Times of Change

Yes, shift is happening all around us, and to us, right under our own feet. Some have done their work and are riding the shift, others are more, shall we stay, stuck in their shift.

Here we are, already two months into 2011, a year of change, a year of upliftment, a year of shift.

Yes, shift is happening all around us, and to us, right under our own feet. Some have done their work and are riding the shift, others are more, shall we stay, stuck in their shift.

Here is a link to a video by Lee Harris that I really like about 2011.

 We are now entering into the ninth and final underworld on the current cycle of the Mayan calendar. This cycle is Universal, a time of Enlightened Unity, transcending the duality and the ability to see the unity of all things. It commences on March 9, 2011 and completes on October 28, 2011. Following this ninth cycle, we will enter a period of rest or choice-point leading to the winter solstice on Dec. 21, 2012 at which time we will cross the center point or galactic center of the milky way.

The eight previous worlds which are all still active, and have occurred over the past several thousand years include: 1st – Cellular – the first spark of life; 2nd Mammalian – plants and multicellular life; 3rd Arthropod – primate families, walking, tools, emotions; 4th Human – tribal societies, complex tools; 5th Regional – human culture, language, art, religion; 6th National – industrial age, science; 7th Planetary – democracy, electricity; 8th Galactic – greater community; 9th Universal – end of Karma.

Each underworld moves through a series of 13 cycles known as days and nights and each series of cycles move 20 times faster than the last one, so in some of the previous worlds we were completely oblivious to change as it occurred so slowly.

We have been in the 8th underworld since 1999, and each of the 13 days/nights spanned 360 days. Now as we move into the 9th, this will shift to each day/night being only 18 days. Below is a schedule of the 9th underworld calendar to give you some idea of what’s coming.  

So what does this mean? It will be different for everyone, depending upon individual expectations and ability to shift. However, I believe a huge factor is our ability to come together in that place of unity, to truly KNOW that we are all one. And as more people embrace that approach, the more comfortable the shift has the potential to be. One description that I really liked is “Life will become a series of moments with no attachment to past or future” D Cowan. Days are considered a time of new energy coming into the world and nights a rest period or time for assimilation. As you can see from the chart below, we will have very little time to adjust to one new energy wave, prior to another wave energy crashing over us. Interesting times!   

Period Duration Midpoint Step in Process
Day 1 Mar 9 – Mar 26 Mar 17-18  seeding
Night 1 Mar 27 –April 13 April 4-5  assimilation
Day 2 April 14 – May 1 April 22-23  germination
Night 2 May 2 – May 19 May 10-11  reaction
Day 3 May 20 – June 6 May 28-29  sprouting
Night 3 June 7 – June 24 Jun 15-16  inner assimilation
Day 4 June 25 – July 12 Jul 3-4  leaf formation/proliferation
Night 4 July 13 – July 30 Jul 21-22  bridge building
Day 5 July 31 – Aug 17 Aug 8-9  budding
Night 5 Aug 18 – Sept 4 Aug 26-27  destruction
Day 6 Sept 5 – Sept 22 Sept 13-14  flowering
Night 6 Sept 23 – Oct 10 Oct 1-2  resting
Day 7 Oct 11 – Oct 28 Oct 19-20  fruition

All of the lightworkers out there that have been doing their clearing work for the past few years, will find this shift easier than those who have not. We will have the opportunity to help others through this time, simply by being there for them, and maintaining a positive focus.

Taking time to go within, eating high vibrational foods, drinking pure water, and communing with nature are some of the ways we can maintain balance and centeredness at this time.

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