“The only rule is that there are no rules, only guidelines, possibilities, and potentials; the rest is up to us.”  Bonnie

Have you ever wondered if there was more than meets the eye, and just did not know where to turn for support? Welcome home, you just found that place!

  • Rediscover who you really are with the help of your non-physical team
  • Connect with the pure and unconditional LOVE of Source
  • Learn powerful tools to Transform Your Life
  • Receive support to move through your issues and return to wholeness
  • Connect with your own individual divine presence
  • Awaken to the empowering truth that you are the Source and creator of all that occurs in your life

If your life is less than fulfilling, maybe it is time you connected with me to begin to explore your divinity and true nature as a spiritual being. Real, raw, authentic guidance to take you to the next level.

Just some of the ways I can help…

Galactic Council Inner Circle
Online Membership

Never miss a Transmission of Light; receive full access to replays and downloads, transcripts, and monthly special events only available to the membership. Support the message of the Galactic Council and support your own awakening! With over two years of archives this is an amazing treasure trove of wisdom and support.

Transmission of Light
DNA Activation

Monthly Event Online, to support you in your awakening. Includes transmission of Light Language, Sacred Geometry and profound messages from the Galactic Council. Each event with one month replay.
3-part Consciousness Series Mar-May series of Lower; Middle & Higher Self.

Soul Alignment Sessions

Personal Coaching; Channeled Wisdom or Personal Breakthrough, all designed to help you open to the best version of you.


For a page of resources to help you connect with your non-physical team, go to the Bonnie Recommends – my gift to you!

“Helping souls to live a more spiritually directed life.”

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