Bonnie’s Story

rsz_bonnie_path_croppedBonnie Bogner, LSHC,
Galactic Council Channel,
Founder Soul Vibrations Consulting

 “Life is either a grand adventure or nothing at all!”

I choose to live a grand adventure. Entrepreneur, traveler, mother, coach, daughter, business owner, sister, teacher, friend, animal & nature lover. So many words. But do any of them really describe me? Each one an aspect, but none really describe the whole being. I am spirit; first and foremost spirit, having a grand physical adventure. I am here to help demystify the adventure for others, and to help them enjoy their own grand adventure.

I remember thinking while growing up, ‘Is this all there is?’ There must be something more. But I didn’t know what that was yet. I was born and raised on a SE  Saskatchewan sheep farm, and spend my days among cats, dogs, horses, chickens and various other animals. I was given the wonderful gift of growing up connected to nature and all her beauty.

What Women Want
‘Living a Spiritually Directed Life’ at the What Women Want Conference

My personal journey to empowerment has been long and sometimes rocky. My early adult years found me struggling through the corporate world where I worked in Information Technology for many years. I also had the privilege of becoming the mother of three amazing young men, who are my dear friends and wise teachers.

Long before I knew there was a name for it, I had an interest in metaphysics. I have spent the last 25 years delving ever deeper into that ‘something more’. My journey has created deep compassion for others looking to find their way as well; however, it’s still a journey, not a destination. The sage in me is continually calling for more expression and expansion in all areas of my life. This work is not what I do, it is who I am. I care deeply for the people in my life, including my clients and students, and I feel privileged to be able to share life experiences with them. Each time a client talks about how their life has changed after a class or session with me, I am grateful for the opportunity to make a difference.

In 2009 my life took a drastic leap in understanding when a non-physical group of beings who refer to themselves as the Galactic Council made themselves known to me and requested that I work with them. This relationship was initially shocking as I had not ‘gone looking’ for a group to channel, I was content working with the Angelic Realm and thought that was my calling.

I was actually in the middle of facilitating a large group in meditation when these tall slender beings appeared and said they wished to offer the group a DNA Activation. I wondered if I might have lost my mind, and feeling like a complete fake, I said to the group ‘We are now going to do a DNA Activation, you only need to give permission to receive the energy”. What happened next was incredible. These same tall beings all took up position behind each chair in the room with their hands over everyone’s heads. Then the most spectacular energies began to pour out of their hands. It was various Sacred Geometric shapes, in all colors of the rainbow; plus the shapes were all iridescent. I will never forget this sight or the awe I felt at that moment. 

So there began my relationship with the Galactic Council, although I did not find out until later who they were. I had never heard of the Galactic Council and knew very little about Sacred Geometry, or DNA Activation for that matter.  It took some time, but I gradually adapted to this new relationship and sharing their message has now become the central focus of all the work I do. I still love the Angels and am glad to have a relationship with them, however, my mission is to share the profound messages from the Galactic Council. I am certainly still learning and growing in the relationship; channeling well takes a long time to learn. I now feel a deep gratitude for the opportunity to share their message, and while I may not always get it exactly right, I do my best. I have learned more about patience, acceptance, and grace from these wise beings than I have from all of the hundreds of hours of training I have taken over the years. With each level of understanding that they take me to, I have a preview of how much more there still is to learn and understand.

My intent is that I help others to find the pleasure of a joyful and satisfying spiritual life. A life that allows one to blend their spiritual beliefs and practices into their everyday world. I do my best to live my life as a role model for those I coach and teach, living and working from a heart-centered and spiritually directed place – consciously living what I teach.

Areas of note:
– Founder Soul Alignment Coaching Program; Master Instructor;

– Galactic Council Channel (through the spokes-spirit Ye’Yesh Ye’Yar)
– Founder of Galactic Council Transmission of Light DNA Activation
– Kumu (teacher) of Aloha & Ho’oponopono
– Essence of Angels® Master Teacher (ULT Metaphysical School of  Healing)
– Federation of Spiritual Healers Licensing Board (FSHLB) Coach License Facilitator
– Nominated for 2012 YWCA Women of Distinction for Entrepreneurship and Innovation;
– Crystal Light Healing Practitioner®
– Angel Therapy Practitioner® (Doreen Virtue)
– Student of Meditation (with Dr. Joe Dispenza) .

Some of my other areas of study include:

Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, TimeLine Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Animal Communication, Lomilomi, Therapeutic Touch, Touch for Health, Crystal Healing, Animal Communication, Certified Medium, Reiki, Deeksha Blessings Giver, Channeling, Dowsing with Pendulum, Dowsing and Space Clearing with Rods, Access Bars, Elementary Feng Shui, Biofeedback with EPFX/SCIO (all levels), Human Growth, Development & Recovery, Anatomy & Physiology.

What some of Bonnie’s students are saying…

“I am very overcome with emotion as I write this …as it is important to me and your further direction and teaching. You are the most powerful teacher – in lightworker form on the face of this earth. The wisdom you have imparted on me, has  changed my life overnight.” – LH, AAP, Regina

Working with you Bonnie has brought such tremendous joy and transformation into my life. I am continually amazed how accurately and clearly the angels’ messages come through you. I truly believe your ability is at or above the level of Doreen Virtue, Steven Farmer, Collette Baron-Reid, Sonia Choquette or any other celebrity doing this type of work. I feel so blessed that someone with your level of ability is in our community and readily accessible to us. Thank you. – F.T., Saskatoon