected my art, rather than I have reached a suitable level of competence for the number of years I have been doing the work. And this supports me in where  I am, but keeps the door open for there to be so much more.

Try it on! You just might find a good fit in allowing yourself to be the infant when you are learning something new. And know that you are absolutely competent right where you are at, with what you have learned. Knowing there is more to learn is not incompetent, it is honest! And it also keeps that door open to infinite possibilities. When we can acknowledge all that we don’t know, without judging self for not knowing, we set up a great environment to support ourselves to expand our learning and competence.

If you wish to be in the presence of this growth on an ongoing basis, consider joining me in the Inner Circle, where the focus is staying open to the infinite possibilities.

Bonnie Bogner, October 7, 2016


YOU are the One!

purple“YOU are the ones you have been waiting for!” I am sure you have all heard this Hopi prophecy over the years; or have heard someone else mention it without knowing where it came from.

Now more than ever there is a need for us to heed these words and take them to heart. To really, truly come to understand what they mean.

There has long been a belief on this planet that ‘someone needed to die for our sins’, as if we are not independent souls having our own experiences, learning our own lessons, shaping the world through our own thoughts and actions.  And more recently I have been seeing so many  social media posts about beings from other planets coming to open vortexes, remove souls that aren’t pure, basically invade the planet and fix everything.

What do we teach our children? We teach them that they are responsible for their own actions and the best way to learn is through natural consequences. There is an understanding that rescuing our children does not benefit them, or us. Yet, as ‘children of God’ we do not have the same responsibility, to ourselves and to humanity? We have created the world we live in, and it is now up to us to recreate it.

Maybe it is time to become ‘adults of God’ a take a long, hard look inside to see what each one of us can do to make a positive difference in the world. It does not have to be huge, grand and well-known for it to be important.  The smallest acts of kindness all added together changes the world in such significant ways.

Now, as you may know, I channel the group, the Galactic Council, so you maybe thinking ‘What is she talking about, she is constantly looking outside herself for answers.’  And here is what I can tell you…yes, I used to look outside for the answers, I thought I had to call upon ‘someone else’ to get my guidance and change my world. Gradually over time, that began to change, with a significant shift when the Angelic Realms announced to me that they were, in truth, simply our highest potential for love. When I was calling upon the angels, I was actually calling upon the part of self that was capable of being connected to the Divine and in a space of unconditional love? Wow, that resonated strongly for me – it put me square in the drivers seat of my own life.

As I was able to more and more fully embrace the possibility that I was in charge in my own life, the more empowered I became. The less I cared about what others thought and expected of me, and the more I followed that loving voice within. Ironically, this opened the door for me to receive even more guidance and support from the Divine, which I could finally acknowledge in the form of the Galactic Council.

And so, I have gone to this guidance of the Galactic Council to get their take on the whole notion that we will somehow be rescued from ourselves. And this is what they had to say:

“Greetings dear ones we are the Council and it is with great joy we join with you today. We have indeed  observed the number of suggestions that are being put forth that being such as us (Galactic Council) are coming in to rescue you.  And while that may seem very romantic and like a lovely idea, please understand ascension does not involve rescuing.  Ascension involves your own experiences, your own learning, and your own hard work. All of this requires going within, learning to be self supporting and learning to be supportive of others.

Please understand that there will not be an external force saving anyone by the opening of vortexes, the coming of a second Christ, or an apocalypse.  What there will be, and how it is that we help you, is through gradual learning, understanding and empowerment.  We will not assist unless we are asked, we will not force ourselves upon anyone who is not ready to do the work. We will simply make ourselves known, then stand back and observe. And as much as we may wish to help, we will wait until we are asked. Even then, it will not be rescue, it will be guidance.

We have been very clear with our partner over the years that it is imperative for people ask questions and take action, to not simply sit and wait for ascension to be handed to them.  For when you are able to ask the question you are far more ready to hear the answer.  When you ask for our help, you are ready to receive our help.  And when you are ready to do your own homework, that help will be forthcoming.

We want nothing more than for each one of you to have the experience of awakening, to have the awakening and ascension experience, to come to understand that you are in truth, one with Source.  But we will not force this upon any, we will continue to wait patiently for those who are not ready, and we will gladly assist those who are.

So a little word of advice about this dear friends, when you hear grand offerings that spaceships are coming, or off-world beings are coming to upgrade and fix your world; these are metaphors for what you are doing your selves. Please understand those beings who are capable of changing your world are already here.  We walk among you, we interact with you, we support you, and we love you.  You may be surprised to discover that those who you are waiting for, are among you now, and in many cases are, indeed, you.

We do not wish to suggest that we are not real, what we do wish to suggest is that we are not a band of rescuers, rather we are beings who have also gone through ascension, and are now among you to guide you through that process.

Further, this is not an ego experience when people share the understanding that they are one with the Council, rather it is a slow integration and realization.  It is something that most who are truly one with the Council are hesitant to embrace and acknowledge.  For there is an awareness of the responsibility and the depth of the wisdom that comes with this awakening, plus the work that is required of those who choose to follow this path.

There is no room for ego in ascension work.  There is certainly room for ego in your day-to-day human experience, for where would you be without the true friend ego, nudging you on to your potential greatness.  When we say there is no room for ego in ascension work, we are suggesting that this work needs to be pure, it needs to come from a place of love and love only, not from a place of grandstanding, or from a place of fear and disempowerment.  If we were to come and rescue you, if we were to arrive in spaceships or as knights in shining armor, we would completely disempower each one of you who accepted that help.  And then you would not have learned and you would not have ascended.  And we will not do that, for we honour this process that is happening on earth at this time.

Please understand dear ones this process will take a long time, you simply are not biologically wired to move the process any faster.  If you were to have full realization in this moment it would be like an electrical overload on your systems.  Already there are many who are struggling with the higher energy levels of awakening or awareness.  Experiencing difficulty with the physical experience, or a need to create drama to facilitate shutting down.  But we honour each one of you, whether there is in a gentle and steady process of awakening, a beginning of insight into awakening, an out-and-out battle with ego, or a full-on dive into drama so that no awakening can happen.  Each one of these is perfect for the learning for that soul, and each one has its value.

And so we do not wish to disappoint you but we would do ask that each of you exercise some real understanding, and the settling in to doing your own homework.  You truly are the ones that you are waiting for.  And while we are here to guide and support you, we are not here to rescue you.  We have also noticed on earth there are many suggestions of significant dates, seen through astrological predictions, through Moon cycle openings, through numerology and through many other means within the various belief systems. And then social media takes each one of these events and makes them huge, makes them ‘thee event’ that will change everything. Please understand that every day that you live can be found to have significance, every experience that you have can be significant.  You may choose any one of these events, if it resonates with you, and work with it to amplify your energy of awakening.  But there is no holy grail event that is for everyone and for all awakening.  The energy is not suddenly bigger, or different now than it has been for several years.  Yet there has been a gradual and continual increase, and these increases can come in waves, which may feel intense.

We invite you to notice if you are called to connect with us, to invite in our love and wisdom and to be present with our support.  Knowing that we will simply support and amplify your own abilities, we do not replace them or pretend to be a substitute for your own growth.

I am a Ye’Yesh Ye’Yar of the Galactic Council and we have enjoyed this exchange with you at this time. Blessings to you all. And so it is.”

If you wish to more fully embrace the work of the Galactic Council, you may join us on our private Facebook group

or delve even more deeply into the work with the Galactic Council Inner Circle


When does Observation become Judgement?

I know I have written before about observation vs. judgement and the importance of taking yourself out of a place of judgement and into a place of observation. But today I want to talk about it from a little different approach, one that will hopefully give you a new level of awareness about the impact of communication.
I have had the opportunity to make some interesting observations over the past while about observation vs. judgement. I will see one person expressing an observation, even with very little attachment to it, simply an observation of the current experience; and see another react strongly to it, as it rubs up against something they hold dear, or more likely, something they are trying to NOT believe about themselves.
Let me explain…

The art of letting go of judgement is certainly an ongoing process. One of the base ways we function as a human is to decide if we like or do not like certain things. We form an opinion or judgement about them to decide what we choose and what we do not choose. So far, so good, right?

Next step in the art of observation is to recognize that just because we do not like something, it does not make it bad. It is a valid choice, just not our choice. Example. Not liking the taste of a certain food does not make that food good or bad, it simply creates awareness about our choice to ingest it. 

But what happens as you practice the art of observation and you get a strong reaction from someone else. It may knock you off your centre, cause you to wonder what you did or said that offended the other person. What has often happened in these situations is that the topic of conversation is a trigger for the other person, often a hidden trigger. They may not even know what they are reacting to, or why they are reacting so strongly.

You make a comment from a place of ‘observation’ and they react from a place of judgement…self judgement…hidden self judgement! 

Suddenly their feelings are hurt because you are ‘judging’ them, even though you had not intention to do so.

Or maybe the interaction is exactly the opposite to this. They have made a comment that totally triggers you and you have a huge reaction, wondering how they could be so judgey, or why they would say such a thing.

These are the golden moments that can create tremendous clarity for self, if you take the time to go within and simply acknowledge your feelings as a response to your beliefs, letting go of the guilt that you caused their reaction, or blamed that they caused yours.  

What you say, believe, judge and perceive is about you, and what others say, believe, judge and perceive is about them.

I am not suggesting it is okay to go around intentionally inflicting harm through comments to others, and then passing it off as their hurt feelings being their problem.  I am suggesting a process of self empowerment so what others say has less power over your state of being, as well as their reaction to what you say has less ability to inflict guilt for you.

This can be referred to as Standing in the Centre of Your Own Orbit; understanding what shows up in your immediate circle has far more to do with you, who you are and what you vibrate, than it has to do with what others day, the state of the world, or what others are up to in their lives.

Just imagine if everyone was able to operate from that centre, a place of no blame, no shame, and no guilt. That is the world I aim to create for myself. Some days I get there, other days – not so much! But at least I have the tools to get their most days.

This is the world that I aspire to help others to create for themselves as well. To me, this is one of the definitions of peace, the power to step into the Centre of Your Own Orbit and deliberately create their own experience.
If you wished to pursue this path to peace, understanding and empowerment, you may wish to consider studying with me. I offer a series of Soul Alignment Classes to assist people to get in touch with their intuition, find their centre and empower themselves.  

Social Conditioning and Guilt

Guilt is one of those insidious disabling emotions, that can sneak up when we least expect it. More often from social conditioning, rather than true unfairness. Much of this social conditioning happens without awareness, and many of us unknowingly spread it, through thoughtless judgments and comments.

Recently I was on a morning WestJet flight to attend a class about ‘mind over matter’ or Making YOUR Mind Matter. WestJet offers complimentary wine on their Encore flights, and as I thought about this, I was thinking how nice a crisp cold glass of white wine would be. My very next thought was “I can’t do that, it is 10 in the morning, only people with drinking problems have a drink this early in the day!” This then prompted me to explore that thought. Why was I feeling guilty about having a glass of wind, simply based on the time of day? The answer was simple “Social Conditioning”; WOW, such a powerful underlying force that controls us!

Late afternoon or evening is an acceptable time to have a glass of wine because…. REALLY, because why? Because we have been told that evening is an acceptable time to have a drink? Because that is the time of day to relax after a hard day’s work? Which implies that we should not relax until we have put in a full day of toil. Because people aren’t supposed to socialize during the day?

I have even said it myself “It is okay to have an (alcoholic) drink, it is afternoon somewhere in the world. WHAT A JOKE! This is purely social programming that certain behaviours are GOOD or BAD based upon the time of day. Please understand, this is not directed at those who have a genuine struggle with alcohol, I respect and honour each one of you for your journey, it cannot be an easy one. This is directed purely at social conditioning, and wine happened to be the example that prompted this discourse.

Once we become aware of that programming, we can do something about it. For as long as we remain unaware, we are much easier to control, as we do very little thinking for ourselves, rather we react based upon these deep seated social programs that we do not even realize are running.

So what did I do about it? I momentarily ‘justified’ my choice to have a glass of wine. Okay, for more than a moment, I even said something to the flight attendant – yep I had to justify it out loud too. The social conditioning runs deep for me as well. Then I enjoyed every bit of that glass of wine, I savoured it really; as I wrote this article.  

Will I continue to have guilt around this? I expect some, our programming runs deep. But I have now begun to break a pattern for myself, and am able to make an evaluation based upon how I feel and my own personal beliefs rather than something society has dictated. It comes back to awareness, awareness of our bodies, our habits and desires, and our programming. When we become aware, we can make choices from self, not from social conditioning, which becomes a much freer and joyful place to live. The really exciting thing about this, is that making a personal rather than a programmed choice in one area of life helps open up awareness to make personal choice about so much more. And that my friends, is the stuff that empowerment is made of!

Such a perfect start to week-end of transformation!!

If you wish to learn more about empowering yourself and stepping away from the Social Conditioning, I invite you to join me for the upcoming Soul Alignment Classes.