Is it time to remember your deepest truth?
To reconnect to source?

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Why not join Bonnie Bogner
Mystic & Channel of Galactic Wisdom
For the adventure of a lifetime?

“The only rule is that there are no rules,  only guidelines, possibilities  and potentials; the rest is up to us.”  Bonnie

  • Are you living your dreams or just existing?
  • Are you in touch with your deepest desires or doing what is expected of you?
  • Do you feel a restlessness; a need for something more?
  • Is it time to trust and understand your intuition?
  • Are the multi-dimensional mysteries of the universe calling to you?

If your life is less than fulfilling, maybe it is time you connected with me and began to explore your divinity, your true nature as a spiritual being.

Events & Opportunities

As my role with the Galactic Council continues to unfold and clarify, it becomes more and more clear that my primary focus is to be the Online Membership and Coaching Programs as well as Sacred Pilgrimage. I will continue to offer a limited number of private sessions, primarily by phone. Stay tuned for the new format for Soul Alignment Classes and Fall Coaching Opportunities. 

Wisdom of the Galactic Council BC Events
Benevolent Messages from Beyond
Wed, Sept. 27th 7-9 pm
open event, we will address as many questions as possible
Emergence of Spirit
Fri. Oct. 6th, 7-9 pm
conversation with the Council about a variety of topics
First United Spiritualist Church, Burnaby, BC

Benevolent Messages VIP Event
Thurs. Sept 28th 7-9 pm
A small intimate group at a private residence.
Limited to eight. Recorded. Advance tickets only.

Online Membership
Join me in the Galactic Council Inner Circle and be immersed in their loving and wise energy whenever you wish. I offer 1-4 events per month (usually two), which are available live as well as by replay in the Inner Circle School. Plus other specials, bonuses, and discounts. 

Sacred Pilgrimage
A number of retreat events are in the works, including Hawaii Healers Mastermind, February 2018; Iceland: The Elfin Way 2018 (summer); Egypt Ancient Mystery 2018 (late fall) and Ireland 2019 (spring). Check out the Sacred Pilgrimage link to see additional info about these trips. 

Private Sessions
I will be available for private coaching or Galactic Council Channel sessions over the summer months. The preferred method is by phone, FB messenger or skype.


Congratulations on finding your way to this site. I invite you to join me to:

  • Rediscover who you really are with the help of your non-physical team
  • Connect with the pure and unconditional LOVE of Source
  • Learn powerful tools to Transform Your Life
  • Join our Tribe: Receive the support of this community to move through your issues and return to wholeness
  • Connect with you own individual divine presence
  • Discover that you are the source & creation of your own life
  • There is only now. There is no past, and there is no future…your time is now. Come journey with me!

For a page of resources to help you connect to your non-physical team, go to the Bonnie Recommends – my gift to you!

“Helping souls to live a more spiritually directed life.”

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