The Shift is Upon Us…..

It is time to stop talking about the shift coming, and acknowledge that we are ‘in the shift’. There is a grand alignment happening in our Milky Way Galaxy and it is affecting Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. Technically this happens on Dec. 21, 2012 at the time of the winter solstice, however, we have been feeling the affects of this shift for several years, and the effects will continue to unfold for years after that date. (Ref. Universal Life Tools Birthing of the Golden Age,)

Many people ask me what they will see and experience at the time of the shift, however this is a process that happens from the inside out, so what each person experiences will be vary depending upon where they are at vibrationaly. We are learning to live a fifth dimensional (quantum) life in the third dimensional body. We are an honoured species as this is not an easy thing to do, either physically or emotionally. We have a tremendous non-physical support team to assist us with this transition.

It is important to be ‘in alignment’ with our hearts deepest desires at this time. It is not just about figuring out what we want, by making a long list of goals, rather it is more about being in the space of allowing that to unfold in our lives. This is the time to be in your heart and acknowledge what in your life is creating stress or unhappiness vs. what brings you joy and peace; then focus on the joyful and peaceful activities. The ‘to do’ lists may seem long, as we rush through this time, and it is very tempting to get caught up in the doing…the more we can take time to ground and to be, the more smoothly this time will unfold.

This is NOT the time to try to manage or control outcomes, it just will not work. As spirits having a physical experience, part of our agreement is the inability to clearly see the amazing beings that we are and potential of our future, both individually and collectively. Now is the time for focus on positive outcomes, and trust in that process.

I cannot emphasize enough the need to stay grounded, real and present. I see so many people that embark on this path of living a spiritually directed life, and they want to ‘fly with the angels’ rather than be in physical form. When we do not have a strong foundation, grounded fully into Mother Earth, it becomes difficult to function in the day-to-day world. The stronger our foundation, the stronger connection to spirit we are capable of.

Remember during this busy holiday season, that YOU matter too – take some time for yourself, breath into the earth and connect into this physical reality. As excited as most of us are to go up and connect to our higher, non-physical selves, so too, is the higher-self excited to have this three-dimensional physical experience.

My wish for each of you is that you are able to find all of the
good things in your life and be grateful for them.