Thoughts on Flexibility
So many people were anticipating The Golden Age and each one had definite ideas of what that Golden Age should look like. What was anticipated and what is unfolding seem to be quite different. Or are they? Most asked for change, for things to be different. Change is happening and things are different.Has the energy on the planet changed? Yes, it certainly has. Anyone noticed the changes in the weather? Banking system? Business world? Education? Technology? Rapid change is all around us. The challenge seems to be our ability to navigate these changes.Now is a time when we must be far more flexible and flowing. Seeking and desiring outcomes, but not being too emotionally invested in them working out exactly as planned. Flexibility around outcome will allow for even more good to flow into our lives. Patience around timing will allow a positive focus to remain even if things do not work out exactly as planned.

Be aware that apparent bumps in the road may, in fact, be placed there to allow for something even better to appear. Because each of us is ‘right in our stuff’ it is sometimes difficult to see that the change in plans is just a detour and not a road block.

The more we can be gentle and forgiving with ourselves as well as with others, the more our lives will flow gently. Maintaining a positive focus and being in a state of allowing good into our lives  can shift outcomes significantly. As soon as we try to ‘make things happen’ we are expressing an energy of force (or resistance) which will create uncomfortable experiences, rather than gentle flowing ones.

When we are grateful for what is, rather than wishing for what might be, we allow more to be grateful for to enter – this maybe more good health, good friends, good times, or whatever else you are focused on being grateful for.

Tune into gratitude and joy within, then love, sustaining love, in unity, peace, and abundance, that are your birthright, have a path into your life, through your heart.”