Cooperation vs. Competition

I believe as a society we have for far too long been in competition, rather than in cooperation with those around us. You see this everywhere you go – in the media advertising how to get ahead of the ‘competition’; in the sports area, where competition has become big business, not just a friendly game; in our personal lives – who has the biggest house, the nicest car, the best of blah, blah, blah. So much competition, and to what end? To make money? To feel important?

What if we were to take a lesson from our bodies? Our cells and organs know enough to cooperate with each other – if they do not, we end up with something called dis-ease. Hmm, maybe competition is the fundamental dis-ease of society is it? Spending billions on keeping ‘defense’ to keep others out of our space, making others behave the way we feel they should, or to take over their land; rather than spending that same money on clothing, housing, education, and the other basic necessities of a dignified life. Seems kind of crazy doesn’t it? But our whole society is caught up in that craziness!

Notice how much time you spend thinking about how to get ahead vs. how much time goes into making a positive difference to those around you. Are the scales tilted one way or the other? I think they should be closer to even. Of course each one of us needs to take care of ourselves – self responsibility is very important. But, if our ultimate focus was the well being of all rather than the well being of self only, my, what a different world we would have.

Now, you may be saying ‘but I care about my fellow human’. And if you do, that is great. But how do you act towards your fellow human? Do you view them as the competition, or do you believe that the more you help those around you to get ahead, the more you will also be able to get ahead?

Just some food for though…see where it leads you!

Winnipeg Info Sessions

In April of 2011, David Wolvansky and I spoke to a group of about 30 people in Winnipeg. We recorded the sessions and here they are for all to enjoy. This is all general info that would apply to anyone interested in spirituality, angels and intuition.

To make the most sense, listen to them in order: 1) Bonnie 2) David 3) Q&A

Bonnie speaks on spirituality and angels [mc id=”712″ type=”audio”]#1 -Bonnie Winnipeg – Apr-11[/mc]

Bonnie & David answer questions [mc id=”711″ type=”audio”]#3 – Q&A Winnipeg – Apr-11[/mc]

Being an Angel

You know how there are all of those fun t-shirts around now about ‘how to be like an…’ and fill in the blank. I decided to take a crack at how to be like an angel for my presentation at Spirit Seekers tomorrow, and had so much fun doing it, I decided it needed to be posted. So here goes:

  • wait to be asked aka ‘don’t interfere’
  • let go of judgements, and see everyone as perfect just the way they are
  • remember, whatever is going on for those around us is what is needed at that moment for their learning
  • the best we can do is to help ourselves and others to choose to learn with grace and ease
  • see ‘everyone’ as empowered and able to choose to change their life
  • say ‘no’ when you need to, rather than a begrudging yes
  • over deliver whenever you are able to
  • help others TOTALLY because you want to and from a place of love and joy, not because you may get something in return
  • remember, everyone is just calling for love, and most of us are not very good at it!

And now, with these above thoughts of being an angel, I would like to ask that everyone takes some time on the full moon and equinox to send prayers around the world for those in need. In Japan, Libya, Egypt, and so many other places where strife is being experienced. Watching what is happening on the world stage certainly reminds me of what a small inconvenience it is to have the snow stay a little longer this year. Wow, we are so incredibly lucky.

I would like to finish by offering this prayer for peace and healing that came from the Global Coherence Initiative

GCI Care Focus – Japan Earthquake

As we compassionately hold Japan in our heart space, let’s fill the affected areas with unconditional love and heart warmth. While doing this, envision a most comforting and peaceful process of recovery guided by the spirit of love and compassion.

Also let’s remember to hold in our heart space, Libya, the Middle East and other areas of turbulence and duress. Let’s sustain our vision for the highest best outcome and the most peaceful resolution while maintaining compassion and unconditional love.

Through these emerging global stress events, it’s important to practice the caring maintenance of our own energy balance in relationship to these seemingly ongoing occurrences. When our emotions are exhausted and frayed, it compromises our personal system and diminishes the effectiveness of our intentions to be helpful. We compassionately realize it’s harder to prevent emotional drain at times when personally connected to these stressful events. Yet it’s worth taking time out on occasion to consciously breathe the feeling of calm and restoration into your system. Doing this from your genuine heart feelings restores emotional resilience, which is especially needed when giving energetic care and support to others who are experiencing a harder time. Use any restoration techniques that work for you. The important thing is: at least remember to do it. Self-care is an essential component in global care.