Getting Focus

There have been a few different occurrences in the past month that have prompted me to stop and really ask ‘What is true for me?’ Each of these experiences have been an opportunity to grow, and when I remember to ask that question; grow in a way that is comfortable. When I forget to ask about MY truth, experiences have a way of becoming more difficult and possibly blame ridden.  

Find your truth by asking some simple questions of yourself.

First step
So what is your truth? Is it what everyone else is saying, even if it does not feel good? Is it what feels right inside of you?

 Take some time to figure out which place you are working from, it should always be what feels right to you, not what someone is trying to convince you of.

Second step
What impact is your truth having on others? Are you sharing it joyfully, or suggesting that they are wrong if their views are different?

If you are feeling the need to ‘force’ your truth on others, your ego may be working overtime to make you ‘right’, so it is okay for you to have those beliefs and truths.

Third step
Is your truth based in love or fear? Are you moving towards what you want or away from what you don’t want?

 If you are moving away from what you fear, you are focusing on what you don’t want, so will end up creating more of it. Law of Attraction is very clear, and always works…we get what we focus on…what are you focusing on?