It was 2008 when I had my first Angel Card Reading with Bonnie. That experienced catapulted me into a wonderful new world. Since then it has been my privilege to attend several of her workshops; participate in a Hawaii adventure with other like-minded souls as well as listen to and read many of her posts, articles, channeling etc
Each of those experiences have left me enriched. She comes from a place of knowledge, wisdom and unconditional love. When these qualities are linked with her organizational skills and always being well prepared all those who are blessed to encounter her will be helped to grow and evolve to the best version of themselves.
– Laurie R, Regina, SK (March 2017)
I am over the moon flattered that you would want to team up with me. I admire you, your achievements and the essence of who you are. And the fact that you see me as your peer with something equally valuable to offer the world makes me ever so proud of how far I’ve come.
– Patty K, Regina, SK (March 2017)
Bonnie: I have only positive comments for you whenever I worked with you. I am in awe of what you do because you work from a place of LOVE and Understanding and not from a place of judgment or ego.
You have helped me immensely in my life and healing journey. Still working on this – seems never ending and that’s okay and interesting too.
I don’t expect someone else to fix things for me. I still need to go within to explore what I must deal with.
I totally trust your abilities because you give from a place of love.
This planet is blessed to have you and the Galactic  Council working for humanity.
Many BLESSINGS and love
– Ruth, Yorkton, SK (March 2017)
Working with you Bonnie has brought such tremendous joy and transformation into my life. I am continually amazed how accurately and clearly the angels’ messages come through you. I truly believe your ability is at or above the level of Doreen Virtue, Steven Farmer, Collette Baron-Reid, Sonia Choquette or any other celebrity doing this type of work. I feel so blessed that someone with your level of ability is in our community and readily accessible to us. Thank you.
– F.T., Saskatoon
“I recently had the opportunity to have an Angel Reading with Bonnie. As a result, I have felt increased clarity in terms of my life choices and direction. I also found the experience to be very grounding and peaceful. I look forward with anticipation to my next session and highly recommend the experience to everyone!”
– E.O., Indian Head


“I would suggest anyone who has purchased an EPFX device to attend one of Bonnie Bogner’s “Embrace Your Life Purpose” Workshops. It will be life changing….it sure was for me! Thank you again Bonnie for introducing me to the angels!”
– Angel Blessings, C. K., Lemberg

We are so grateful for our time with you today. We know how blessed we are to have you in our life. Thank you for all your wisdom and guidance. We always feel so revived, hopeful, grounded, reassured…(the list goes on!) when we meet with you.
– N.C. Regina

When I first met Bonnie in Wawota I knew she was a talented, determined woman who was “on a mission” and was awed by her. You have a right to be very proud, she is a path leader.
– Barb F. Manitoba

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you so very much for sharing your gift with me. For many reasons, you have changed me for the better. When we were in Body Poetry I could not take my eyes off your aura, the colors you were giving off were simply amazing. I treasure the opportunity and the time you took to share your…. well our angels with us. Once again thank you and I look very forward to another meeting we will have as I’m sure as the interest grows in Yorkton you will be back very soon. Take care
– M. Yorkton, SK

“I am very overcome with emotion as I write this …as it is important to me and your further direction and teaching. You are the most powerful teacher – in lightworker form on the face of this earth. The wisdom you have imparted to me has changed my life overnight.”
– Linda H, AAP, Regina