Is it time to remember your deepest truth? To reconnect to source?

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Bonnie Bogner
Transmitter of Galactic Wisdom

.“The only rule is that there are no rules,
only guidelines, possibilities
and potentials; the rest is up to us.”


Galactic Council Inner Circle
Registration is now open! So excited to offer this way to support community. 

Conversations with the Galactic Council
Benevolent Messages from Beyond (evening):
Thurs, Sept 22nd in Saskatoon, SK
Full Day Intensive – Past Lives & Karma
Saturday, Sept. 24th in Saskatoon, SK 

DNA Activation Online
Wed, Sept.28th  (or join Inner Circle for this and all the other online events)

NEW DNA Activation & Crystal Bowls
REGINA, Sunday, Oct. 2nd 3-5 pm

Ireland Sacred Sites/Sacred Self

New Dates May 22-June 2, 2017


Congratulations on finding your way to this site. This space has been co-created by myself (Bonnie) and my non-physical team of angels and guides. I heard the call several years ago that I was to assist in the process of  the awakening of humanity to the possibility that there is ‘something more’ and have followed that mission ever since. Please join me on this journey!

I invite you to join me to:

  • Rediscover who you really are with the help of the Angels
  • Connect with the pure and unconditional love of Source
  • Learn powerful tools to Transform Your Life
  • Join our Tribe: Receive the support of this community to move through your issues and return to wholeness
  • Connect with you own individual divine presence
  • Discover that you are the source & creation of your own life
  • Learn how to call the angels in to live the life you desire
  • You deserve to be happy – let the angels help you to learn how
  • There is only now. There is no past, and there is no future…your time is now. Come journey with me!

For a page of resources to help you connect to your non-physical team, go to the Media and Meditation Page – my gift to you!

“Helping souls to live a more spiritually directed life.”



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