Feeling the Shift?

I have been contacted by several people lately who are encountering unusual symptoms such as anxiety, vertigo, body tingles, dizziness, unexplained phantom pain, inability to focus, ringing in the ears and general restlessness or spacey-ness.

The common energetic pattern that I am encountering is an ‘energetic overload’, almost like an electrical circuit that is overloaded. Which of course, our physiology is truly a very complex electrical circuit. As we move through these rapidly shifting times, we are in an accelerated period of upgrading our circuitry. If the additional electricity begins running without the circuit upgrade completed, these symptoms may result. It is like trying to run 220V on 110V wiring. As the shifting on the planet continues to accelerate, there may be more of this occurring and the need to be fully grounded and present in your body will increase.

Some things that may assist in the ‘re-wiring’ if you are experiencing this phenomenon include:

  • First, rule out possible medical causes.
  • Get adequate sleep and rest/relaxation time. Your body is dealing with a great deal of new energy at this time, and needs support to deal with this.
  • Drink plenty of good quality living water, such as Grander, Nikken, Gia Wellness, Kangen or Santevia. You should be drinking enough to have a natural thirst mechanism – if you are one of those people that are ‘never thirsty’ you are chronically dehydrated. Ref. The Bodies Many Cries for Water
  • Ground ~ ground ~ ground! Connect to Mother Earth whenever possible by walking on the earth bare-foot, getting into natural water (lakes, rivers, oceans), connect with trees, be mindful of your time outside, not just rushing from one place to another. Work with grounding crystals such as obsidian, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, pyrite and hematite.
  • Keep your aura clear and strong through such practices as yoga and Qi-Gong. You may also wish to call upon Archangel Michael to work with in in clearing and strengthening your field as well.
  • Wear/use EMF reducing devices such as the VibesUp products, Himalayan salt lamps, and Orgonite
  • Practice deep breathing, combined with a visualization that the breath is being drawn into the body from deep in the earth, and then releasing back down into the earth on the exhale.
  • Remember to be intentional in requesting that your experiences occur with grace and ease.
  • Engage in a daily mindfulness practice, such as meditation or deep breathing as suggested above.
  • Employ regular body work, such as massage, as this helps to ground us in present reality.

As more love/light comes onto the planet, so too, is more fear/dark being stirred up to be released and dissipated. This is not a bad thing, just part of the process of duality. A bit like a house being dirty and messy in the process of cleaning, the end result is a cleaner house. Those who are empathic may feel this, and lead them to believe they have some dark emotions that have been stirred up. If you are experiencing unexplained anger, sadness, depression, you maybe feeling what is ‘hanging in the air’ rather than emotions that are truly your own. A simple, but powerful approach is taking the time to acknowledge the energy, thank those who have learned from it, intentionally and lovingly release it into the universe to be transmuted into love. Archangel Michael and the Band of Mercy can be of great assistance in this process. Remember emotions are just energy and once they have been released from the person who perceived them as good or bad, they no longer have a charge, so become simply energy.